How do radiant heaters work?

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Infrared heaters warm people like the sun. These unique heaters produce heat that is absorbed by our skin and clothes, warming objects and people, not just the surrounding air. This allows for a more efficient heating system. Think of it as sitting in the sunlight versus sitting in the shade. In the sunlight, your body and clothes absorb the heat while in the shade you may feel chilly out of the lights reach. Heaters that heat the surrounding air are similar to sitting in the shade.

What's the benefit?

Radiant heat passes through the air and heats solid objects making it highly efficient wherever it’s installed. Because radiant heat is produced instantly, there is no need for expensive pre-heating. Infrared heaters provide heat and warmth quickly so you are able to save on the costs of heating seldom used areas.

Low running costs: Because you're heating objects and people you save on any additional costs of heating areas not being used. 

Silent running: Infrared heaters are almost completely silent when being run. This allows for your customers, clients, and guests to enjoy themselves without distraction while being warmed at the same time.

How does radiant heating work?

Infrared heaters produce infrared energy, which is converted to heat that then raises the surface temperature of both people and objects. This is unlike most other outdoor heaters which warm the surrounding air. Because of the design of this unique heating system, infrared technology can be used either indoors where insulation and ventilation would normally be a problem, or outdoors where centralized heating is needed.

Infrared Heaters or Gas Heaters?

Whether you're looking to create a comfortable outdoor grilling spot, hosting events, catering to your customer's comforts, or simply trying to provide an area with more warmth, outdoor infrared heaters are a perfect fit. They’re easy to install, safe to use and one of the most practical solutions currently available for outdoor heating, with various benefits over gas patio heaters.

Outdoor gas heaters produce heat that only warms the air. This type of heating is inefficient and often times dependent on weather conditions. Electric outdoor heaters are easy to install and require less maintenance than their gas patio heater counterparts.

Infrared heaters by Infratech can even provide heat at the flick of a switch. This convenience makes infrared heaters a prime choice for any outdoor heating needs.

"Green" Infrared Heaters

It isn't easy warming your home or business while at the same time trying to remain conscious of our planet's health. To be honest, there really isn't one method of heating that doesn't affect the world around you. All heaters need a source of energy to run the difference here is that most infrared heaters utilize electricity instead of natural gas. This is why they are seen as "green" alternatives. 

Infrared heaters provide direct heating, but these heaters aren't exactly meant to replace your central heating system. Infrared heaters have strategic use as heaters that can warm certain areas with high traffic.

Most importantly, infrared heaters are best utilized in large spaces to combat the intermittent loss of heat, which can occur in warehouses, garages, or living areas in residential homes.

Residential & Commercial Heating

Infrared heaters are some of the most efficient outdoor heaters available and work a lot better for the environment than typical gas patio heaters. These heaters provide comfortable warmth without requiring high amounts of energy. Minimizing heat loss with infrared technology and providing a "green" alternative, infrared heaters produce less carbon and do not require any tanks of fuel.

These heaters produce directional heat that can be felt right away, with no waiting. Even in windy weather, the heat will not be blown away. Most infrared heaters are also weatherproof so they can still be used on rainy days. 

When hosting an outdoor event or when running a business where clients spend time outdoors, radiant heaters are recommended because they are highly efficient as very little heat is lost, unlike other methods of heating.


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