Electric Vs Natural Gas Vs Propane For Outdoor Patio Heating

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A quality outdoor living space is an amazing addition to any home. When you have a nice outdoor living and entertaining space, it can make your entire home seem larger as you will have a great place to enjoy a nice meal outside or to simply relax. While an outdoor patio or deck is a great addition to any home, most people will find that there are times of the year in which the cold temperatures make it a challenge to be outside. Fortunately, through the use of an outdoor patio heater, you can enjoy your outdoor living space while also being warm and comfortable.

If you have an outdoor living space, getting a patio heater would be a great addition and investment. However, you will find that there are a variety of different heaters that you could choose from. These can include outdoor electric radiant heaters, propane patio heaters, and natural gas patio heaters. It is essential to understand the features and amenities of each of these heaters to determine which option is best for your outdoor living and entertaining space.

Natural Gas Heaters

For those that are looking for a lot of flexibility in the heat provided by their heater, an outdoor natural gas heater is a great option. These heaters will be connected to your natural gas line, and they will be permanently located and installed. The natural gas heaters will provide someone with a variety of benefits once they are installed.

Variety of Heating Options

The natural gas heaters will be connected to your natural gas line, which means they cannot be moved around once installed. However, they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and can be installed at a variety of different angles, which may allow for some adjustment. This, plus the strong heat that the natural gas heaters can provide, can maximize the space that is covered by just one heater.

Energy Convenience

Once you have had the natural gas heater installed, they are very convenient to use. These heaters will connect to your home's natural gas line, which means you do not have to run out to refill a fuel tank. However, not all homes come with built-in gas lines to their outdoor living space, so you may need to have that connection installed first.

Ideal Situations

An outdoor natural gas heater can be a great option for someone that has a natural gas line installed and a permanent layout plan for their outdoor living space. The high-heat that these heaters can provide can keep many people comfortable, even from a distance.

Outdoor Electric Heaters

The first option to consider is an outdoor electric radiator heater. These electric radiant heaters are different from some of the other options because they operate off of electricity as opposed to gas or fuel. Most homes are already equipped to install one of these heaters as they can be plugged into any outdoor-grounded outlet. There are several advantages of these heaters that should be considered.


One of the advantages of an electric heater is that they are very convenient to own. Once the heater is installed, it is very easy to use the heater and keep it powered. As opposed to having to refill propane or other fuel tanks, you will always have the energy to power your electric heater as it plugs directly into your home's outlets.

Variety of Options and Sizes

Electric heaters come with a box shape, and there are a variety of options when it comes to heater sizes. The size of the heater that you choose will be based on the space that you want to have heated and your desired temperature. This ensures that anyone will be able to find a heater that is right for their outdoor space.

Environmental Benefits

Additionally, many people opt for electric heaters because they provide some environmental benefits. There are eco-friendly electric heaters that will use much less energy and fuel than some of the alternative heating options. These can lead to a reduction in energy bills.

Ideal Situations for Outdoor Electric Heaters

Overall, an electric outdoor heater is ideal for someone that would like to place one in a permanent location. An electric heater will always be installed in a permanent place, which is often mounted overhead when on a wall or eave of a building. This makes it ideal if you have a pre-planned outdoor space, which will include the location of your dining and seating location.

Portable Propane Heater

Portable propane heaters are also an excellent option for your outdoor living space. These heaters come with a built-in connection for a standard propane tank. Most of the time, these heaters are mushroom-shaped and are well known for the strong heat that they provide. These heaters offer a variety of advantages to their users.


The main advantage of portable LP heaters is their portability. These portable heaters come with a space to connect and house a standard propane tank. They also have wheels, which make them easy to move around from one location to the next. This makes it easy to heat certain parts of your outdoor living space based on each event and the attendance.

360-Degree Heat

Due to the ability to reposition the portable heater anywhere you want and the mushroom shape, the portable heaters are the only ones that provide you with a 360-degree heating radius. This will allow you to heat a greater number of people in one location than a heater that is a permanent fixture to a wall. You can also easily move the heater around to different locations based on who wants to receive the direct heat.

Ideal Situations for a Portable Heater

There are a variety of situations when an outdoor portable heater is ideal. If you have an outdoor living space that you would like to use a number of different ways and with different space alignments, you will want to make sure that you can move your heating source around. The portability of the heaters is also ideal for someone that wants to be able to move the heater and store it in another location when it is not in use.

While there are plenty of options to choose from when looking for an outdoor heater for your living space, you can be assured that you will be getting a quality product no matter what you choose. All of these patio heaters are made with the highest-quality parts and to very high standards. They are each straightforward to learn to use, safe, and good for the environment and are efficient. Anyone can also find a patio heater that is right for their decor and style. There are many different colors and finishes for someone to choose from, which allows the heaters to fit into anyone's outdoor style.

Ultimately, each of the heaters will provide you and your guests with a great overall experience, which will include allowing you to stay warm and comfortable even when it is cold outside. Each of the patio heaters provides you with the ability to set a specific temperature, which will allow you to create the ideal living space to entertain. This will ensure that you can spend as many nights as possible outside relaxing or entertaining your guests. Due to this, no matter what outdoor patio heater you choose, you will be happy with the comfort and amenities that it provides to you.

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