Choose the Right Outdoor Patio Grills for New Residential Community Construction Projects

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Building a robust living complex that delivers luxury benefits to residents helps developers get the top return on investment you deserve for your hard work. But in the competitive residential community sector, it’s the little extras that prove attractive to buyers and renters alike.

It wasn’t long ago that integrating a recreation center or community pool set a project apart. Those amenities have now become standard, and prospective clients want enhanced leisure definition. That’s why developers are including outdoor commercial grills in common areas that get buyers and renters thinking about family gatherings and events on the grounds.

Types Of New Construction That Benefit From An Outdoor Patio Grill

One of the advantages of designing a new residential living space is that architects start with a blank slate. Not only will your team be crafting interiors that include open floor plans, walk-in closets, and live-work options, among others, the grounds are an untouched canvas. This fact creates an opportunity to define spaces where residents can grill, relax, and rave about your project to future clients. These are innovative ways outdoor commercial gas grills are being utilized.

  • Apartment Complexes: Large developments are routinely carving out intimate gathering spaces with a portable LP grill at different locations. These units tend to be cost-effective upgrades and can be fixed in place if necessary.
  • Gated Communities: The trend to develop residential communities for the over 50 or over 65 demographic has become increasingly competitive. Leisure spaces with outdoor gas grills and picnicking areas can help move homes at a premium.
  • Condominiums: It’s no secret that condo associations sometimes charge high fees, and residents expect the get good value. Many new developments, as well as existing ones, are installing natural gas grills to demonstrate their responsiveness to residents.
  • Multi-Family Homes: The cost of permits, materials, labor, inspections, and taxes have caused rents to increase. Although multi-family home builders see these costs in their ledgers, including little extras such as an LP grill, can make renters feel appreciated.
  • Resorts: Whether you are building a luxury resort or lucrative timeshare, attracting high-end customers means creating an ambiance to match. A permanent outdoor stainless steel natural gas grill with accessories is already trending.

If you have a project that is still in the drawing board stages, it may be worthwhile to consider one of the top-tier outdoor commercial grills in the PGS line. These products continue to lead the outdoor gas grill industry. Of course, this begs the question of which type best serves your residents.

What Developers Need To Know About Natural Gas Grills

A stainless steel natural gas grill can be directly tied into an existing line, or a new line can be integrated into your project’s building plan. A natural gas grill must be permanently fixed for safety considerations and can prove costly to relocate.

For this reason, project planners may want to use a centralized location that makes all residents feel equally represented. This is not to say that a natural gas grill installation cannot be moved. But sound planning can avoid unnecessary costs. Natural gas grills come in a range of sizes. The PGS line has commercial units that include the A-Series, T-Series, and Legacy Series that can all run efficiently on natural gas. These are common strategies project planners employ when integrating these gas grills.

  • Multiple smaller grills in a single area to reduce cost and expand resident benefits
  • One large commercial grill that is fully accessorized and delivers a wow factor to prospective clients

Regardless of what size or number of outdoor commercial grills you assign to the community, all the PGS models can be upgraded with advanced accessories.

What Developers Need To Know About Liquid Propane Grills

One of the advantages of working with LP grill models is that they house the fuel tank in the base. This delivers improved agility, and they can remain on wheels or be fixed in place for safety purposes. An LP grill enjoys similar cost-efficiency to its permanently fixed natural gas counterparts. And the hardware used to attach an LP grill in place can usually be easily removed so that your grounds crew can adjust their location when needed.

It’s not uncommon for project planners to lay out the common areas and recreational space and let their outdoor patio grill placement evolve organically. Sometimes allowing your residents to move portable units around during a trial period provides strategic information about best placement and the number of units your community requires. These are other benefits to working with LP grill models.

  • Tanks are easily swapped out and inexpensive
  • An LP grill can be tied to an existing line and be permanently fixed
  • Portable units can be moved to accommodate a variety of large and small gatherings

Regardless of which PGS LP grill you select, industry-leading products can be deftly accessorized with highly sought after options.

Grill Accessories Your Residents Will Love

Adding outdoor commercial grills to a condo association, apartment complex, gated community, or multi-family home, among others, often has a unique effect on residents. It’s no secret that people prefer the enriched flavor of grilled veggies, choice cuts of meat, and some out of the ordinary menu options. Beyond the grilling process locking in natural juices and flavor, residents are doubly blessed by enjoying the fresh air and outdoors.

Don’t be surprised if your community members want to expand their grill masterly and options that call for accessories. These are popular PGS accessories that enhance the grilling experience.

  • Side Shelves: The convenience of having a side shelf to place sauces, utensils, and cooling foods cannot be understated. Side shelves are an absolute must.
  • Side Burners: The ability to multi-task and sauté a side dish or boil water while the main course is on the primary burner allows outdoor chefs to time everything perfectly.
  • Infrared Rotisserie Burner & Spit: The next-generation technology incorporated into these PGS accessories provides an opportunity for residents to cook whole chickens, pineapples, and craft delicious kabobs.
  • Beverage Center: By including a beverage center into a permanent grilling station, residents won’t need to fill coolers with ice to keep items cold.
  • Storage Drawers: Having a designated space to place tongs, utensils, meat thermometers, and grill brushes keep the cooking and food preparation space available.
  • Automatic Gas Shut-Off Timer: It’s essential to include a shut-off timer to avoid paying for wasted fuel or risk someone inadvertently getting burned.

Residential property developers leverage large sums in hopes of getting the best ROI possible. Investing in outdoor commercial grills as a perk and key selling point remains relatively inexpensive and sure to help drive profits as well as resident satisfaction.

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