Associations & Single-Family Homeowners Consider Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Availability Part of the American Dream

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Residents of condominium associates and gated apartment communities deserve a greater voice in the services, amenities, and perks they receive for rents and association fees. One of the primary reasons you moved to the community was knowing you would enjoy an excellent quality of life. The alternative, when developments do not provide the American Dream experience, is to purchase a single-family home and create it yourself.

In hindsight, the leisure items that attracted people to associations, such as fitness centers, pools, and common areas, among others, have largely become standard. That’s why members of residential living associations are increasingly pushing for those little extras to enjoy all the perks of owning a single-family home, without all the yard work. One difference-maker that keeps coming up in association meetings is installing a stainless steel BBQ grill.

And given the amount of money that goes into the maintenance and upkeep of the neighborhood, choosing a commercial grill ranks among the best cost-effective and quality cooking experience investments. Developers and financial officers on association boards would be wise to consider the value of a top-quality outdoor grill to attract good families.

Savvy Developers Select Commercial Grill for Single-Family Apartments

When developers look deep into the statistics regarding single-family apartment rentals, many recognize that the little extras are now musts. According to housing data, the number of U.S. renters has only increased by about 1 million over the last five years. By contrast, the population has surged by 10 million and single-family home buyers enjoy low-interest rates.

Gas BBQ grills are one of the keys to emulating homeownership and attracting families that might otherwise decide to buy an inexpensive starter home. While some contend that homeownership is the “American Dream,” others point to the quality of life experience that matters. A commercial-grade patio barbecue delivers that iconic image of a family enjoying each other’s company while grilling in the fresh air. That being said, developers can get in on the ground floor by choosing an industry-leading PGS commercial grill.

Why Select PGS A-Series Residential Grill?

The A-Series residential grill remains a product of choice for developers and community associations that value flexibility. This line offers owners the option of securing it in place with a space-efficient pedestal, installing the model as a built-in outdoor kitchen, or choosing a cart that can be wheeled into place. The residential versions of the A-Series deliver 30,000 or 40,000 BTUs for an amazing grilling experience. It’s not uncommon for developers and associations to invest in multiple units and place them in resident-friendly locations.

Why Select PGS T-Series Commercial Grill?

The commercial T-Series outdoor grill is primarily designed for fixed installation. With models delivering more than 400 square inches of cooking space, and 40,000 BTUs, fixed placement and the one-hour gas flow shutoff timer support safety and lowered insurance premiums. It’s not unusual for residential living neighborhoods to fix multiple units and store others to roll out for community gatherings.

Why Select PGS Legacy Series Commercial Grill?

The Legacy series delivers wide-ranging options to create an entire outdoor grill kitchen space. The centerpiece stainless steel BBQ grill delivers 45,000 to more than 100,000 BTUs, depending on the model. The cooking area runs from 540 to 960 square inches and the assortment of accessories that can be added to mirror what one might expect from professionals.

Legacy gas BBQ grills are typically installed with little extras such as side burners, storage drawers, and beverage centers. They can be fixed into countertops, a center island, or on a movable cart with side shelves. In terms of providing a family life experience, Legacy far exceeds what everyday people might expect. A Legacy grill installation gives development investors the final perk to compete for top-earners in apartments, condos, resorts, and gated communities featuring common areas.

Single-Family Homeowners Consider Commercial Grill Investment

Apartment complexes, condo associations, and other residential facilities are not necessarily attracting increased numbers of families. Existing home sales in the U.S. exceeded 5 million for five consecutive years. Research also points to steady new construction sales with 2020 on track to post a five-year high at nearly 800,000. Many homeowners are more than content doing some yard work to experience the American Dream and a commercial-grade patio barbecue is viewed as an attractive benefit.

Because the PGS Grill series are offered in residential models, backyard chefs have access to commercial grill quality. The PGS products employ the stainless steel and hard aluminum casting found in their commercial grill counterparts. There’s simply no reason that a grill aficionado should settle for low-quality units that suffer flareups, uneven temperatures, and wear out. These are the quality benefits of cooking with a PGS Grill.

  • Stainless Steel H-Burners
  • Stainless Steel Warming Racks
  • Self-Contained Matchless Ignition
  • Side Shelves Available
  • Even-Heat Disbursement
  • Liquid Propane & Natural Gas Options

And the fuel resources you plan to use with a PGS commercial grill makes a significant difference when selecting a model. While each series has a model that can be deftly outfitted with a liquid propane tank or natural gas, it’s essential to keep in mind that only grills with propane tanks can be portable grills.

Homeowners who anticipate moving a stainless steel BBQ grill to accommodate guests would be wise to consider a cart-mounted model. Both liquid propane and natural gas are considered cost-effective and environmentally sustainable fuel sources. Using existing natural gas lines or connecting to a large propane tank already being used to heat and cook indoors requires specific mounting. These are examples of how mounting options and fuel types go hand-in-hand.

  • Cart Mounted: The A-Series and T-Series grills have the option of housing the liquid propane tank in the base. The moveable cart has two wheels and can be easily moved around your patio to maximize space and convenience.
  • Pedestal Mounting: The A-Series and T-Series offer two types of flexible pedestal mounting options. One is wide enough to house a liquid propane tank and be fixed to the ground. The other, slimmer, pedestal can be permanently fixed and connected to natural gas lines.
  • Built-In: While each grill line can be set into countertops to form the centerpiece of an outdoor kitchen, the Legacy series has largely captured the imagination of grilling enthusiasts. These sizable stainless steel BBQ grills can be ordered with a specially designed center island that is fixed into place or installed with side burners, beverage cooler, side burners, drawers, an infrared rotisserie unit, and other grill accessories. The Legacy series is the final frontier of grilling exploration.

Moving forward, developers and neighborhood associations must either deliver on the American Dream experience or anticipate working families to secure a single-family house. Either way, grill enthusiasts revel in the experience of preparing delicious meals for friends and family members. Made in the USA, PGS Grills remain the leader in residential and commercial grill possibilities.

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