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By the time most people own a home and select their first outdoor barbecue, they’ve seen more than a few low-end models unevenly cook and char burgers and hotdogs. Plenty of us bought a cheap charcoal grill on sale at a Big Box retail outlet only to be disappointed. The facts are that you usually get what you pay for, and inexpensive foreign-made products are typically unreliable.

So, let’s face more facts and consider that you want a Made in USA propane or natural gas grill that delivers a substantial return on investment. But more importantly, you want a high-quality outdoor barbecue that matches your enthusiasm for perfectly grilled meals. These are reasons homeowners overwhelmingly choose a PGS natural gas or portable propane grill for their patio or outdoor living area. Two of the hot-trending models are the A-30 and A-40. These are things to consider about upgrading to a high-quality A-Series PGS Grill by AEI Corp.

What Homeowners Need to Know About the A-30 & A-40 Grill

The A-30 and A-40 outdoor barbecue grill models come in two sub-types, based on their fuel type. These are A-30LP, A-30NG A-40LP, and A-40NG. You may have surmised that the accompanying letters stand for liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG). It’s essential to note that LP and NG fuel sources are both considered environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Using charcoal and lighter fluids, are not. Before discussing how either fuel source will impact your choice, let's cover what they deliver to grilling enthusiasts.

  • Heat Disbursement: A-30 provides 30,000 BTUs of even heat disbursement while the A-40 provides 40,000 BTUs.
  • Primary Cooking Surface: The A-30 offers 330 square inches of main cooking area while the A-40 expands that to 434 square inches.
  • Side Shelves: The A-30 comes with one side stainless steel shelf. The A-40 comes with one on each side.
  • Warming Racks: Both come with standard warming racks. The A-30 offers a 121-square-inch rack. The A-40 is larger, at 178 square inches.
  • Grates: Both are made with stainless steel cooking grates and warming racks.
  • Castings: Both models are made with heavy-duty cast aluminum lids and basins.
  • Briquettes: Both the A-30 and A-40 utilize advanced “Moon Rok” briquettes to maximize even heat disbursement and minimize flare-ups.

Burners: Both models enjoy 430-grade stainless steel “H” shaped burners.


  • Mounting Options: Both the A-30 and A-40 can be mounted on grill carts, fixed pedestals, or installed directly into a countertop to create a complete outdoor cooking area.
  • Ignition: These PGS Grills come with matchless ignition for improved safety.
  • Warranties: PGS Grills come with comprehensive warranties.
  • Parts: Replacement parts are available for all PGS Grills.

When selecting between the popular A-30 and A-40 models, homeowners must first consider whether they have an existing line to power a natural gas grill or prefer to work with a portable propane grill. Whenever natural gas is used, homeowners must secure the model in place for safety. Using natural gas as your fuel source eliminates portable cart mounting options with wheels. However, some residential property owners do secure carts directly to their patios.

The value of selecting an A-30 or A-40 LP unit is that the fuel tanks can be housed right in the bottom of a movable cart or wide-based pedestal mount. Swapping out LP tanks is relatively simple, and they are readily available at gas stations, supermarkets, and other retailers. And while the cost difference between LP and NG is nominal, how get-togethers are organized in your backyard will be impacted by the outdoor barbecue grill you select.

Family Cookouts & A-Series Outdoor Barbecue Grills

There’s little doubt that both the A-30 and A-40 can deliver robust flavor when preparing traditional outdoor barbecue comfort foods such as burgers, hotdogs, sausage, and corn on the cob, among others. Because high-quality PGS Grills provide backyard chefs with even heat disbursement control, veggies, and plant-based burgers and hotdogs, among others, can be prepared with the same excellence as their meat counterparts. If you are interested in expanding your grilling menu, the AEI Corp website offers delicious and nutritious recipes for patio grill chefs. Getting back to the point about LP or NG influencing family gatherings, these are facts to consider.

  • Patio Grill Placement: Grilling on a patio connected to the home offers substantial benefits. It typically helps extend the season because you can grill outdoors and dine inside. Other options include using an infrared patio heater to provide warming comfort. A fixed natural gas grill can connect into existing lines and never require tank replacement. On the other hand, it limits where grilling will occur.
  • Portable Propane Grill: Using a cart with wheels offers significant get-together flexibility. The ability to move that grill to any point in your yard or poolside tends to make small gatherings more intimate. That’s largely because friends and family members can enjoy hot-off-the-grill foods without having to walk to the patio. This benefit holds true of birthday parties and graduations that may require the use of your entire lawn and other outdoor spaces.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: It’s not uncommon for backyard chefs to select an A-Series PGS Grill and fix it into a countertop. This makes the model the central point in an outdoor kitchen. The good news about PGS Grills is that they can leverage either LP or NG. This flexibility allows homeowners to tie into an existing NG line or create an outdoor living space far away from your house. Placing an outdoor kitchen and dining space away from distractions and the everyday life inside the home offers highly desirable peace of mind.

PGS Grills are an industry leader, and the A-Series outdoor barbecue is widely popular among homeowners for good reason. The ability to use existing NG lines or mobile LP options gives backyard chefs choices to position grills in the best possible place. At the end of the day, A-Series models deliver precisely what grill aficionados want. A high-quality outdoor barbecue grill to prepare delicious meals for family and friends. If any doubt remains that A-Series grills will deliver on that promise, feel free to fact-check at the AEI Corp website.

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