A30 and A40 Residential Grills

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The 4th of July is just around the corner and that means it's time to dust off your grilling gear and test your skills. Better still, investing in an A-Series grill from AEI can up your game from a standard backyard griller to a world-class BBQ chef. Our A-Series patio grills are the go-to grills for patios of all shapes and sizes, and their durable cast aluminum exteriors are very cost-efficient. The four models in the A30 and A40 lines may look small on the outside, but they pack a stout punch and they are guaranteed to round out your backyard grilling capabilities nicely.

A30 & A40 Gas Grills

Like their commercial counterparts in the T-Series, these two gas grills have models that run on propane (LP) and models that run on natural gas (NG). Both types of fuel deliver plenty of cooking power and each comes with a range of benefits. The fuel type that's right for you will depend on the availability of natural gas in your area and whether or not you have natural gas hookups at your home.

A30 and A40 grills can be mounted on a grill cart, on a pedestal, or built into an outdoor countertop If you prefer the ability to move your grill around, then a propane patio grill on a wheeled pedestal is a good choice. This makes it possible to position the LP grill where you want it at any time. It also makes it easy to store away during the off-season months. Both liquid propane and natural gas built-in outdoor gas grills can be mounted in a permanent, outdoor grilling countertop or on a permanently affixed pedestal for added space and security.

Both the A30 and A40 grills feature cast aluminum cases and stainless steel internal components. This ensures that the units are durable, easy to clean, and safe to use. Best of all, our patio grills are specially engineered with a modular design concept that enables you to easily remove and replace any part or component with genuine AEI OEM outdoor barbecue grill replacement parts. That means, not only will your grill be highly durable and weather resistant, but you'll have the tools and the support you need to keep your grill running strong for many years.

Portability Options

Propane versions mounted on an outdoor barbecue grill cart can be portable if wheels are added. Propane patio grills are the only option for properties that don't have natural gas fuel lines, which makes them useful for more than their portability. Natural gas grills have the benefit of having no fuel tank to replace, but they cannot be made portable. For this reason, we usually recommend mounting an NG-powered grill into a permanent countertop with a built-in closing lid or a permanent pedestal and use a weatherproof cover during periods of storage.

Size and Power

While these grills may look small, they pack a heck of a lot of cooking power. With steady heat delivery, you can cook more food more reliably than even much larger charcoal-powered grills. Size and power are the most important differences between the A30 and A40 models. The A30 has 30,000 BTUs and 330 sq. in. of cooking space, whereas the A40 has 40,000 BTUs and 434 sq. in. of cooking space. A BTU is a “British Thermal Unit,” and is equal to 0.29-watt-hours. That means, technically speaking, that the A30 and A40 grills will put out 8,700 and 11,600-watt-hours respectively.

Benefits & Features of A30 & A40 Grills

In all areas of technology, the ultimate goal is for the device to disappear while the work it does remains and improves. This is why things get smaller with time and innovation. Computers aren't the only example. The A30 and A40 grills are fine examples of the advances gas grilling technology has achieved. As stated, these grills are more powerful and more capable than charcoal-powered grills twice their size. They are also nearly perfectly clean-burning and require very little maintenance over their operational lifespans.

With two available sizes, you can choose the size and mounting type for an optimal fit for your yard and your family. Their overall profile is small and efficient, allowing them to fit in nearly any sized backyard patio. No matter which model or mounting option you choose, you're going to have much more space than you would with even a comparably sized traditional grill. Ordinary grills tend to come with wide standing legs that can be very easy to accidentally kick over and can be very much in the way. Even the largest configuration of the AEI A30 and A40 grills has a smaller foot-level profile and is much more stable.

Additional Options

A lot of people are attracted to the compact size and low cost of these smaller grills. But they also are concerned that they will lack features due to their unobtrusive profiles. This could not be further from the case. In fact, with optional folding side shelves on one side, the other, or both, you'll have a full-size grilling and prep area in just two easy moves. One single stainless steel side shelf comes standard on both grills, and a second one can be added. At the same time, if you should choose to incorporate your grill into an outdoor countertop, the shelves can be removed.

Another highly sought-after feature of these outdoor barbecue grill is the fully self-contained, continuous spark electronic ignition system, which means you will never have a problem lighting your grill. This makes starting your grill as simple and easy and pushing a button. What's more, the lighting mechanism is specially engineered to be the most durable and reliable the outdoor gas cooking industry has to offer.

Finally, we come to the one feature that you will come to appreciate over time: the laser-etched panel directions that never fade and will always be readable. Just imagine learning to use your grill for the first time, storing it away for the winter, and needing a refresher on how to use it – only to find the instructions had faded! That will never happen with the laser-etched instructions on our grills. Anyone can approach these grills even for the very first time and use them with confidence with the clear and permanent etched directions printed on the front of the grill.

These are called our “A-Series” grills for a reason. They earn top marks for power, convenience, ease of use, reliability, and quality. If you've never used a gas grill before, these would make an ideal introduction, and elevate your BBQ game to an entirely new level. At the end of the day, these grills will save you space by taking at least one chef out of the kitchen and placing him where he belongs, under the blue summer sky.

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