Amenities and Advantages of Legacy Outdoor Gas Grills

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There is nothing better than spending an afternoon or evening outside preparing a delicious meal for some of your best friends or family. If you are looking to improve your outdoor kitchen as well as possible, getting a top-tier outdoor grill is extremely important. For many people, outdoor gas grills are a great option as they provide you with a convenient way to quickly heat the grill and cook your meal. When you are shopping for outdoor gas grills, getting a Legacy barbecue grill can be a great option. These high-end grills that will offer a wide range of features and amenities that help them stand out when compared to the competition.

High-Quality Parts

One of the main advantages that help to set the Legacy grills apart from the others is that it is made with very high-quality parts. The grill comes with stainless steel casing, parts, and accessories that can help to keep it working and looking great for a long time. Some of the stainless steel parts include the casing, the grill racks, and the burners. Ultimately, a stainless steel natural gas grill or stainless steel propane-powered grill will be very durable and could last for a long time. Due to the high-quality parts, the manufacturer is also more than willing to offer a one-year replacement warranty for parts.

Fuel Options

If you are looking for a Legacy Grill, you will first find that there two different fuel options to choose from. One of the options is to get a natural gas grill. With a natural gas grill, the grill will be connected directly to your local natural gas line and system. For homes that already have a natural gas line, this can be a very convenient option as you will constantly have access to the fuel and will not have to worry about it running out. Since you will be connected directly to the natural gas line, these will be permanent grills and cannot be easily moved around. Due to this, it is important to carefully plan the location of the grill.

Another option is to a propane grill. With a propane grill, you will have to purchase separate propane tanks and have them refilled from time to time. An advantage of this is that the propane grills can come on a cart with wheels that can be easily moved around. This can be ideal for someone that wants to be able to store their grill when it is not in use, or having more flexibility with the layout of their outdoor living space and kitchen.

Mounting Options

Depending on your space, you may want to build out a more elaborate outdoor kitchen. If this is the case for you, there are some mounting options that should be considered. One of the best looking options is to build an outdoor countertop around the grill. This often is the best-looking option and can also be the most functional. It will allow you to have more preparation space around the grill while also having plenty of storage space.

An option similar to this is to use a grill island. This will offer many of the same benefits as having an outdoor grill countertop but will be more affordable. It can also offer some more flexibility for the location due to the smaller size.

For those that have propane tanks, having a grill cart is a popular option. With a propane grill on a grill cart, you can easily move the grill around. They also will come with some cabinetry that can be used to store some accessories and cooking supplies.

Powerful Heat Production

Being able to control the heat of a grill and make it as hot as you want is possible. This will give you the chance to create a more diverse group of meals that require different temperatures to be prepared. The Legacy outdoor grills will allow you to create as much heat as you could possibly need. The heat outage will start at 45,000 BTUs and can increase all the way to 102,000 BTUs.

Cooking Area and Space

When it comes to grills, it is certainly not a one-size-fits all approach. Depending on your space and the amount of people that you want to accommodate, the amount of grill space that you need can range. Legacy grills offer a range of different grill sizes that have different cooking areas. The smallest Legacy grill, the Newport Gourmet Grill, has 540 square inches worth of cooking space. While the largest Legacy grill, the Big Sur Gourmet Grill, has nearly 1,000 square inches of main cooking space.

Different Accessories

If you do get a Legacy barbeque grill, you will also enjoy the range of accessories that you can choose from. These accessories can make you more productive and improve your overall experience.

Grill and Gas Timer

One important feature that you can have included in the 60-minute gas flow shut off timer. When you are in the midst of preparing a meal, it can be easy to forget to turn off the gas when you are done. This could be hazardous and also waste fuel. When you get the grill and gas timer installed, it will automatically turn off the gas to prevent this from occurring.

Storage Systems

With the Legacy outdoor barbecue grill, you can also receive additional storage. Legacy offers a variety of different storage amenities including cabinetry and storage drawers. This can make it a great place to conveniently store your grilling cookware and shelf-stable seasoning and other products. This will help to keep your space organized and prepared.


Adding a rotisserie to your outdoor grill is a great option as it will allow you to make some unique meals on your grill, including a rotisserie chicken. These will use high-quality parts that will allow you to slowly rotate the chicken or other meat at the desired temperature.

Side Burners and Warming Racks

As you are preparing a meal, it is very likely that you will have different food that needs to be cooked at different temperatures. With side burners and warming racks, you will have more flexibility when it comes to preparing a full meal. These will allow you to prepare several foods all at once.

If you are looking to build an outdoor kitchen that will allow you to prepare some amazing meals, having a quality grill is extremely important. One option for an outdoor barbeque grill that can stand out against the competition is a Legacy barbeque grill. These grills offer a wide range of grill features and amenities that can help you to prepare amazing meals for years to come.

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