Condos Employ Patio Heating System & Stainless Steel BBQ Grills to Improve Quality of Life Experience

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Interest in condominium living continues to trend high as the country experiences a persistent housing shortage and demographic shifts favor community living environments with premium amenities such as patio heating systems and stainless steel BBQ grilling stations.

National Public Radio reported the U.S. was upwards of 3.8 million short of meeting 2022 population needs. Single-family home prices spiked by more than 30 percent during the last few years. Adding to the desirability, Gen X appears more inclined to purchase a condo with leisure amenities covered by association fees.

The ease of condo life has prompted developers to build more than 350,000 units in 2021, and there is plenty of room for market growth. Competition has spilled over from the single-family housing sector and buyers want choice facilities that include pools, fitness centers, and common areas with a patio heater to extend the evening and seasonal usage. People integrating themselves into the condominium lifestyle also want practical landscapes with complete outdoor kitchens that feature a commercial-grade stainless steel BBQ grill.

The essential problem for developers and property management organizations involves maximizing their return on investment. Those sinking money into new condo projects want to cater to select occupants who are able to afford top-tier pricing and association fees. That, in turn, places a burden on existing facilities to make upgrades to keep valued residents and attract reliable newcomers going forward.

Integrating Key Amenities Distinguishes Condominiums

The days of designing community living environments with relatively passive common areas are well behind the times. An outdoor setting with hardscape elements and simple seating does not create the rewarding experience people anticipate in the 21st Century. But the good news is that existing spaces can be cost-effectively updated and new projects enjoy a blank slate, including one or more outdoor grilling stations that can be utilized late into the evening or when autumn temperatures dip is a game-changer.

Perhaps the best way to attract a target demographic is to create a landscape that accomplishes increased use and the ability to gather. Strategically placing a stainless steel BBQ grill at multiple intimate locations provides residents with close proximity access. Multiple outdoor propane or natural gas grills also mean people can simply fire up another station if the one closest to their living space is being used.

The use of multiple grills typically calls for at least one primary outdoor kitchen area that features a large stainless steel BBQ grill. By integrating a sizable commercial grill into the common area, or areas, that accommodate birthday parties, family get-togethers, and events, a condominium can mirror or exceed single-family home lifestyles.

Condos Can Exceed Single-Family Home Experience

Developers and investors who want to get the greatest return on investment would be well-served to keep an eye on exceeding the single-family home experience. The inherent problem homeowners experience is that autumn and winter chills prompt them to shut down decks, patios, and the portable propane grills they enjoy.

Commercial property managers and developers have an opportunity to make condo life more appealing by deploying a patio heater system. The advanced infrared technology used in a patio heating unit warms the objects in a model’s throw radius. With no open flame and a liquid propane or natural gas line fueling the stainless steel BBQ grill, a patio heater is a logical next step to a common area upgrade.

A high-quality infrared patio heating layout allows condominium residents to enjoy fresh evening air under the stars and grill delicious foods deep into fall and early spring. This strategy typically creates a long-term return on investment that generates a profit. Offset by association fees, outdoor gas grills and patio heating systems increase values, resulting in higher profit margins for developers.

Select Only Industry-Leading Outdoor BBQ Grills

Building new condominium facilities or upgrading existing ones requires decision-makers to select only the finest products. Adding second-rate models sends a message to potential residents that the operation doesn’t value community members or adequately meet their needs. That being said, the PGS T-Series grills remain an excellent fit for common areas large and small.

The T-Series grills come in hardened cast aluminum or stainless steel, depending on the model. For instance, a T30 grill delivers 30,000 BTUs and 330 square inches of direct cooking space. This T-Series option can also be selected to run on liquid propane or natural gas. The slightly larger T40 grills also have natural gas or liquid propane opportunities. With 40,000 BTUs of heat generation, 434 square inches of direct cooking area, and a pair of stainless steel shelves, it easily manages the needs of couples and small families.

For an outdoor kitchen centerpiece, it’s crucial to choose a stainless steel BBQ that can accommodate growing families and gatherings. The S27T grill can deliver all the grilling space needed when groups gather in common areas. This T-Series model offers 45,000 BTUs to power 540 square inches of direct cooking area. Those expansive grates can be enhanced by including an optional warming rack that can also be utilized for indirect cooking.

Developers and property management companies are also pleased to discover all T-Series models include 60-minute grill timers that eliminate potentially wasted fuel. Once the T-Series Grill is lit by the matchless ignition, the grill timer starts running. It’s also important to note that T-Series grills can be mounted in place to leverage natural gas or on portable carts with a liquid propane tank housed in the base.

Consider Top-of-the-Line Patio Heating Models

The common areas across the grounds and hardscapes of a condo community usually vary. It would be rare to select a one-size-fits-all patio heater that can provide the warming comfort people desire in each area. That’s why AEI Corporation presents decision-makers with a plethora of choices to augment wide-reaching locations. These are four options that use reliable infrared technology and can be strategically deployed in a condo patio heating design.

  • Patio Comfort: Recognized by its iconic mushroom head design, portable models house a liquid propane tank in the base. When fixed in place, Patio Comfort heaters can be fueled by natural gas lines.
  • Sunglo Patio Heater: This creative use of the mushroom head style allows property managers and developers to install units that are hung overhead. Stylishly designed to enhance the surrounding décor, Sunglo Patio heaters can be part of an awe-inspiring design that speaks volumes about the facility.  
  • Sunpak Patio Heaters: This class of commercial patio heater can be mounted overhead on ceilings or structurally secure walls and infrastructure. Utilizing either liquid propane or natural gas, a Sunpak outdoor heating design is typically managed by a wall panel that includes a shutoff timer. Getting a robust return on investment requires smart energy efficiency.
  • Infratech: The primary difference between an Infratech patio heater and other mounted models involves the energy source. This option can be tied into an existing electrical system by a professional creating a designed line. It eliminates the need for gas lines to be run to common areas.

Working with an industry-leading patio heater line gives property managers and condo developers the choices necessary to improve the leisure use of common areas. These four types of patio heating models also provide options based on fuel resources and a space’s layout. By calculating the throw radius of each unit’s radiant heat, any space can be enjoyed long after sweaters are adorned.

Condominiums are hot-trending assets in the real estate sector that show no signs of waning. Maximizing property values and increasing the potential to attract good people with greater financial bandwidth begins and ends with quality of life. Amenities such as stainless steel BBQ grills and infrared patio heating systems separate leaders from the rest of the pack.

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