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Buying a heating system for your outdoor patio used to be blase. All of the heaters looked alike, so it didn't matter what your decor style or theme was for your patio or deck. The heaters were functional. They heated. Boring. But patio heaters have come a long way, and now you have a choice of styles when buying a durable, infrared patio heater from Infratech.

Infratech makes several different electric patio heaters for both residential and commercial use. They are well-known in the HVAC industry for their well-built, high-quality heaters and the wide range of options you have when you buy from them. Infratech gives you the option to make choices not only in the size, voltage, and wattage of your electric patio heater but now also offers their Motif Collection, which features different styles and colors of their infrared patio heaters. The Motif Collection gives you a choice of aesthetics for residents or businesses looking to upgrade. Instead of only offering a generic motif, instead, you have a new and unique Motif Collection from Infratech.

Unique Aesthetics with Infrared Patio Heaters

AEI Corporation carries a wide range of Infratech patio heaters. Infratech heaters all heat using infrared technology, are over 90% efficient, are UL listed for indoor and outdoor use, and are easy to operate. Infratech offers a large selection of styles that are versatile, convenient, and save you money every time you use them. Infratech truly makes your patio or deck warm and comfortable. You can learn more about how infrared technology works here.

What is the Infratech Motif Collection?

With the Motif Collection, Infratech has incorporated different styles and finishes that fit seamlessly together, and all run on electricity. The Motif Collection features:

Since all of these styles are made by one manufacturer, Infratech, you can mix and match styles if you wish. You can also add more heaters to your space, and they will work with and match perfectly with your existing heating system.

Infratech Motif Collection Styles

Infratech has chosen four styles for its Motif Collection that you can use to enhance your overall patio decor. You can buy any or all of these styles from AEI.

Contemporary Motif

In the Motif Collection, Infratech offers the Contemporary, Craftsman, Mediterranean, and Traditional motifs in both single and double-element heaters in stainless steel and black finishes in 39 inches, 61 1/4 inches, and 2,000 watts, 2500 watts, 3000 watts, and 4000 watts in a single element. In a double-element model, it is available in 4,000 watts, 5,000 watts, and 6,000 watts. You can select commercial-grade or residential-grade heaters.

The Contemporary style is a modern, clean look that can fit in any style of decor and blend in. It looks best in a bold, contemporary patio design in either stainless steel or black, depending on your overall patio decor color scheme. This motif is designed to add visual interest to any modern structure. Inspired by the clean lines and iconic forms of the minimalist, modern, and mid-century aesthetic traditions, the Contemporary motif is very versatile.

Craftsman Motif

Infratech Craftsman-style patio heaters feature a more artistic style with a three-dimensional effect reminiscent of M.C. Escher's artwork. The Craftsman style motif is designed to add arts, crafts, and art deco elements to your space. Incorporating squares, diamonds, and rectangles inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this motif will complement most decor but would look best with artistic or art-related decor. If you want to enhance your patio and give it the look of a creative, artsy, one-of-a-kind design, the Craftsman style is a good choice.

Mediterranean Motif

The Infratech Mediterranean style motif features a design using shapes seen in Moorish, Florentine, and Spanish historical artwork and architecture. This style works well with a space that has Spanish-style, Tuscan, French Country, or Southwest design. Instead of rectangular and squared-off lines, the Mediterranean style uses circles and curves to create patterns. You can find similar styles in rooftops, tile, and accent pieces in many homes and business settings.

Traditional Motif

Infratech's Traditional motif design is inspired by American historical styles, Colonial, Victorian, Farmhouse, and Transitional architecture. This American style works well to blend with and complement structures with traditional shapes and forms. It has a diamond-shaped pattern with dots and flowers throughout. If you prefer an American traditional style, this is a good choice for your home or business.

When Should I Use Infratech's Motif Collection Heaters?

Since Infratech is known for its reliable, high-quality residential and commercial infrared heaters, anywhere you want to install an infrared patio heater is a spot one of the Motif Collection heaters can fit. Designed for multiple uses, these classic heaters have sleek profiles, low clearance heights, short standoffs, and decorative fascia.

Infratech uses quartz elements that provide medium wave heat. Competing heaters use shortwave quartz elements that produce more intense heat and emit a bright, harshly-colored light that is more intrusive in a patio setting. Instead, Infratech medium wave elements are efficient when heating your patio space and provide an almost invisible soft, warm glow. Infratech's heaters make your patio space the perfect, cozy place where you and your friends or patrons will gravitate to and be comfortable enough to stay there for hours.

Infratech's infrared elements are rated for nearly 5,000 hours of continuous usage. They can potentially last for years before you need a replacement. This means you can enjoy your patio space in comfort and style for a very long time. If you do need to change out an element, take care of safety first. Make sure to follow the proper manual for specific instructions, and disconnect your Infratech heater from the power source before you start.

Efficient, Cost-Saving Comfort

Knowing that your patio or deck has top-quality infrared heaters means never worrying about how comfortable your entertainment space is. Not only will Infratech's heaters function excellently in your home or business, but they will also look great when you buy from the Motif Collection. Select your style and color; and enjoy endless hours of comfort.

Having really good quality finishes makes your living space or commercial common areas extremely elevated. Infratech's Motif Collection enhances the design wherever they are installed. Stay comfortable and look great to friends, acquaintances, or to your customers. To learn more about Infratech patio heaters or request an appointment, contact us.

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