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Everyone knows that a good old fashioned outdoor barbecue is a great way to bring family and friends together. It is also common knowledge that lighting charcoal briquettes can be time-consuming, messy, and unreliable. A liquid propane, or LP grill, gives you quick and reliable heat in a unit that is easy to clean, easy to use, and portable. Propane lets you focus on the task of grilling instead of struggling to maintain heat. Best of all, modern propane grills can be fully portable, allowing you to reposition the grill to accommodate whatever activities you’ll have going on in your backyard this season.

The Advantages of Liquid Propane for Your Outdoor Patio Grill

Liquid propane is clean burning and cost-efficient. You won’t get bogged down cleaning up ash and soot after every cookout. Better still, you are likely to save money over other fuel sources in the long run.

Liquid propane does not affect the flavor of your food the way charcoal does. This gives you more control over the flavors that come out of your outdoor barbecue grill. If you wish, there are simple ways to get different types of smoky flavor with your gas grill. You don’t need to be stuck with the taste of charcoal or risk getting the ashes on your food.

The propane tank is conveniently stored beneath the grilling unit. That means the fuel is readily available when you want to use it. It also means that the tank is securely attached without the need for long lines, hoses, or pipes which can be damaged by weather or by accidents, and there are no complicated hookups.

Propane fuel tanks are readily available at grocery stores, convenience stores, hardware stores, and gas stations. Propane can achieve the same BTU output as other fuels. A 20-pound tank used with a 30,000 BTU grill will burn on average for 14 to 15 hours, which is more than enough for most people to get through a summer. Most grills will have model versions that run on propane, so you can use the type of grill you like best in most cases.

An outdoor patio grill can be a great investment whether you're a homeowner or just renting. If you ever need to move, it will be easy to take your propane barbecue with you. 

Why a Portable Propane Grill is a Great Choice

Because propane is such a rich and stable fuel source, an lp grill can safely be made portable. The portability of these grills makes them so much more convenient. With an ordinary charcoal grill, you do get the advantage of portability, but at the cost of all the cleanup that goes with it. A propane grill can be easily moved, allowing you to arrange your activities how you like without the risk of spilling messy ashes and possibly burning embers.

Like a charcoal grill, a liquid propane grill comes with wheels that make it easy to move. But unlike charcoal grills, the wheels on a propane grill are mounted to a solid base, not on the end of long aluminum legs. This makes a propane grill much more stable when you roll it across the deck or lawn with next to zero risk of making a mess.

Propane patio barbecue grills also come with the option to have them permanently built into place. Some people prefer to have their propane grills built into place. A permanently installed LP grill is very secure and impossible to knock over. It also has the advantage that you can create a dedicated space for grilling with tables, drawers, and cabinets.

Still, even with our full-sized portable grills, you can designate a dedicated grilling space and still have the option to move the grill itself if you wish. Keep in mind, these are full-sized, fully capable patio grills – not tiny camping grills that fit in the trunk of a car. So while they can be repositioned to accommodate a change in your patio layout, that doesn’t mean they can be easily kicked over or that they don’t provide enough grill space for a family event.

Possibly the best advantage that these portable grills offer in the long term is their ability to be stored properly in the offseason. Simply roll the grill into your garage or shed and rest easy knowing that it will be well protected from the elements. At the end of the day, that means your investment will be protected allowing you to count on your trusted propane grill for many years to come.

Check Out These Professional Grade Grills by PGS

Just take one look at these examples of high-quality cast aluminum and stainless steel bbq grills and you’ll see that they are ahead of the standard charcoal grills by leaps and bounds. These are great looking patio barbecue grills with clean lines, sturdy construction, and professional level controls. When people see one of these grills in your backyard, they’ll know that you are serious about BBQ!

A – Series Grill, A30LP

Portable, sturdy, and reliable, with the A - series propane grill, you get the best of more than 40 years of design and service. They are durable, dependable, and easy to maintain. You get 30,000 BTUs of cooking power on 330 square inches of grilling surface. It also comes with a wide range of accessories. With your purchase, you get long term customer support and our sterling, “No Compromise” warranty. Of course, the fact that you can roll it into secure storage means you’ll have no problem protecting this grill from the elements.

T –Series Grill, S36T

When it comes to looks, the T - series propane grill is an absolute stunner. Designed to be built directly onto a countertop, it can also be mounted on a grill cart with wheels. This grill comes with the valuable one-hour automatic shut-off safety feature. This ensures that the grill cannot be left on all night, wasting valuable propane and creating a safety hazard. This also makes them ideal for use as community grills in apartment complexes and other shared spaces. You’ll love the look of the laser-etched control panel with use and safety instructions permanently emblazoned for all to see. You’ll also love the massive 720 square inches of grill space and the 67,000 BTUs of unbridled cooking power.

Legacy - Series Grill, S48R Big Sur Gourmet Grill

The 51” Big Sur Gourmet Grill lives up to its name with a whopping 960 square inches of cooking space and 102,000 BTU output. The legacy grills look sharp and are all 304-grade stainless steel from top to bottom. The Gourmet model of the Big Sur grills comes with the infrared rotisserie burner. It can be built onto an outdoor countertop or it can be mounted on a grill cart and as long as it runs on liquid propane it can have wheels to make its location adjustable.

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