How Do Natural Gas Grills Work?

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Natural gas grills work much like standard propane grills in terms of cooking food, but with many additional benefits. Natural gas grills are far more cost effective, much more convenient, and much better for the environment. Rather than using a propane tank or charcoal, a natural gas grill uses hydrocarbon-based fuels as a heat source.

Below, we describe some of the many benefits of natural gas grills.

Cost Effectiveness

While natural gas is not as efficient as propane, the relative affordability of natural gas grills ensures that you generally pay approximately a third of the price to fuel them as you do for propane grills. While there may be a starting cost to have natural gas installed in your home, many organizations will actually provide this service for free if you live near a gas main. So, if you have the money to invest in a natural gas grill, then this choice will be most cost effective in the long run.


Although setting up a natural gas grill can be a bit tricky, there is a lot of helpful information online available from many natural gas enthusiasts. Plus, this one step to set up the grill means that you will never have to run out for a propane tank again. Your natural gas fuel source will continue heating that grill indefinitely, meaning that you are free to cook burgers, steaks, and veggies for as long as you want!

One negative side to natural gas grills, however, is that they aren’t especially portable—after all, they need to be attached to a gas line. For this reason, many grilling enthusiasts actually prefer having both a propane grill for camping or RVing and a natural gas grill for their home.

Environmental Impact

Natural gas sources, while still a fossil fuel, have far less of a negative environmental impact than their charcoal counterparts. Furthermore, the natural gas is far more likely to come from local sources, while propane and charcoal is often shipped from out of the state or even out of the country, greatly increasing the griller’s carbon footprint.

Air Quality

Because they burn cleaner, natural gas grills additionally produce far less air residue, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the air at your party getting smoky or your guests getting sooty. The exhaust that gets you and your guests coughing from a propane or charcoal grill is actually the same stuff that hurts the environment, so you can literally feel the ecological and health difference with a natural gas grill.

Essentially, natural gas grills allow you to grill indefinitely, as long as the gas company keeps the natural gas supply flowing to your home!

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