Infrared Heaters are the Only Viable Option for Outdoor Patios

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The next generation technology that has been applied to leading outdoor patio heaters have distanced them from the inefficient open-flame products of yesteryear. Leading infrared space heater manufacturers have embraced the same innovations as other evolving industries. Of course, the alternative is to fall behind in making the quality cutting-edge products that today’s home and business owners demand. That being said, infrared technology has taken a wide lead over other outdoor patio heaters in terms of cost-effective efficiency and comfort.

Infrared Heater vs Regular Heater

One of the common misconceptions that home and business owners make when selecting an outdoor patio heater is to compare its function with regular indoor space heaters. If you haven’t conducted any research on the various types of heaters, the difference may surprise you.

The essential difference between a regular heater that mitigates cold drafts and an outdoor patio heater is the environment. Indoor heaters have the distinct advantage of warming a defined space. Whether that entails a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even the garage, the area is generally enclosed. That’s why they are often designed to heat the ambient air needed to warm a room. Such is not the case with outdoor patio heaters.

If you were to put this same heater on your patio, its efficiency would all but disappear. As the heater warmed the open air, the benefits would likely blow away in the lightest breeze. The two are like comparing apples and oranges. Of course, the same can be said about open-flame heaters.

Open-flame heaters are much more akin to indoor products than those made with infrared technology. Flames heat the surrounding air, and that requires people to stay within a close heat-throw radius. And a breeze can whisk the comfort benefits away, leaving you with a chill. For that same reason, outdoor fire pits are cute aesthetic accessories. However, they cannot deliver the same level of quality comfort as an infrared heater.

Infrared technology works by delivering cost-effective warmth to objects. Rather than heat air around you and your companions, it is designed to warm objects. Regardless of how many times the breeze blows across your patio, any person or object in its wide radius remains warm and toasty.

Are Quartz Heaters Energy Efficient?

If you are considering purchasing an infrared space heater, chances are you have come across the term “Quartz Heater.” The term refers to an infrared heater that uses a tubular heating element made out of quartz glass. Quartz heaters emit infrared rays after being heated themselves, usually by electricity. They deliver radiant, infrared heat through short waves. This method is considered highly energy efficient because the surrounding objects absorb the infrared rays and enjoy enhanced comfort. In terms of answering the question, “are Quartz heaters energy efficient,” the answer is: Absolutely. In fact, they rank among the leading outdoor patio heaters today.

Fuel Sources To Consider When Using an Infrared Patio Heater

Given that open-flame and regular heaters are inefficient at delivering outdoor patio comfort, it stands to reason that using an infrared patio heater is the only viable option. But narrowing the field down to a single choice is not necessarily a bad thing. That’s because an infrared space heater can be powered up by a variety of fuel sources that are energy efficient and flexible enough to work in any outdoor space.

  • Propane Heaters: This fuel resource remains the most popular option among home and business owners for these reasons. First, the relatively lightweight tanks are often housed in the base of the unit. Second, they can be easily removed to relocate the outdoor patio heater. Third, the tanks are inexpensive to purchase and refill. Last, propane is a cost-effective energy source. AEI’s Sunglo and Patio Comfort ranks among the top trending propane heaters.
  • Natural Gas Heaters: If you have a home or business with an existing natural gas source, an infrared space heater can be tied in, directly. Although making a hard connection may seem to reduce the mobile flexibility of some heaters, some systems can be fixed overhead. This type of infrared heating system is widely used to make outdoor spaces permanently comfortable, and AEI’s Sunpak is considered an industry-leading commercial product.
  • Electric Heaters: Like natural gas products, electric heaters are also easily connected to existing power sources. Many of these products are managed with precise heat control accessories that maximize comfort and energy use. Home and business owners have the option of using several different heater management systems to control their infrared heaters. AEI’s Infratech heaters rank among the leading products on the market today.

Although all three of the fuel source options are considered energy efficient, it’s essential to consider your outdoor space, everyday use, and the best choice for maximizing comfort. Overhead installations provide more floor space while portable outdoor patio heaters tend to be agile. It may be worth your while to review AEI’s residential and commercial outdoor patio heaters. At the end of the day, quality products ensure improved comfort.

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