AEI E-Commerce Platform Offers PGS Grill Replacement Parts & Accessories

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Outdoor BBQ enthusiasts sometimes come to a crossroads and must decide whether to order replacement grill parts or purchase a new model altogether. Patio grills, like other products, are subject to ordinary wear and tear. Ordering grill replacement parts makes sense for those who own commercial or residential PGS units. That’s largely because these high-quality stainless steel patio grills have a long-standing reputation as industry-leading products meant to stand the test of time.

Given AEI Corporation recently created an online platform for PGS owners to order replacement grill parts by clicking on its website, this raises a few possibilities and questions for outdoor BBQ lovers. Is it time to upgrade to a stainless steel PGS model knowing it could very well last a lifetime? And, if you already own one of the state-of-the-art PGS patio grills, would grill replacement parts restore top-end efficiency after years of service? Is it time to look into grill replacement parts as a way to upgrade your menu?

What Is Normal Outdoor BBQ Wear & Tear?

It’s essential to keep in mind that residential- and commercial-grade PGS patio grills come with extensive warranties. That means much of the ordinary wear and tear, as well as inadvertent first-year damage, could result in owners enjoying the coverage.

But PGS patio grills are not prone to early wear and tear. This AEI-distributed line ranks among the most durable outdoor use products on the market today. However, every product that is exposed to the elements and delivers sustained use requires maintenance, care, and occasional new parts. 

  • Exposure to Sunlight and Heat: Sustained direct sunlight tends to dry fuel hoses over time. Fuel lines that deliver propane or natural gas to burners are among the most commonly ordered grill replacement parts. Safety requires outdoor BBQ owners to routinely check lines for leaks. If you discover even the slightest gas leak, promptly order a replacement part.
  • Hard Impacts: PGS patio grills typically enjoy a 1-year warranty to cover accidental damage. Residential and commercial PGS owners can order replacement grill parts for knobs, shutoff timers, side shelves, wheels, and other items if units are accidentally damaged.
  • Severe Weather: The effects of storms can deeply affect quality grill productivity. Outdoor BBQ owners who live in states with frigid winter snows or tropical storms too often forget to store units safely. If left unprotected, even PGS patio grills can suffer damaged covers, grill castings, and need other replacement parts.
  • Internal Grill Wear & Tear: Outdoor patio grills are products that generate tens of thousands of BTUs to cook foods that create searing flames. The PGS Legacy line, for example, can deliver more than 100,000 BTUs and may include technology such as an Infrared rotisserie burner. Extreme temperatures and grilling byproducts cause expected wear. At some point, it could be necessary to order replacement grill parts that include, Moon Rok briquettes, grates, and warming racks, among others.

Outdoor grilling enthusiasts have put increasing confidence in PGS patio grills due to their reputation for world-class excellence, reliability, and the continued integration of state-of-the-art technology. Thousands of residential and commercial models have been distributed throughout North America and the launch of the grill replacement parts website will only attract new ownership.

Both commercial and residential PGS patio grills come with a manual that outlines warranty benefits. Digital copies are also available on the AEI website to help owners order replacement grill parts in a user-friendly fashion.

PGS Grill Replacement Parts Website Streamlines Convenience

The outdoor patio grill footprint AEI enjoys has extended to residential and commercial use verandas, pool areas, apartments, condos, restaurants, and private clubs, among many others. The high-quality design and manufacturing made the popular A Series, Legacy Series, and the T Series outdoor BBQ grills go-to products. Given the growth and long-term investment home and business owners have wisely opted for, a convenient platform to order replacement grill parts has emerged as a necessity.

It’s important for PGS grill owners to know that AEI has made the determined commitment to offer only the highest quality grill replacement parts. Grill owners, and those considering an enduring PGS model, will be pleased to know the replacement parts are OEM. In industry terminology, OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.”

When you order replacement grill parts that are designated OEM, that ensures you are not spending your hard-earned money on cheaply made items that have been outsourced. The PGS grill replacement parts authorized on the AEI site enjoy the same precision, durability, and quality efficiency the original unit delivered on day one. This fact also improves the ease by which PGS patio grills can be deftly accessorized.

Visit PGS Grill Replacement Parts Website To Expand Options

Beyond the fact that PGS grills have natural gas and liquid propane models, convenient and next-generation upgrades have attracted grill aficionados. Unlike common grill lines, PGS models are designed to accommodate expanded use. For example, popular residential and commercial grill use often calls for expansion by adding side burners, shelf space, warming racks, and innovative upgrades such as an infrared rotisserie burner.

While few high-quality stainless steel patio grill lines offer such wide-reaching accessories, AEI has integrated upgrade items into the replacement parts platform. The conventional wisdom supporting the one-stop-shopping website is that PGS grill owners can fit a model into their budget with the understanding they can expend it at any time.

It’s not uncommon for a home or business owner to make a modest initial grill investment to get started. Once the deliciously grilled menu options increase customer or family demand, you can now visit the AEI digital shop and order replacement grill parts that actually expand enjoyed use of the model.

If you have enjoyed years of productive PGS grill-made meals, or would like to expand your menu, visit the AEI grill replacement parts website and weigh your options. If you have another brand that has seen better days, consider upgrading to a high-quality PGS grill, which has a parts platform as a value-added possibility for ongoing and expanded enjoyment of the stainless steel Legacy Series, aluminum A-Series grills, and commercial T-Series grills. 

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