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Compare and Contrast: A-Series Grills vs. T-Series Grills

Over 40 years of experience have gone into creating a high-performance, safe, and aesthetically-pleasing PGS grill. These grills are used all over North America in both residential and commercial venues, can withstand repeated use and harsh weather, and can grill anything under the sun. Due to their superior construction, PGS grills have a reputation of excellence. We are so confident about our grills that we offer long-term service support for all of our products.

Currently, we have three different makes available: the Legacy, the A-Series, and the T-Series. Amongst these, 18 models with numerous different accessories and attachments are offered for both commercial and residential demands. Within the commercial offerings, the A-Series and T-Series provide 10 models to satisfy your specific grilling needs, as outlined below:

It is important that gas grills have not only a durable construction, but also a functional design. Between the A-Series and T-Series, these grills have you covered for whatever your cooking needs may be.

However, there are significant differences between the two series, which are worth noting:
  • Strength

The T-Series has a wider range of BTU options, starting from 30,000 BTUs to 67,000 BTUs. This means that they have a higher heat generation capacity and can cook anything you throw at it. Conversely, the A-Series grills range from 30,000-40,000 BTU. Depending on what your needs are, both may be suitable for your grilling needs.

  • Cooking surface

While the A-Series ranges from 330 to 434 square inches of cooking surface, the T-Series offers a broader size range, spanning from 330 square inches to 720 square inches with the S36T. As a reference, a 330-square-inch cooking surface holds up to 12 regular burger patties at once. This size differential makes the T-Series an especially great option for commercial needs. 

  • Ignition

Gas grills accommodate two main types of electronic ignition systems. The first is a battery-powered electronic ignition, which employs transformers to increase the spark capacity. The second is a self-contained continuous spark electronic ignition, which is essentially a sure-start ignition and allows you to turn on the grill without any difficulty. While the A-Series all come with the spark ignition, the T-Series provides both, with the S27T and the S36T offering the battery version.

  • Gas flow timer

The most significant difference between the A-Series and the T-Series is the introduction of the one-hour gas flow timer. This is a high-quality timer that ensures that the grill’s gas supply automatically shuts off after one hour. This is perfect for shared and commercial grills so that owners and managers do not need to worry about a grill being left on. Not only is this safer, but it is also better for the environment, better for your grill, and better for your pocketbook. The gas flow timer is included with all T-Series PGS grills.

  • Warming surface

All of the A-Series grills are equipped with a warming surface that comes in two sizes: 121 square inches and 178 square inches. 

  • Additional features

Within the T-Series grills, the S27T and the S36T include anti-theft knobs to further secure your grill. They also include a side-mounted heat indicator for increased grilling accuracy.

  • Warranty

All T-Series grills come with a one-year parts replacement warranty for the ignition and galvanized steel elements. Also, all of the cooking grids, warming racks, housings, and supports come with a lifetime warranty. 

While there are some important differences between the two series, they are both made with precision and care and include similar elements. All PGS grills are made in the USA, and use ceramic briquettes, which provide more even heat distribution to minimize flare-ups and cook great food every time. As such, these grills are best paired with PGS ceramic Moon Rok briquettes. 

Residential and Commercial Grills

Both the A-Series and T-Series include at least one stainless steel side shelf. They also both provide multiple mounting options, such as a flat patio base, aluminum pedestal, stainless steel pedestal, or a permanent post for natural gas.

While the solid construction and careful design of all PGS grills provide for a quality grilling experience, you can feel extra secure about your grill with our warranty, which happens to be one of the best in the industry. 


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