Residential and Commercial Grills

AEI was there when the gas grill was invented and has been a part of the industry ever since. Today, through their line of PGS grills, AEI is able to bring the finest collection of outdoor gas and propane grills to both residential and commercial customers.

Residential Grills:

Our A-Series grills are one of the few all aluminum grills on the market today, while our Legacy series has been specifically crafted for your outdoor patio and living space. We make high-quality grills that can fit in any residential setting; from portable grills for flexibility to "built-in" options for convenience, AEI has your grilling needs covered.

Commercial Grills:

Our T-Series line of grills has been uniquely designed for apartments & condos. Among other safety features, each T-Series grill comes with an automatic grill timer that attaches to your gas flow. These grill timers automatically shut off the gas flow to your grill after one hour of non-use; saving time and money for busy property managers.

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Patio Comfort

AEI’s Patio Comfort is a line of outdoor heaters designed to provide cost-efficient heating that creates warmth and comfort throughout your patio and outdoor spaces. Patio Comfort portable heaters are manufactured with the highest quality materials, provide a convenient heating solution for any outdoor event or gathering, and do so while utilizing propane and/or natural gas.

Natural Gas & Propane Patio Heaters

Patio Comfort heaters provide the perfect outdoor heating solution for homes and businesses(restaurants, churches, apartments, condos, or any company with an outside location that needs it's heat controlled). Our heaters are available in a wide variety of colors, mounting options, and are available in both propane and natural gas models. Our patio heaters are effective and look great!

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Electric Patio Heaters from Infratech utilize infrared technology to add warmth to a variety of locations such as patios, verandas, enclosed spaces, and virtually anywhere indoor or outdoor where heat can not be easily recirculated. Infratech’s electric infrared heaters are 90% energy efficient and provide huge energy savings throughout the heater’s lifetime.

Infrared Heaters

Infratech outdoor heaters are made with recyclable materials and produce zero greenhouse emissions. Infrared heat does not heat the air, but safely heats objects. This allows for greater, longer lasting heat in specified areas throughout your patio and outdoor space.

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Sunglo provides decorative, practical, natural gas and propane heaters. Since 1961, Sunglo outdoor heaters have revolutionized how circular radiant heaters produce heat and provide outdoor comfort in both residential and commercial settings. 

Natural Gas & Propane Heaters

Since originally being designed for hotels, restaurants, and country clubs, Sunglo is now providing heating solutions for residential patios, spas, and private outdoor dining areas. Sunglo patio heaters can be freestanding or may hang above a table or open space (A244), and can be utilized in the home or business setting.

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Sunpak heaters can be either wall or ceiling mounted. These patio heaters may be purchased with a mounting kit that allows for mounting from above, which allows for a free and clear patio deck. Sunpak heaters utilize infrared heat and come completely hardwired for your benefit. No need for remote controls because Sunpak outdoor heaters are controlled through a duplex switch which allows for either 25,000 or 34,000 BTUs of heat.

Infrared Patio Heaters

Sunpak patio heaters come with several mounting options including black and stainless steel bases. If you’re looking for a beautiful outdoor heating addition that will bring comfort to any outdoor event; look no further than Sunpak heating.


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The SunStar® GLASS Infrared Heater is a two-stage 24,000 BTU to 35,000 BTU, wind, and rain-resistant patio heater developed to warm a variety of hard-to-heat areas and extend the use of outside areas. The SunStar® GLASS is ideal for restaurant patios, outdoor entertainment, and dining areas as well residential patios and porches. The new product offers two heat settings that can be controlled with a manual 3-position switch (High/Low/Off) with the N7 SGL35 (natural gas) or L7 SGL35 (liquid propane) model or a combination of both a 3-position switch and wireless remote control (High/Low/Off) with the N10 SGL35 model. 

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