Commercial-Grade Infrared Patio Heaters Drive Restaurant, Hospitality Profits

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Creating the perfect outdoor ambiance for customers to enjoy more time on your patio requires strategic planning and design. The walking surface, seating, and décor must meet the expectations of restaurant and hospitality patrons, among others. Those items are easily manageable, whether business owners do it themselves or hire a contractor. But the one thing you have little control over is the temperature outside.

That’s why decision-makers invest in commercial patio heaters for restaurants and hospitality industry spaces. An outdoor gas heater can make the difference between extended, comfortable enjoyment and customers calling it a night.

Top Reasons to Install an LP Heater

There are numerous reasons that restaurants and other personal service businesses would be wise to utilize an outdoor gas heater to warm their patios. But the end-goal for making the smart investment into commercial patio heaters for restaurants and hospitality industry organizations is improving your bottom line.

Unlike homeowners who improve their quality of life with an LP heater, businesses are tasked with turning a profit. That singular goal can be achieved in multiple ways by installing commercial-grade heaters. These are key reasons to consider installing an outdoor gas heater as a profit-driving resource.

  • Patio Potential: Cold weather diminishes the effective use of an outdoor patio. An LP heater extends its use, and that means lasting enjoyment from customers.
  • More Comfortable: When an outdoor patio enjoys a comfortable temperature, patrons are more inclined to stay longer, come more often, and spend more of their discretionary income.
  • Flexibility With Positioning: Heaters that run on Liquid Propane can be moved around the patio to fit your needs.
  • Not-So-Hot Summer Nights: It may seem counterintuitive, but summer nights are not actually that hot. When people come out of the day’s sun, even a 5-degree temperature dip seems chilly. An LP gas heater can keep the evening temperature more even and consistent. Managing fall and spring temperatures remain an absolute must.

Creating an ambiance that involves moderate, warm temperatures have numerous direct and indirect impacts on customer traffic, length of stay, and that results in profit or loss. Rather than suffer the latter, many of today’s business decision-makers are installing an infrared patio heater.

Best Infrared Patio Heater for Your Business

One of the concerns that may have previously held restaurant owners and hospitality industry professionals back from investing in the extended use of patios was safety. Open-flame heaters seemed like a hazard to small children and patrons prone to poor decisions. But those risky heaters have given way to the advanced infrared technology being integrated into products by outfits such as AEI.

Today’s next-generation patio heaters use natural gas, liquid propane, and even electricity to power up infrared elements. In fact, AEI makes flush-mounted ceiling heaters that utilize infrared technology. But the best infrared patio heater is the one that helps business owners increase customer satisfaction in their unique space. These are things to consider when selecting a product to serve your profitability goals.

  • Mushroom Heaters: These icon outdoor patio heaters are easily recognized by the large heads and long column. AEI makes infrared mushroom heaters that can be fixed to the ground, portable, or mounted overhead. The Patio Comfort and Sunglo models work seamlessly with liquid propane or natural gas.
  • Box Heaters: Models that can be mounted to walls and ceilings such as the Sunpak line deliver enhanced space benefits to restaurant and hospitality businesses. They do not impede the robust use of the outdoor space. They can also be strategically placed to deliver infrared warmth within a specific throw range and work with natural gas or as a propane heater.
  • Infratech: Ranked among the most beneficial outdoor space heater on the market, AEI’s Infratech patio heaters deliver commercial-grade comfort with enhanced versatility. They work as a flush-mounted patio heater that can position overhead, horizontally on walls, or vertically. This product works on electricity, utilizes shut-off timers to reduce unnecessary energy loss, and tie into existing power lines. They are very convenient, inexpensive to install and deliver lasting results.

It’s essential for business leaders to consider existing fuel resources, installation expenses, and the positive impact an outdoor patio heater will have on the space. While infrared mushroom heaters are excellent additions, the propane tank housed in the base often means they will take up some of your floor space. Overhead heaters, by contrast, maximize the use of the outdoor space for guests and furniture. However, these products are not as agile as standalone mushroom heaters.

But the bottom line is that commercial patio heaters for restaurants and hospitality businesses are a sure-fire profit-driver. The return on investment includes extended customer use, improved satisfaction, repeat patronage, and positive social media reviews. Today’s businesses cannot afford not to take advantage of infrared patio heaters.

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