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Outdoor Grilling with the A-Series

The PGS "A" (Aluminum) Series of grills have been uniquely crafted from a combination of sturdy permanent mold aluminum, commercial quality stainless steel, brass, and porcelain on steel components to provide you with a great cooking and looking grilling machine. The PGS A-Series barbecues are a culmination of over 40 years experience selling the best outdoor cooking products and then using that knowledge to manufacture a grill that can do it all.

The A-Series has two sizes, the A-30 and A-40, which both offer a wide variety of high-quality permanent and mobile mounting options and accessories. Both grills may be utilized with natural gas or liquid propane.      

Choosing a Location

The A-Series grills have been designed and produced for outdoor use. Every gas-burning appliance creates carbon monoxide which should not be allowed to build-up in confined spaces.

Do not operate your A-series gas grill inside your home, garage, recreational vehicle, boat, or any other enclosed area. 

When deciding upon a location for your grill, you must locate it at least 30" away from any combustible material and away from areas with high traffic.

Lighting your Grill

Before lighting your grill, remember to inspect the hose or gas supply. Scan for excessive abrasion or wear, and make sure the hose is not cut. If so, it must be replaced prior to the grill being operated. Before lighting the burner, always open the lid completely to avoid trapping gas fumes, which could ignite and cause flare-ups.

  1. Do not stand with your head over the grill when lighting the burner.
  2. Open the lid. Examine the interior to be sure it appears normal.
  3. Turn control knobs to OFF position. Either control knob may be used when lighting the grill.
  4. Turn gas ON at the tank or supply. Turn either knob to Medium and gently push the red button on control panel ignitor module. You should hear the ignitor clicking and one-half of the burner should be lit within four seconds. Turn the other control knob on “HI” and the other burner will cross light automatically.

Carefully check to make sure that the burner lights and that the flame is at an appropriate heat. 

It is good practice to observe the grill for two minutes before stepping away. Small leaks and or spider fires (caused by webs or blockage) can easily be fixed if caught immediately.

Grilling Tips

  1. When using your PGS outdoor grill for the first time, light and turn both burners on HI heat for ten to fifteen minutes. This is recommended so you can burn off any oils that may be on the new surfaces. Before turning on your grill, we recommend using a light coat of vegetable oil on your cooking grids. Spray on oil will also work just fine.
  2. Burning unit after each use is not required or recommended. Extensive burning may cause premature wear on your grill components or may even damage your A-Series if left unattended. Preheating your grill 5 to 8 minutes before each use will burn off most grease and residue. After the cooking grids have cooled, we recommend that you lightly rub the cooking grid with a nylon cleaning pad or similar material to remove any baked on foods.

Remember to lightly oil the cooking grid with a spray on oil, vegetable or safflower oil before using the next time.

You may clean your stainless steel cooking grids with a brass wire brush. Be sure to wash your cooking grids thoroughly before using. 

Do not place cooking grids, rock grates, or rock in self-cleaning ovens.

Safety & the A-Series

At AEI, we strive to connect our clients to a safe, unparalleled outdoor experience. Both natural gas (NG) and propane gas (LP) are safe when simple rules are followed. Please, never use natural gas in a unit designed for liquid propane or vice versa. Never connect an unregulated propane gas cylinder or unregulated natural gas to your gas grill.

Most homes equipped with natural gas have a regulator near the gas meter. 

In the event that you inadvertently have the valves of your grill turned to the "ON" position, and then open the valve on top of your tank, the excess flow device will activate and shut off the flow of gas. If this should occur, turn the valves to the “OFF” position on your grill head, then the valve on the tank. Wait two minutes and then open the valve on the tank BEFORE turning the valves of your grill head. Always turn on the valve at the top of your tank and then the valves to your grill head to the “ON” position.

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