Do Developers & Property Owners Need Grills for Multi-Family Homes in 2021?

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Developers and property investors widely consider multi-family home rental units among the most lucrative passive revenue streams. The initial cost of building an apartment complex can quickly be offset by monthly rental payments. The U.S. entered 2021 with more than 38 million multi-family dwellings, and more are in the planning stage.

While developers see the financial benefits from multi-family dwelling, this growth industry continues to draw increased competition. Another 300,000 to 400,000 units are expected to be added by 2022, and property owners and managers need lifestyle perks to retain community members and maximize rents. Many are installing grills for multi-family homes to improve resident satisfaction. By examining the types of multi-family units and residential needs, decision-makers can select a PGS stainless steel or cast aluminum grill that distinguishes the facility.

What is Considered a Multi-Family Home?

In the broadest sense, a multi-family home is a building where more than one family resides with their own separate space. They can range from an owner-occupied home with a distinct rental unit to a duplex that incorporates two single-family dwellings into one structure.

Apartment complexes fall into this category, regardless of whether two or dozens of families live in the building. Large residential living communities with two-family townhouses also may be considered multi-family units as well as condominiums. And while the buildings and number of people living in them remain a baseline, activities in common areas and outdoor spaces also impact these facilities. These rank among the top examples of common areas that could benefit from upgrades such as permanent grills.

  • Backyards: Duplex owners and investors should not allow tenants to maintain and operate their own patio grills on back decks and yards. This may be the wisest policy in terms of safety and insurance premiums. Inexpensive and poorly designed gas grills can lead to injury and a potential fire. Permanent grills prove a safer investment that can be deftly positioned to avoid accidents. Fixed grills can also meet local fire codes and reduce insurance risk.
  • Pool Areas: The leisure enjoyment of an apartment complex typically helps drive rental fee potential. Some property managers use portable propane grills that give residents the flexibility to roll them into place. But fixing a stainless steel grill in place is necessary to use a natural gas grill and create a designated outdoor cooking space. Adding commercial grills and the ability to prepare delicious food enhances afternoons of sunbathing and swimming enjoyment.
  • Green Spaces: Communal areas that serve as a place for parties and get-togethers remain primary spaces to develop full outdoor kitchens. A stainless steel propane grill can act as the centerpiece in a full outdoor kitchen. These areas can benefit from integrating side burners and sweeping counter space to prepare meals for loved ones and guests.

The majority of multi-family buildings, apartment complexes, and condominiums have an outdoor area where people like to gather. Underdeveloped areas typically go underused, and that does not help property owners and investors maximize revenue or their residents’ experience.

What Decision-Makers Need To Know About Commercial Grills in Multi-Family Settings

The previously mentioned examples highlight the fact that certain areas of a multi-family environment can be augmented with permanent grills. But by that same token, including grills for multi-family homes requires some due diligence on the property manager or owner’s part. Each space has unique aspects that lend themselves to different grill layouts and installations. These are grill mounting options to consider when planning an outdoor enhancement.

  • Countertops: Built-in commercial grills provide a wide range of residential benefits. When inserted into outdoor countertops, permanent grills evolve these spaces into kitchens. A stainless steel propane grill can be accessorized with side burners, storage drawers, and a beverage cooler, among others.
  • Grill Islands: Spaces that do not necessarily lend themselves to countertops can utilize specialized gill islands. These specifically designed units give you a place for your grill, outdoor drawers and cupboards, and outdoor counter-top space.
  • Grill Carts: Although widely popular because they can be rolled into place, grill carts can also be fixed in place. Developers and property owners typically prefer commercial grills that can be secured in place.
  • Pedestal Mount: Spaces with limited square footage typically benefit from slim pedestal mounting options. Like grills carts, they can be fixed securely into place. They can be game-changers for duplex owners with limited patio areas for renters.

There are other things to consider when selecting the best mounting strategy for a multi-family environment as well. How the stainless steel propane grill looks in a space can be important. Size and the ability to move around comfortably when grilling outdoors can make or break the experience. And commercial grills for multi-family homes and apartment complexes can also take advantage of natural gas lines when secured in place. Using natural gas means that liquid propane tanks won’t run dry or need to be swapped out.

It’s essential for developers planning upwards of 400,000 multi-family units and existing property owners to recognize that the rental industry continues to see mounting competition. The best facilities and top amenities will, in all likelihood, generate that best rentals income and keep good tenants. Commercial grills such as the PGS T-Series are viewed as value-added appliances. Tenants will expect the quality of life enhancements going forward. Grills for multi-family homes could be seen as the standard by year’s end.

Benefits of PGS T-Series Commercial Grills for Multi-Family Settings

Industry-leading PGS Grills such as the T-Series are designed for commercial use. They accommodate a wide range of multi-family spaces and fulfill the needs and desires of residents. The T-Series line offers two sizes comprised of durable cast aluminum — T30 and T40. These smaller models are designed to support duplexes and multi-family units with limited square footage. They can be easily mounted on a pedestal or grill cart. Both the T30 and T40 have liquid propane and natural gas setups.

The larger S27, S36, and S48 are best utilized as permanent grills installed into outdoor countertops or standalone islands. These stainless steel BBQ grills can also leverage natural gas or liquid propane flexibility and enjoy direct cooking grates that range from 540 square inches to 960 square inches. Needless to say, these stainless steel models are ranked among the best options for creating outdoor kitchen areas and enhancing large gathering spaces.

All the PGS T-Series Grills come with safety devices such as 60-minute gas flow shutoff timers, anti-theft knobs, laser-etched control panels, and quality replacement parts. Property owners and developers invest in PGS Grills because they stand up under tough weather conditions and replacement parts are available should an accident occur.

Although the T-Series ranks among the most popular for multi-family settings, there are various PGS Grill lines available for wide-reaching purposes. If you are considering a multi-family development or need to upgrade an existing one, consider the space, residential need, and select the best PGS Grill to upgrade your common areas.

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