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There was a time when most home grilling was done on charcoal. Many people still use charcoal grills. Their big attraction: is low cost. You can buy them for as little as twenty dollars.

Where charcoal grills cost the most are inconvenience, mess, and pour-tasting food. You have to douse the coals with lighter fluid then wait for the flame to die down and the coals to turn white. There’s a limited amount of time to get your cooking done before the heat disappears. Furthermore, the heat tends to be uneven unless you’re a stickler about spreading the coals. Not only can there be a different temperature on different areas of the grill, but the overall temp rises as the coals grow hot and fade as they begin to die away.

Some homeowners are hesitant to spend any more for a grill than they have to. However, those who are willing to invest a bit more for a first-rate grill will have a better grilling experience and can even save money in the long run by owning a grill that lasts longer. As it turns out, a top-quality cooker is the best grilling value for your money.

The Advantages of a High-Quality Grill

If you’ve never cooked on a top-quality grill, you’ve missed out on a real treat. High power and precise temperature control put you in charge of delivering the perfectly seared steak or roasting the most succulent rotisserie chicken. The best liquid propane and natural gas grills heat up quickly and maintain a consistent surface temperature. They adhere to top safety standards. Their manufacturers maintain a parts inventory and the grills are built to last. Unlike their cheaper cousins, they’re not likely to end up in landfills after only a few years.

It pays to do your research and purchase a first-rate grill that will fit your family’s needs. The world’s best grills come in small sizes for those who have a small patio space and never cook for more than a few people. But if you have a generous outdoor area and you love to entertain a crowd, you can invest in a larger grill that will make your patio the place to be for the most perfectly cooked burgers, chops, steaks, and roasts in the neighborhood.

PGS Grills by AEI Corporation

To own a grill that will delight you for years of cookouts, you’d be hard-pressed to make a better choice than the PGS grills by AEI Corporation. They’re used by thousands of American homeowners and are also found in common areas of apartments and condos as well as in restaurants, golf clubs, sailing clubs, and indeed any place there’s a need for a reliable, hard-working grill.

A-Series Grills

The PGS A-Series grills are our most affordable residential grills. That’s because many of their parts of made of durable cast aluminum rather than steel. Still, a number of components, such as the cooking grids and the warming rack, are constructed of commercial-grade stainless steel. They come in 30 and 40-inch sizes which boast 30,000 and 40,000 BTU of grilling power and provide 330 and 434 square inches of grilling surface. They feature a self-contained continuous spark electronic ignition system, and their exclusive ceramic briquettes, called “Moon Rok,” ensure even heat distribution and protect from flare-ups.

They do more than just grill. Put on your chef’s apron and show off your roasting, smoking, and sauteing as well. A-Series grills are simple enough for the weekend BBQ aficionado and capable enough for the adventurous all-around outdoor cook. They’re available in both liquid propane and natural gas grill models.

Legacy Series Grills

If you want to step up your out-of-doors cookery game to yet another level, check out the PGS Legacy Series. The Legacy grill, available in 27, 36, and 48-inch sizes, is the outdoor cooking machine that does it all. The Legacy stainless steel natural gas grill and the propane grill excel in appearance as well as performance. They come in 2-, 3- and 4-burner models. There’s an infrared rotisserie burner available. The top model of the Legacy line has 960 square inches of cooking surface and cranks out an impressive 102,000 BTU. No matter what size the crowd gathers for your next grill fest, a Legacy has the capacity to feed everyone with the tastiest food outdoor cooking has to offer.

These grills feature not only the “Moon Rok” but also maintain a consistent temperature with the heavy-duty “VARI GRID” variably spaced cooking grid system. Like the A-Series, they’re available both for liquid propane and natural gas.

There are several grill mounting options, including a stainless steel portable cart and a stainless steel pedestal mount. They can also be mounted into a custom-built masonry enclosure.

A PGS grill is an investment in years of grilling. The grills are backed by a “No-Compromise” warranty, with a lifetime warranty for aluminum castings, stainless steel cooking grids, warming racks, and side shelves. We maintain a service department and parts inventory to ensure that your grill won’t suffer from obsolescence.

The Payback from a First-Rate Grill

Why buy a lesser grill only to throw it away when it doesn’t measure up to the cooking you do and the number of years you expect it to serve you? Save your money in the long run by purchasing a high-quality grill the first time. Season after season, cookout after cookout, burger after shop after roasted chicken, a PGS grill will keep you at the top of your culinary game.

For the enthusiastic griller, the accessories are almost as important as the cooker itself, and these grills have them. There are side burners, rotisserie burners, grill briquettes, infrared burners, all sorts of tools, and even a protective grill cover. In short, everything you need for the “grilling actualization” that comes from always having the right grill accessories close at hand.

We’ve been building gas grills for over 40 years. You won’t find any unnecessary “bells and whistles” on our products. Instead, our focus is on durability, quality, and functional grill accessories. We offer cooking machines that are safe, functionally elegant, and are unequaled in the cooking experience they offer. Even the beginner chef will have no problem firing them up and cranking out their first burgers. And, as their culinary dexterity improves, PGS grills have the functionality to keep up with whatever they want to do.

Think about how great your next hosted BBQ will be with a high-quality grill on your patio, ready to do your bidding. You put a lot of love into the steaks, burgers, and chops you offer your guests, and it’s good to know you have a grill that works just as hard at the culinary arts as you do. You'll be happy that you invested wisely. 

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