Grills for Resorts Enhance Luxury Experience, ROI

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Decision-makers in the hospitality industry are tasked with delivering an enjoyable experience to guests while improving the business’ bottom line. In many respects, the same holds true for apartment complex and condo association managers. You have to find cost-effective ways to make the facility more attractive to guests in a way that doesn’t add to overhead and labor. Gas grills for resorts and even small BBQ grills for apartments can accomplish precisely those goals. If you are interested in improving guest and community members’ experience in a way that positively impacts profitability, these are reasons to consider investing in permanent gas grills.

Benefits of Gas Grills for Resorts and Hotels

People in the hospitality industry are usually in a perpetual competitive state with other hotels and resorts to provide the most attractive amenities. Even a cursory look at a website shows that each business is proactive about promoting the type of pool, restaurants, Wi-Fi, Jacuzzi, fitness center, and special events. All of these items are designed to persuade travelers and vacationers to choose your resort or hotel over others.

Built-in gas grills are a unique amenity that competitors may be overlooking in their offerings. High-quality models such as PGS Legacy BBQ grills offer guests the choice of dining in a restaurant or stretching their legs and interacting informally in an outdoor space such as the pool area. It’s important to keep in mind that vacationing families often want an alternative experience to the sit-down meal. They have invested their hard-earned salary in your hotel or resort to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect.

Built-in gas grills allow them the leisure space to be together and enjoy a delicious family-cooked meal away from home. Hotel and resort decision-makers who offer a wide range of amenities gain a competitive edge that will show up in online customer reviews and allow you to charge a premium for stays. By installing gas grill with shut off timers, managers won’t need to concern themselves with natural gas or propane waste. The little effort it takes to install a commercial-grade product such as the Legacy BBQ grill will provide years of return on investment (ROI).

Value of Small BBQ Grills for Apartments

Apartment complexes, condos, and homeowner associations are not unlike resorts and hotels when it comes to the added value gas grills can deliver. Residents understand that rents and HOA fees are part and parcel of living in a safe, community setting. Expectations about fitness centers, pools, and other amenities have almost become standard practice. But a pedestal BBQ with a lid such as the A-series or T-series grills transform a common area from a passive to active space.

Strategically placed small BBQ grills for apartments, condos, and associations allow residents to gather and cook healthy meals outdoors. There’s something special about getting together in the fresh air while children play, and adults reconnect. And, naturally, family chefs get to try out their latest grill recipe and impress friends and family members with their skills.

Depending on the layout of the grounds, decision-makers can opt for permanent grills that are either fixed to the ground or built-in grills that comprise part of a complete outdoor kitchen area. Many facilities take advantage of the fact that PGS grills can be directly tied into a natural gas or propane line that eliminates the need for swapping out propane tanks. But even facilities that are not equipped for direct fuel systems enjoy enhanced benefits from a Legacy BBQ grill. It’s always a good idea to utilize gas grill shutoff timers to save money on fuel.

Top Installations for Hospitality and Community Living Facilities

The vast majority of hotels, resorts, apartments, condo, and homeowners associations tend to prefer fixed, permanent grills over mobile options. This is not to say there is only one way to get the maximum benefit from an outdoor gas grill. These are common ways that residential and hospitality settings are improving their luxury experience.

  • Permanent Grills: A permanent grill installation can simply be a unit mounted on a cart and secured to the ground. For operations such as a small apartment complex or hotel, this setup can prove advantageous because it limits the initial investment yet delivers benefits.
  • Built-in Grills: This luxurious type of installation fixes the grilling station into a permanent structure and creates an outdoor kitchen. Although the initial cost is modestly higher than permanent grills, the ROI comes with a wow factor. This setup delivers a top-tier, heightened experience.
  • Pedestal Grills: A pedestal BBQ with lid setup is a smart choice when you have limited outdoor space. These space-efficient models can be secured to the ground and maximize your outdoor square footage. They also rank among the easiest and least expensive installations.
  • Mobile Grills: Although grills mounted on carts with wheels are more prevalent in homes with back decks, the mobility of such models can prove beneficial. Being able to wheel a gas grill with a propane tank housed in its base delivers convenient agility.

When deciding on which setup makes the most sense for your business, it’s important to weigh space considerations, fuel resources, guest experience, and upfront investment. Built-in grills tend to be the most impressive presentations and deliver a heightened experience sure to garner excellent reviews and ROI.

Of course, the seemingly small accessories that the PGS gas grill line offers provides added value that can accentuate user experience. If you are thinking about moving forward with grills for resorts or small BBQ grills for apartments, these little extras make a big difference.

Staying ahead of the hospitality industry competition or providing an improved lifestyle for residential communities requires a smart investment that heightens the luxury experience of everyday people. PGS grills for resorts and small BBQ grills for apartments check all the boxes.

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