Grill Safely With the Compact All Stainless Steel S27T

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If you’re looking for the ultimate grilling experience this summer, and summers beyond, but you don’t have the space for a full-sized grill, there are still some exciting options available. The S27T Stainless steel T-Series grill is our smallest all-stainless steel T-Series grill. It is loaded with safety features and marvelously compact. It is a great fit for any commercial setting such as apartments and condos. But it is also an excellent choice for home use in cases where patio space is limited.

The S27T was conceived and designed specifically for property managers who have had trouble with tenants and guests leaving the community grills running all night, wasting fuel, and creating a fire hazard. But the S27T is great for more than just safety in commercial use.

S27T Stainless Steel T-Series Outdoor Propane Grill

Arguably the most exciting thing about the S27T is its all-stainless steel look and feel. There are larger and more capable patio grills on the market, but few have that wonderful chromed appearance inside and out, front and back. But the S27T stainless steel bbq grill offers far more than beauty.


  • Safety Shut off Timer: The 60-min gas flow shut-off timer included on all our T-Series grills ensures that the gas will cease to flow after 60 consecutive minutes of non-use. It is probably the single most sought-after grill feature in a commercial setting. Outdoor grills can be left on by anyone, even responsible users. This important safety feature ensures that whether by negligence, malice, or common distraction, the grill will shut off after one hour.
  • Laser Etched Instruction Panel: The laser-etched instructions not only look better than painted-on instructions, but they will never fade. Many first-time users buy a grill in spring, learn to use it, and store it away for the cold season only to find that they need to relearn how to use it- but the instructions are missing. This will never happen with the S27T patio grill.
  • High Power-To Grill Ratio: With 45,000 BTUs of cooking power behind its 540 square inches of cooking surface, you can be sure that this little grill has what it takes to get the job done.
  • PGS FlipGrate: Get easy access for cleaning and maintenance with the 304 stainless steel grate.
  • Anti-Theft Knobs: Theft and vandalism are always a risk in commercial and public settings. But our anti-theft knobs eliminate one of the most common problems associated with having grills in public spaces.
  • Side-Mounted Heat Indicator: You’ll always know precisely how hot the grill is inside and outside with the heat indicator mounted on the right side. This is a nice touch for precision grilling, but it’s also a useful safety feature.
  • Battery-Powered Electronic Ignition: Our problem-free ignition system has been specially engineered to remove the weaknesses of this common failure point on gas-powered grills. On most grills, all it takes is a small amount of corrosion inside the delicate starter mechanism to stop it from lighting. Our T-Series grills light every time with the push of a button.
  • Optional Warming Rack: This add-on comes highly recommended, especially if you’re going to be cooking for more than two people. It’s a valuable convenience item that every seasoned outdoor chef needs.
  • Unbeatable Warranty & Service: With our one-year parts replacement warranty, you’ll have the coverage you need. Use our website to search for OEM grill parts and keep your grill running strong for many years.

Propane vs Natural Gas

When you choose the T-Series S27T stainless steel bbq grill, you know it will fit well in any setting. But the next thing to consider is whether you will power it with natural gas or propane. Both fuel types are convenient, powerful, affordable, and clean-burning. But they are delivered in different ways and have different availability profiles which will affect your mounting and use options. The S27T comes in propane and natural gas models

The Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas grills are a great choice if natural gas is readily available in your area and you have hookups where you plan to install your grill. Alternatively, you can have a contractor install natural gas hookups where you plan to use your grill. The main benefit is that you never have to swap out or refill a fuel tank. You will enjoy some extra storage space where the fuel tank would be. If you have the option to use a connection hose, some limited portability may be available. But natural gas-powered grills are generally best for permanent, fixed installation in a grill-top counter, or on a sturdy space-saving pedestal.

The Benefits of Propane

Propane grills are your only option if you don’t have access to natural gas hookups, but propane also has some valuable benefits. If you want your grill to be portable, propane is ideal. Propane grills can be highly portable since the propane tank is housed under the grill. They can be moved around with wheel attachments when not in use. This gives you some flexibility in your patio layout. It also makes it easy to store your grill for the winter. If you prefer a permanent, fixed grill installation, propane grills can fill this role as well in a grill top counter or pedestal installation. This is a good option if you want the security of a permanent installation and don’t have natural gas connections at your location.

Outdoor Propane Grill Mounting Options

The S27T can be mounted in any way you prefer. It can be placed on an outdoor countertop. It can also be built into a countertop, allowing you to create a permanent grilling station. You will need to verify that the dimensions of the grill will fit into your outdoor countertop. Outdoor countertops look sharp and raise your property value when you install a new one. They are highly customizable and can incorporate any features you want.

If you don’t have space for an entire grill countertop, consider a prefabricated grill island. A grill island can give the same effect as a full countertop but is better suited to areas with limited space. Your prefabricated grill island will be made to fit the grill and includes grill storage and countertop space.

Finally, you can mount your S27T on a grill cart. Patio spaces can be high-traffic areas, especially during the summer. Grill carts an excellent way to save floor space and retain some flexibility in your patio layout. They come with grill storage and one or two stainless steel side shelves. Propane versions sacrifice some storage to make room for the fuel tank, but they can be moved around with wheels since the fuel tank is self-contained.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable and space-saving grilling option for your home patio, or you want to outfit a community space with grilling capability, the S27T is an excellent choice. It is perfect for small spaces, or for creating a serious communal grilling facility for tenants and guests with multiple S27T grills. Plus, with its completely stainless steel interior and exterior, it is one of the best-looking and most durable grills on the market.

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