It’s Cold Outside and an Overhead Patio Heater is the Solution

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People in North America may be more creatures of habit than they realize at first blush. Regardless of the season, we shrink indoors as temperatures drop below our comfort levels without giving it a second thought. This doesn’t just occur during the frigid winter months. Truth be told, our days are cut short by cool temperatures in the morning and after the sun drops below the horizon. And cold winter months limit our ability to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Isn’t it time to stop acting out of habit and ask yourself whether you want to allow things such as temperature dips to cheat you out of outdoor leisure experiences? Restaurants and other businesses that possess outdoor patios may want to consider how much more profit could they generate if they installed an overhead patio to make patrons feel comfortable. The same holds true for professionals who earn a living managing multi-family communities and condos. Would outdoor natural gas heaters enhance residents’ quality of life? Would NG heaters position you to increase resident retention?

Recent product tracking reports indicate the patio heater market is expected to surge by more than $600 million by 2025. And North America accounts for 35 percent of all outdoor patio heater purchases. So, there’s more than a fair chance the answer to all these questions is a resounding — Yes.

How Can An Overhead Patio Heater Solve Underused Outdoor Spaces?

Residential and commercial property owners all have a similar challenge in terms of extending their outdoor use. The first step involves conducting some due diligence to identify the type of outdoor heater best suited for the open-air environment. That’s largely why decision-makers focus on using high-quality outdoor heaters.

Phase two of the solution involves selecting a design that serves the area in question. The iconic mushroom head patio heater ranks among the most popular, and they can be seen on residential and business patios in just about every community. As a solution to extend comfortable outdoor patio usage, they do take up a certain amount of square footage. Although industry-leading models can be safely secured to the patio floor, property owners and managers would be well-served to measure where the units would be positioned and how that affects seating and leisure use.

When floor space is at a premium, the best solution typically involves installing an overhead patio heater with a wide throw range. This strategy allows businesses and families to move about freely without sacrificing portions of the valuable floor plan. An overhead patio heater system can run on natural gas, liquid propane, or electricity and can be tucked into rafters, ceilings, and most sturdy overhead extensions to blend into the décor; as long as the minimum required clearances are followed. There are also stylish options that deliver added ambiance to any outdoor or semi-enclosed room.

Employ Industry Leading Outdoor Overhead Patio Heaters

The product decision-makers select to extend daily comfort and seasonal use will impact the leisure experience of patrons, condo residents, and family members. Subpar heaters fail to provide consistent radiant heat and the throw radius may not be entirely adequate. That’s why is crucial to invest in top-tier models that maximize your investment when measured by the leisure enjoyment people experience. These rank among the outdoor patio heater industry’s most productive and cost-effective solutions.

  • Sunpak Heaters: This line of overhead patio heater models offers property owners radiant heat BTUs ranging from 25,000 to 34,000. They enjoy a radiant heat throw radius of up to 144 square feet. They can blend into a ceiling or overhead structure with black matte surfaces. Other models possess a stainless steel face that typically works well with industrial interior designs. The Sunpak liquid propane or NG heaters can be installed on suitable walls and ceilings, making it a flexible product capable of warming almost any outdoor living space.
  • Patio Comfort: The iconic mushroom heater remains a go-to option and its popularity shows no sign of waning. When integrated for portable use, a liquid propane tank can be housed in the base. This allows property owners and managers to deftly reposition the standalone units as needed to accommodate guests, patrons, and changing seating plans. When used with natural gas, the unit must be fixed in place. NG heaters require a certified technician to run a fuel line and secure it in place.
  • Sunglo Heaters: Delivering up to 50,000 BTUs, this line has mushroom heaters that can be mounted to the floor or hung overhead. Their primary energy stems from fixed natural gas lines and the exemplary design makes Sunglo an overhead patio heater of choice. The stylish units can be hung and infuse a space with radiant heat, while also adding to its ambiance. Sunglo units employ a deep-dish reflector that widely disbursed infrared heat, making it an energy-efficient solution.
  • Infratech Heaters: Infratech offers a very wide range of infrared patio heaters that can all be installed overhead or on a wall or inset into a wall or ceiling with a flush-mount kit. They range in design and power to fit every unique patio's needs. They run off of electricity but must be installed by a licensed contractor or electrician. We also offer a wide range of control mechanisms to operate your heaters from simple on-off switches to smart universal control systems with many programmable options.

Managed by a control panel, property owners can regulate fuel usage or integrate timers to ensure natural gas doesn’t go to waste. In this respect, an overhead patio heater functions much like an HVAC system controlled by an easy-to-manage thermostat.

Outdoor Natural Gas Heaters Deliver Added Value

When a homeowner, property manager, or restaurateur installs an outdoor natural gas heater, there are various ways to evaluate its success. Consider asking the following questions. Did the installation extend the daily or seasonal enjoyment of the space? Are multi-family residents or family members enjoying the added benefit of drinking a warm beverage outside during a morning that would otherwise be too cold? Are patrons enjoying food and beverages on your patio and driving up profitability? Lastly, has the investment increased property values?

When you stop and think about our temperature-related habits, it’s easy to see that people and businesses have an opportunity to increase their peaceful enjoyment of fresh air spaces. Outdoor patio heaters are the solution.

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