How Gas Shut-Off Timers Can Save You Money on Grilling

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When summer festivities are in full swing, your tenets and guests will want to grill for the whole family. You want to facilitate these activities, improve your recreation areas, and save time and money while reducing liability. But how? Gas grills are superior to conventional grills in many ways- not the least of which is efficiency and economy. This is especially true for community grills and outdoor patio grill areas. Here’s how you’ll save money by installing gas grills.

Right now, in apartment complexes, hotels, motels, and grills for resorts are all saving money and reducing liability while improving their properties for the enjoyment of their tenets and guests.

People love being able to bbq. That’s why every apartment and community center should have gas-powered grills installed. However, when tenets, guests, and their friends and family operate community grills they might not always be mindful of the relevant safety and conservation concerns.

Gas Grills With Shut Off Timers

Guests and residents may not always take care while running a gas grill, especially when they are distracted by the excitement of get-togethers and other fun summer activities. This could be exceptionally costly if your grills are left burning overnight. Worse still, it can be dangerous.

Gas shut-off timers solve these problems by preventing guests/residents from accidentally leaving grills burning when they’re done using them. Automatic gas shut-off timers for grills are an excellent way to save money and gain valuable peace of mind.

automatic gas flow shut off timerThe Advantages of Gas Grills With Automatic Shut-Off Timers

  • You don’t have to check the grills constantly
  • Gas shut-off timers are easy to use and self-explanatory for your guests.
  • Insurance providers may offer lower premiums when outdoor grilling facilities have auto shut-off equipped gas grills.

Charcoal VS Gas

You’ll save money all year long by providing your guests with gas instead of charcoal. A 20-pound propane bottle can deliver as many as 20 cookouts whereas the same amount of charcoal might last for three to four cookouts. Grilling each week with charcoal would cost roughly 6 times the amount you would spend on charcoal.

Of course, you may be thinking that your tenants will provide their own charcoal, but then your safety concerns would return. On top of that, the clean-up requirements would be much greater.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Because gas is much more efficient than charcoal, excessive pre-heating times are also no longer necessary. Most gas powered grills can be ready to cook in five to ten minutes. The average charcoal grill needs to heat up for at least fifteen minutes. Your tenants will enjoy faster, easier grilling. Better still, different parties can more easily share the facility when cooking times are reduced.

The Natural Gas Advantage

Setting propane aside, there are additional advantages to running grills on natural gas. Using natural gas is the most ecologically friendly way to run a grilling facility. It removes the need to supply and install propane tanks. Natural gas costs just a fraction of what propane costs. And, for those who already have propane grilling equipment, natural gas conversion kits are available. A stainless steel natural gas grill is a beautiful addition to any outdoor cooking area.

Gas Grill Accessories

Your high-quality gas grill will not be complete without these useful accessories. They are great for any hospitality business with community grills.

  • Rotisserie Burners: A grill with rotisserie burner or rotisserie spits give your guests lots of fun grilling options.
  • Ceramic Grill Briquettes: Also known as “moon roks,” these reusable grill briquettes are a great addition to any grill and provide superior cooking by distributing heat evenly.
  • High-Quality Grill Brushes: With their strong bristles that won’t break off while scrubbing, these grill brushes make clean up easy.

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