High Quality PSG Grills: Fuel Types & Mounting Options

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When the summertime grilling season rolls around, you can probably get by with any grill that happens to be on hand. Whether it’s the mildly rusted-over, iron grill at the public park, or the dusty mini-Webber in the back of the garage. Using some aluminum foil and a wire scrubber, you should be able to make it serviceable. But if you really want to impress, feed a whole party, and do it in style, you need a high-quality PGS grill from AEI.

Matching Gas BBQ Grills to Your Patio Layout

The majority of gas-powered grills will be used in a residential backyard setting or a communal recreation area in an apartment, condo, or similar complex.

A residential outdoor propane grill can be portable for storage and mobility or can be permanently affixed to a patio or your chosen grilling area. Residential natural gas grills are permanently affixed in place. The fuel type depends on your preference, availability, and the needs of your specific use case.

Commercial grills are a wonderful addition to an apartment or condo complex, or any communal area such as swimming pools, outdoor clubhouses, courtyards, and other outdoor communal areas. Many of the grills offered at AEI come with the popular and reliable automatic 60-min shut-off feature. This and other anti-mischief features of these grills make them ideal for public and semi-public settings. Of course, adding a new commercial grill to any property is a fantastic way to raise the value of the property, enhance its curb appeal, and communicate to potential tenants the full value of renting with your property management firm.

Naturally, the same is true of adding a stainless steel natural gas grill or portable propane grill to a single-family residence. In so doing you will raise the value of your home. But most importantly, you will be adding a wonderful recreation feature to your home that will be enjoyed by you, your friends, and your family for years.

Whether you live in a single-family house or a multi-family property, outdoor BBQs are a wonderful and popular past-time that enables you to cook delicious meals for an individual, a family, and even party-sized meal gatherings. Grills allow you to cook all kinds of foods, even at the same event. Grill traditional meals or your own unique creations. Your new stainless steel grill from AEI can do it all.

Fuel Type and Mounting Options

PGS grills are beautifully designed and constructed. They come in propane and natural gas-powered variants with multiple options for mounting, mobility, storage, and more. Choose from a range of sizes and features to suit your available patio space. Master the art of backyard BBQ on the finest grilling technology available, and keep your gas-powered grill running for many years with the available OEM grill replacement parts. All PGS grills have a modular design, enabling you to easily assemble, disassemble, clean, maintain, and repair them as needed.

With top-quality customer support, you can visit AEIcorporatio.com at any time and find the replacement parts you need to keep your grill running. But before you do, it’s important to look at all the available options and make sure you get the right grill for your needs.

Choosing Your Grilling Options

Before you choose the size and style of grill you want, first decide which fuel to use and how you wish to mount it. AEI offers grill models that run on liquid propane and models that run on natural gas. The type of fuel source you choose should depend on the availability of each in your location, as well as your preferred mounting options.

Both fuel types are cost-efficient, easy to use, and clean-burning. But there are some important differences to consider.

Natural Gas Grills

NG grills connect directly to a natural gas line. If you have a natural gas line on your property, an NG grill is a good choice. You will not have to buy and replace an onboard fuel tank, and the grill will always be ready to turn on and use. You won’t have a fuel tank to change, but the grills are fixed in place and cannot be moved. NG grills are ideal for patio grilling stations in which they are permanently fixed.

NG grill and cooking counters can be built to accommodate nearly any size patio, with a range of sizes available. A pedestal mount is a wonderful option for space-saving. They have a very small footprint and they are extremely safe and sturdy.

Because they are fixed in place, we recommend buying or building a cover for your NG grill to protect it from the elements, especially during the winter months.

If your home does not have a natural gas line, you may be able to have a line run to your home by local utilities. Otherwise, propane fuel is a good alternative.

Liquid Propane Grills

An outdoor propane grill carries a fuel tank in the base. Propane tanks must be replaced when the fuel runs out. These grills can be repositioned easily using the attached wheels on the base.

The one great advantage of LP grills is their mobility potential. The bases of these grills can be outfitted with wheels for easy repositioning. This lets you rearrange your patio settings to accommodate different events and activities. It also makes it easy to store the grill away during the winter for greater ease of care.

Some propane services will deliver full tanks directly to your door and take the empty ones. Others must be purchased at a local outlet. These are often located conveniently near grocery stores, gas stations, and elsewhere.

Your mounting options will be affected by the layout of your patio, how much space you have, and the relative availability of LP and NG fuel types in your area. Whichever fuel type you choose, you will enjoy plentiful power for cooking, as well as a range of mounting options to suit your use case.

Options & Accessories

We recommend taking a close look at your available patio space before deciding on a mounting option.

  • Pedestal mounts: Sturdy, small, and permanent, pedestal grills fit nearly any space, and they are next to impossible to knock over. They are a great option for smaller, NG-powered grills.
  • Grills carts: These portable grill mounts give you flexibility with added storage space. A good choice for LP-powered grills, due to the necessary fuel tank which must accompany the grill.
  • Prefabricated grill islands: Made from high-quality materials, prefabricated grill islands can be permanent or semi-mobile. They can be made from stainless steel and other weather-resistant materials. They feature storage, cooling, heating, and warming enclosures.
  • Outdoor countertops: A great option for turning your outdoor grilling area into a full-service cooking station. Build your grill right into a great-looking outdoor countertop for convenience, security, and functionality.

Visit us to learn more, and see all of the exciting options for your new residential or commercial grill.

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