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Grilling All Season

Grilling is about more than just the food you prepare. Grilling is an outdoor experience to be shared with family and friends. From sizzling steaks to burgers and brats, when you have the right grill you can sear, prepare, and savor any food. While you're creating memories and cooking great food, it's important to know grilling can actually offer up several health benefits as well!

Below we have listed some health benefits of cooking on a grill versus cooking on the stove or oven.

You Eat Less Fat

When you grill, the excess fat drips off the grates. Compare cooking a burger in a pan, stove-top, to grilling it. In the pan, the fat that is cooked off has nowhere to go and may be reabsorbed into the meat. On the grill, the fat cooks off the grates.

Grilled Vegetables Are Healthier

Vegetables retain more of their minerals and vitamins when they are grilled. Vegetables with lower water content especially benefit from being grilled rather than those cooked on a stove or boiled. As a general rule of thumb, vegetables that have been tossed on the grill are usually in season and thus are a step above their canned counterparts. It is more nutritious to grill your vegetables on top of your grill (with or without tin foil) than frying or boiling them.

Meat Retains Nutrients

Grilling meat over the fire helps to preserve more riboflavin and thiamine within the meat. Thiamine is vitamin B1 which helps our bodies use carbohydrates as energy and it plays an extremely important role in glucose metabolism.

Marinating Your Meats

Marinades are a natural part of the grilling process. Luckily for us, marinating meats does not just improve the taste of the meal, but it may also improve your health. When meat is grilled at high temperatures there are concerns of cancer-causing chemicals leaking into the meat.

When you marinate the meat, however, is believed to help eliminate these chemicals by up to 99%.

Grills Bring Us Out Together

The act of cooking and grilling outdoors is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Our outdoor grills are innovative, easy to install, and can be placed within an island. This Fall we encourage each and every family to spend time with one another outdoors and hope that their grilling season is just beginning.

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