Grill Shut-Off Timers Promote Safety and Convenience

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What happens when someone wanders away from a grill and leaves the gas running? At best it’s a waste of gas. At worst it’s a dangerous situation. That’s why a grill timer is a standard feature on all PGS T-Series commercial grills and is available as an add-on to all other PGS grills.

Gas Shut-Off Grill Timers

Sometimes they’re called shut-off grill timers, sometimes fuel safety shutoffs, and sometimes automatic shut-off valves. In a PGS grill, it’s a FuelStop®. It automatically shuts off the gas flow and thus turns off the grill when the gas has been running for an hour. There’s no need to worry about whether you or a guest remembered to turn the valve and make the gas stop flowing. The grill does it for you. There will never be a situation where the gas keeps on running, pumping dollars out into the air. There won’t be an unattended flame going or a hazardous build-up of gas if the fire is out.

The gas flow shut-off timer is a dial that can be set for up to 60 minutes. If you need to cook for longer than that, just twist the dial back up at any time.

The shut-off timer is an especially popular feature among property managers at apartments and condos, where many people use the natural gas grill and not all of them exercise the caution they should. There’s no need for anyone to go around day and night to make sure the grills have all been shut off. If a forgetful resident fails to turn off the gas, the shutoff timer will do it for them.

A cookout should be fun, not a time when you worry about who's going to do the critical job of shutting the cooker off. With a shut-off timer, you can put your mind at ease.

With PGS T-Series commercial grills the gas flow shut-off timer is built right into the control panel. It’s easy to reset if the chef needs more time, and it won’t let the fuel keep running if they walk away. Backyard cookout artists with PGS residential grills can add the shut-off timer as an accessory.

Other Grill Accessories

Few home appliances bring as much happiness to their owners as outdoor barbecue grills. There’s nothing in the world like good friends and good eats, and an outdoor grill attracts the one to enjoy the other. The cookout evening is seamless with a first-rate grill that has all the versatility a chef can ask for.

Sure, just grilling and flipping a few burgers and steaks is a satisfying way to please a hungry crowd, but a well-accessorized grill can do so much more. The variety of meals that can be served is limited only by the imagination of the person holding the spatula, tongs, or another grilling tool. Vegetables such as asparagus, squash and potatoes, kabobs and stir-fries, even desserts can be delivered from the usefully accessorized home grill.

To create the best meals, you need the right tools. PGS natural gas grills offer a wide range of accessories to customize your grilling experience and make your backyard dinners the ones everyone wants an invitation to.

You’ll never regret an investment in high-quality grill tools that do exactly what you want and last a long time. These include brushes, tongs, and spatulas that work just as hard as you do.

There’s no need to cook the meat outdoors but run inside for the vegetables. Side burners let you cook stovetop dishes without a trip back into the house. Side shelves and storage drawers give you plenty of room to spread out vittles and stash tools. “Moon Rok” briquettes retain heat and distribute it evenly to avoid hot spots. And when the cooking is done, a grill cover keeps your investment safe from the elements.

Then there are a few extra-special accessories to take your cooking experience to the next level.

Lift-Assist Grill Handle

Lifting the lid of the grill is no problem – for most backyard chefs most of the time. But what if you’re standing to one side and have to reach over the grill to open or close it? What about the chef with their arm in a sling, or one working from a wheelchair? That’s where the lift-assist grill handle is an accessory that makes life easier.

PGS lift-assist handles are specifically designed to fit PGS grills. The handle lies alongside the grill cover and has a padded grip on the end. All you have to do is grab it and give it an easy twist. Unlike the primary handle, it doesn’t fly up with the grill over but remains within easy reach until the grill cover is all the way open.

You don’t have to be injured to appreciate this accessory. There are other things to think about when you’re grilling, and it’s nice to open and close the cover with little effort and without reaching over the hot surface.

Infrared Rotisserie Burner

If you want to expand your outdoor cooking repertoire, one of the best ways is to add infrared heat. Most grilling is done with flame heat. The flames burn and the food cooks. With an infrared rotisserie burner, the infrared technology produces a more intense heat that can be tightly controlled.

Infrared heats up quickly, sears rapidly, and is ideal for thicker cuts. With the meat steadily turning on the rotisserie, you can slow cook roasts, whole chickens, veggie baskets, and more. Infrared rotisseries are more efficient than flame burners and cut down on the amount of gas used.

Most chefs who add infrared rotisserie burners find that they use both radiant and flame heat depending on the occasion. You can even offer your visitors a choice of rotisserie chicken or grilled burgers.

Grill Island

There are a number of mounting options for a grill, from placing it in a grill cart on wheels to custom-building an outdoor countertop. If you don’t have room for a built-in patio grill, you can enjoy similar versatility with a grill island.

PGS offers prefabricated grill islands in collaboration with Gensun. With an island, you’re preparing your meals in a roomy area that’s designed for just that purpose. There are side shelves and generous storage underneath in the form of cabinets and drawers. There’s an abundance of storage and prep space so that you can do all the chopping, cooking, and plating right there at an outdoor propane grill.

A Complete Grilling Solution

PGS grills by AEI Corporation are backed by over 40 years of experience from the pioneer in the grilling industry. Their commercial grills are used by restaurants, apartments, condos, and golf and sailing clubs throughout the world.

They offer a cooking experience that helps every grillmaster reach their potential. And with FuelStop®, you never need to worry that the gas will keep running when the cooking is done.

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