Fend off June Gloom with Outdoor Space Heaters

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Let’s not kid ourselves, here in (normally) sunny Southern California, the month of June isn’t always the most summery of the summer months. At this time of the year, we’re really just beginning to shrug off the rainy springtime leftovers. Admit it, most of us fall into this trap every year. We get excited, clean up the grill, wipe down the Tiki bar and start making invitations only get caught in the chilly fog and drizzle.

Fortunately, we don’t live in the stone age anymore. We don’t need to let a minor weather inconvenience get us down. With a few outdoor heating appliances- perhaps an outdoor space heater, or portable outdoor gas heater- we can give mother nature a little bit of help until summer is in full swing.

Fend off June Gloom with Outdoor Space Heaters

Outdoor space heaters are the perfect solution to imperfect weather during this unpredictable season. They are a great way to make your residential patio, apartment pool area, community clubhouse, hotel valet waiting area, restaurant outdoor seating, brewery patio, or other space more fun and inviting for everyone.

Factors such as the size of a given outdoor area and the number of guests you’re expecting will determine the type and number of outdoor space heaters you’ll need to provide warmth to your guests. Don’t cancel events, enhance them with our selection of outdoor heating appliances. There’s one for every setting and occasion.

Three Fuel Types for Outdoor Space Heaters

The technology that goes into modern space heaters offers a great deal of flexibility. You can choose from three different fuel types depending on your needs and preference.


Propane mushroom heaters, the kind that you often see at outdoor restaurant patios, tend to be one of the most portable outdoor gas heater types. These can be placed just about anywhere due to their unique shape and because they feature an internal, self-contained fuel tank. The internal propane tank is easily accessible and easy to change. This popular form of outdoor space heater requires no power cord or fuel line connection and is compact, making them ideal for busy outdoor settings with a lot of traffic and activity.

Because these heaters are portable, they can be arranged for maximum effect, and they can be stored for safety and to promote the long life of the heater.

Natural Gas

Residential heaters powered by natural gas come in a variety of forms due to the special properties of natural gas which make it very flexible to use. Natural gas can be used to power mushroom heaters or box type heaters. A natural gas outdoor patio heater is exceedingly easy to use. This is because they are permanently connected to your natural gas line. This means you can simply open the valve and light your heater. Natural gas is also more affordable than other fuel types, and produce less soot than almost any other combustible fuel.

Natural gas heaters have the advantage of being easy for almost anyone to use.

Electric Power

Electric infrared patio heaters come with a number of advantages that you don’t get with gas-powered heaters. Electric heaters are easy to operate since they are wired directly into the electrical power system by a professional. You have a wide range of control options available to you such as the on/off switch, duplex switches, input regulators, management systems, and more.

Infrared heaters deliver instant, gentle heat, and operate in perfect silence. They are also the cleanest option, making them ideal for indoor use. They require the least amount of maintenance and come in a range of design styles to suit a more elegant space.

Two Heater Types to Suit Your Needs

Every crowd and every setting is different. Depending on the activities on offer, the shape and size of the space to be heated, and the expectations of your guests- different heater shapes are available. The two basic kinds are mushroom heaters and box heaters. There are different models in each category which you will want to consider when equipping your outdoor space.

Mushroom Heaters

Mushroom heaters can be mounted to the floor, hung overhead, or have a portable base. They emit heat in a 360° circle. Ideally, you want to place a mushroom heater in the center of the area that you want to be heated. To place multiple heaters, it is best to consult your user’s manual.

Box Heaters

Box heaters can be wall-mounted or hung overhead. They deliver a heating arc in the direction they are pointing toward. This enables you to provide directed heat to specific areas exactly where you want it. They are great for offering directed warmth to an exact point in the room. For optimal placement of one or more heaters, see the manual.

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