Get the Most From Coastal Weather with Outdoor Heaters

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If you own property in a beautiful coastal area, you know how magnificent the sun can be rising or setting on the water, its rays streaking across the rippling water as colors burst on the horizon. Coastal homes and businesses take advantage of the gorgeous views and exceptional beauty of these seaside locations. If you are fortunate enough to own seafront property in an area where the weather is warm or temperate for most of the year, like Florida and California, you definitely know what we are talking about.

Many coastal property owners have built or chosen structures that are oriented toward the coast to get the most out of the view. This makes enjoying outdoor areas even better, and if that describes you, then chances are you want to make the most out of your outdoor patios, porches, decks, and other outdoor living areas.

Even if you are fortunate enough to live in an area with world-class weather, there will come a time of year when it's just a bit too cold to stay out, no matter how much you want to. But we have good news. With an eco-friendly outdoor patio propane heater, natural gas heaters, or electric heaters, you can extend your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces well into the chilly season.

Watch the stars, barbecue, or entertain friends and family longer with safe, reliable, and powerful outdoor natural gas heaters.

The weather along the coasts is always going to be more moderate than inland weather. This is because the ocean acts as an enormous heat sink, making summers cooler and winters warmer compared to inland areas. Because of this, homeowners can get more use out of their patios and patrons can take advantage of restaurant patio spaces any time during the day except for winter, unless you use an outdoor patio heater.

Prolong Your Enjoyment of Coastal Weather with Outdoor Infrared Heaters from AEI

There are many reasons why an outdoor infrared heater can enhance a coastal property. Let's look at a few common ways this is the case.

Easing Complex Extended Family Dynamics

Most people consider a coastal property to be within a stone's throw of the water, but technically speaking, even locations within a few miles of the beach are considered coastal properties. What's more, any coastal property can benefit from an outdoor infrared heater to prolong the warm season.

The owners of any coastal property will know that their friends and family love to visit their seaside location. In fact, those who own coastal property that is not right on the water will sometimes get more visitors than those who are right on the beach. Why? It's a simple matter of social psychology. When your home and the beach are separate locations it gives visitors who come from far away a second activity and an alternative yet familiar place to go. This flexibility can help ease tensions that can sometimes arise in family get-togethers.

This makes an outdoor or portable lp heater even more valuable. With in-laws or wedding guests milling in and out of the house, a warm patio can expand the usable living space, giving everyone more elbow room.

Enhancing Commercial Property

People have always been attracted to waterfront property, whether it's a river, lake, or oceanfront location. Landlords who own rental property understand this well. Restaurant owners who secure a location on or near the water have a much better chance of success than those who don't. In either case, offering your guests a comfortable outdoor recreation area with the addition of an outdoor inferred heater not only boosts their curb appeal but can also accommodate more guests and patrons.

With the right location and a sunset-facing patio area, restaurant owners can turn an ordinary seaside eatery into a mecca for romance. Creating a space for your patrons to enjoy sunsets while dining outdoors is a sure way to put your restaurant's popularity over the top. How much better to add outdoor heat to make their experience that much more comfortable? With an outdoor infrared heater from AEI and a sunset-facing patio, you can turn ordinary patio dining into a 5-star experience.

Extend the Temperate Seasons

When you boil it down to its essence, outdoor infrared patio heaters do one thing exceedingly well: helping you to get more out of beautiful weather. In the final analysis, we judge the weather not by the way it looks, but by the way it feels. When you are comfortable, any weather is beautiful. That is why reading a book in a bay window is just as nice as a stroll on a sunny day.

Just as that bay window can turn a rainstorm into an enjoyable backdrop for a good book, an outdoor heater powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity can turn the tip of winter into the new end of summer. You can extend your outdoor grilling activities, stargaze longer, cozy up with a special someone, and just get more out of the beautiful weather!

All of this and more are possible with infrared outdoor heaters from AEI.

The Best Infrared Heaters for Patios on the Coast

The AEI Corporation carries only the finest infrared heaters designed and manufactured by the world's best heating technology providers. Take a quick look at our outdoor heater inventory by four of the world's leading manufacturers.


Efficient, powerful, and compact, Infratech eco-friendly electric heaters install almost anywhere, high, or sunk into exterior walls to heat you and your guests conveniently while never getting in the way.


Sunpak heaters deliver compact heating power with a dazzling array of features and control options. Their infrared box heaters can be powered by natural gas or liquid propane.

Patio Comfort

This company is an icon in the mushroom-shaped restaurant patio heater niche. Running on natural gas or propane, these outdoor heaters are ideal for a range of uses and locations.


A leader in style and engineering in the patio heater market since 1967, Sunglo heaters are powerful, efficient, and elegant. The design and mounting options they have come up with in recent years have kept their competitors on their toes.

Natural Gas VS Liquid Propane & Electric

Finally, we need to consider the differences between these three primary power sources for outdoor patio heaters. First, LP, NG, and electricity are equally powerful and affordable to use. The most important difference is how they are delivered.

Natural Gas

NG fuel is piped in via a ground line provided by your local utility company. This means NG-powered heaters are not portable and must be kept in a permanent position. The advantage is there will always be fuel available at the turn of a knob.

Liquid Propane

LP fuel comes in portable tanks that must be replaced and must be carried on board with the heater mounting system. This means an LP heater can be very portable. They are a good choice for filling in cold spots between NG-powered heaters.


Like NG heaters, electric heaters must remain in a fixed position as they need to be connected to the electric grid of the building. They have the advantage of a greater array of control options and settings due to the more extensive integration of the electronic interface.

Start by selecting the outdoor infrared heater that suits you best. Then expand your heater collection with different fuel-type heaters to create the ultimate, cold-weather outdoor living space.

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