Grill Like a Chef with these PGS Accessories & Built-In Options

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Did you ever think, "I could really make some top-notch grill recipes if I only had this feature on my patio grill!" When looking for a new grill or researching new BBQ recipes online, having a more versatile patio grill with enough features to create exciting new recipes is a big plus.

It can be frustrating to shop for outdoor BBQ grills with your specific needs in mind, and then become disappointed that none of the grills on sale this season have exactly what you're looking for. After all, everyone knows that outdoor grilling is one of the best things about summer.

Grill models don't seem to have many options to add features or upgrade them for more functionality. There just don't seem to be a lot of options when it comes to patio grill upgrades from most manufacturers. If you're looking to upgrade to a new and sleek outdoor grill model, but you're only seeing a lot of unsatisfying generic options, then you're not looking in the right place.

The choice is clear.

PGS grills from AEI Corporation are the best high-quality grills made for commercial and large communal area grilling. That's because PGS has over 40 years of experience making the easiest-to-operate, safe, and functionally elegant line of outdoor grills to give you the best in durability, flexibility, and performance. You will be thrilled with the capability to create truly stellar meals with your PGS grill. Create the outdoor grilling station that you've dreamed of.

Add Upgrades Seamlessly with PGS Grills

What makes PGS grills the best choice for you to use for grilling?

Primarily, PGS grills offer easy-to-add upgrades from the original manufacturer that are designed to work perfectly with your PGS grill. PGS has grills just like the pros use. You get the restaurant-quality meals you love, but can serve them at home for a beautiful, successful grilling experience every time you cook. You will love concocting unique new grill recipes and your guests will love the results when joining you for your home-grilled meals.

And there are a lot of options and upgrades to choose from. Here are the options you can add to your PGS grill.

PGS Grill Options and Add-Ons

Take a look at all of these built-in options and grill accessories from PGS!

PGS Lift-Assist Handle

Our PGS Legacy grills have the option for a built-in lift-assist grill handle to ease opening the grill hood for anyone that needs a bit of assistance. Whether you have a disability or just need a little boost when you open the grill hood, the Lift-Assist Handle can be built in to help you. Even if you already own a PGS Legacy grill but don't have this feature, you can add it.

Emergency Gas Shut Off with Timer

Safety around the grill is always a priority. That's why this Emergency Gas Shut-Off Timer is such a great add-on.

Now you don't have to worry about whether you remembered to shut off your grill's gas connection after use. If you do forget, you have the peace of mind knowing that the grill will shut itself off with this feature. This shut-off built-in safety feature gives you control by shutting down the main gas feed line to your outdoor appliances like your grill, outdoor heater, and firepit. You can add more control by restricting hours that anyone can use the patio grill like shutting it down from 10 pm to 9 am for instance, although this feature is more common in multi-family residences.

PGS Stainless Chip Steam Tray

Easily add extra flavor to your food when you use the PGS Chip Steam Tray when grilling. The tray is made from high-quality stainless steel and you can add flavors like hickory, maple or mesquite by smoking wood chips when you place the chip tray on top of your cooking grids.

Adjustable Legs for Multiple Size Requirements

PGS grills come with adjustable legs for maximum grilling comfort. No need to bend over for hours or stand on a step stool to reach your grill surface. Instead, adjust the height of your grill so that you can comfortably stand and cook for however long it takes to get everything ready.

Small and Large Stainless Steel Beverage Center

Both the small and large Stainless Steel Beverage Centers come ready for masonry installation. Add ice to keep beverages and other cold food items chilled so that they'll stay cold during your party or event.

Exclusive BBQ Island by Gensun®

This versatile BBQ Kitchen Island is prefabricated by Gensun® exclusively for PGS grills. Speed up your outdoor kitchen installation with this add-on. Instead of waiting weeks or months for construction to finish, this BBQ island can cut down your installation time to days.

Professional Access Doors and Storage Drawers

Add any or all of these storage spaces to your outdoor kitchen grill island for a professional-level workspace. Store kitchen tools including pots and pans, utensils, plates and cutlery, and kitchen towels and hot mitts. You can have everything you need to grill up and serve your masterpiece conveniently on hand at your grilling station.

PGS Double Side Burners

There's no need to cook part of your meal indoors in the kitchen and the rest on your patio grill. With PGS Double Side Burners, you can pan fry, boil, stir fry, or heat up meal accompaniments like veggies and sauces right next to your grill. This makes coordinating your meal so much more convenient, and timing it to be ready at the same time a breeze. Make soup, stew, stir fried veggies, corn, or anything you can think of to make the meal truly a chef's presentation.

Infrared Rotisserie Burner

Add one of these grills with infrared rotisserie burners mounted on a built-in masonry enclosure or a stainless steel portable cart. Slowly cook meats on the rotisserie burner for delicious and succulent results. The infrared burner puts heat right where it's needed efficiently without waste. Select the size rotisserie that best meets your grilling needs for your patio kitchen.

Professional-Level Kitchen with Patio Grill Upgrades

Personalize your outdoor patio kitchen and commercial residential space with the PGS T-Series or Legacy Series Grill Collection. PGS grills are designed and built to endure frequent use throughout the warm weather season. Invite friends and family to your backyard patio to wow them with your culinary skills. Enjoy delicious foods made on your grill island from cold salads to soups to meats on skewers for special events, holidays, or just because you feel like grilling. Having excellent-quality upgrades available in a one-stop-shop scenario when you shop for your new PGS grill makes the buying and grilling experience so much more enjoyable.

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