Combat Your Seasonal Tipping Point With Outdoor Gas Heaters

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If the polar vortex that caused a record cold snap across the country taught us anything, it’s that our ability to enjoy the outdoors can sometimes be a luxury we need to defend. That’s why many people invest in outdoor gas heaters and electric patio heaters to combat that seasonal tipping point between enjoying the outdoors or being stuck indoors.

While there was not a great deal that outdoors lovers could do about temperatures that are well below zero, it did highlight the fact that a seasonal tipping point exists. There are months in which we are outside in a T-shirt that progress into a sweater or a hoodie, and then we either integrate a propane patio heater or shut ourselves inside. Those in-between periods when being outdoors during the day or evening are uncomfortable are times when infrared heaters and other comfort products can improve our quality of life.

Seasonal Tipping Points and Outdoor Heaters

When warm weather seasons shift to cooler temperatures or vice versa, we have the ability to extend our outdoors time through technology. In northern states, those seasonal tipping points could come in early fall and again in late spring. In areas closer to the tropics, comfort levels may wane later during fall or begin early in spring. But regardless of where you live, there will be weeks or months that could be enjoyed outdoors with a little help some type of warming product.

The type of heater that makes the best sense for your unique situation depends on a number of factors. For instance, the kind of energy you have readily available can mean the difference between hiring a contractor or selecting a product that works seamlessly with your current resources. These are two types of outdoor heaters that could meet your needs.

  • Outdoor Gas Heaters: One of the most popular models on the market today, these are usually recognized by their mushroom heads. These standalone products can be used as natural gas or propane patio heaters. Many homeowners with decks and restaurant owners with outdoor patios enjoy the agility of using propane because that allows them to move the units strategically. Natural gas can be used just as seamlessly and may prove even more cost-efficient. Some can also be fixed overhead if space allows.
  • Electric Patio Heaters: Some outdoors lovers prefer the convenience of having a heater hardwired, so they can just flip a switch and bask in the warmth. Many of these units are accessorized with an input regulator switch that allows users to set the level of heat disbursement. They have been widely popular in conjunction with a variety of infrared heaters.

Radiant Infrared or Ambiance Outdoor Fire Feature Heaters

While the vast majority of new heaters rely on infrared technology that is fueled by propane, natural gas, or electricity, there is also a fire ambiance trend emerging.

Infrared heaters allow fuel sources to channel energy into small panels that generate radiant heat. This popular option works to warm objects rather than merely send heat into the air and combat the elements. People that employ radiant heaters understand that all you have to do is stand or sit within its active radius area and feel comfortable.

But ambiance may also be a factor and companies such as AEI have created lines with outdoor fire features that showcase flames. This type has ranked high among outdoors lovers who feel nostalgic about campfires in the wild and enjoy the sense of natural immersion.

It’s important to keep in mind that the seasonal tipping point home and businesses owners are pushing against is fundamentally about enjoying the outdoor experience. Ambiance heaters that showcase real flames are just as mesmerizing as that campfire the family roasts marshmallows over during vacation. It’s all about quality of life at the end of the day.

Whether the warm weather is waning toward cold or spring is fast approaching, people that want to add to their cherished time outdoors are tasked with confronting that seasonal tipping point. It’s no secret that quality outdoor heaters can extend our quality of life by increasing the number of days and evenings that you can relax or dine in the fresh air. If you are ready to improve your lifestyle, consider your energy source, heat type and the space you plan to upgrade. There’s no reason life can’t be a little better with an appropriate outdoor heater.

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