Discover the E27T: A Commercial Electric Grill for Multi-User and Multifamily Settings

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When it comes to commercial electric grills, the E27T stands out as a top choice for multifamily applications. Its robust design, eco-friendly features that reduce direct emissions, and superior performance make it a preferred option for those who demand both quality and efficiency. In this blog post, we'll explore the standout features, specifications, safety measures, available add-ons, and warranty of the E27T, showing why it's the ideal choice for your commercial grilling needs.


The E27T commercial electric grill is designed to meet the highest standards of durability and performance, offering a range of features that make it an excellent choice for demanding multi-user environments. At the heart of the E27T is its 304 stainless steel cooking surface. This high-quality material is durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring that the grill remains in top condition even with heavy use.

With 540 square inches of grilling space, the E27T is ideal for multifamily and multi-user settings, providing ample room to cook large quantities of food. The generous cooking surface allows the ability to grill multiple items simultaneously. Additionally, the grill's ability to reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit ensures you can achieve the perfect sear on meats and vegetables, delivering restaurant-quality results consistently.

The E27T's dual-walled hood efficiently retains heat, ensuring consistent cooking and conserving energy. The side-mounted heat indicator allows easy temperature monitoring and maintains stable heat levels without opening the grill lid.

The grill also features two reflector/protected grates made from 18-gauge material, which ensure even heat distribution. This means that every part of the grill surface receives uniform heat, allowing for consistent cooking results across the entire grilling area. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice griller, these features make the E27T grill a reliable and high-performing addition to any commercial kitchen.


Understanding the technical specifications of the E27T is crucial for installation and operation:

  • NEMA 6-30 Receptacle (NEMA 6-30R, grill comes with a 6-foot cord with a NEMA 6-30P)
  • 240 volts with a frequency of 60Hz
  • 5880 watts output, drawing from 24.5 amps.
  • Dimensions: The cutout dimensions are 28 inches wide, 23 inches deep, and 9 ½ inches high, making it suitable for various installation setups.


Safety is a paramount concern in any commercial setting, and the E27T excels in this regard with multiple robust safety features. One of the most significant is the one-hour safety shutoff timer, which ensures that the grill automatically powers down once the timer reaches zero. This feature helps prevent accidents caused by forgetting to turn off the grill and conserves energy, making the E27T an eco-friendly choice.

Clear, laser-etched instructions are another critical safety component of the E27T.  Laser-etched instructions are permanently marked on the grill, providing users with easy-to-follow guidelines for operation and maintenance. This feature ensures that all users, regardless of their experience level, can safely and effectively use the grill.

The E27T is also compatible with lift-assist handles (LAHK27), enhancing safety by making lifting and maneuvering the grill hood easier. This compatibility reduces the risk of strain or injury when accessing the grilling surface, which is particularly beneficial in a busy commercial environment where the grill is frequently used.

The E27T can also be equipped with PGS vent kits to ensure optimal ventilation. Proper ventilation is crucial in preventing the buildup of harmful fumes and ensuring a safe cooking environment. PGS offers three different vent kits specifically designed for the E27T, providing options to suit various installation requirements and ensuring the grill operates safely and efficiently in any setting.

Available Add-Ons

To enhance your grilling experience, the E27T grill offers several optional add-ons:

Warming Rack (Part: 427909): This rack keeps food warm without overcooking and is ideal for busy grilling sessions.
Door Kits: Customize your grill with door kits. Options include the MDS L30 Double Door Kit and the MDS L20 Single Door Kit, providing convenient storage and access.

When investing in a commercial electric grill, having a reliable warranty is essential for peace of mind. The E27T comes with a 1-year warranty specifically designed for multi-user applications. This warranty underscores the manufacturer's confidence in the grill's durability and performance, ensuring that it will meet the demands of busy commercial environments.

The E27T, Excellent Choice for Multi-User

The E27T commercial electric grill is an exceptional choice for those seeking a durable, high-performance, and eco-friendly grilling solution. With its extensive cooking surface, high heat capability, and robust safety features, the E27T electric grill is well-suited for multifamily and multi-user environments. The available add-ons and comprehensive warranty further enhance its appeal, making it a versatile and dependable option for any commercial setting.

If you want to upgrade your grilling solutions for your multifamily property or commercial facility, the E27T is the perfect choice. Its combination of quality, performance, and safety ensures it meets the highest standards and delivers exceptional results every time.

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