Infrared Heaters: Versatile, Affordable Heating All Year Long

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If you've been keeping up with current events, you probably know that supply chain bottlenecks and energy costs are expected to be a problem this cold season. A good way to stay warm and save money is to wear a sweater, and a better way is to use your heating appliances in the spaces where you need them and conserve them where you don't. You can stay warm this winter affordably, outdoors, with high-quality infrared patio heaters from AEI Corporation.

AEI's cutting-edge infrared patio heaters run on either propane, natural gas, or electricity. Here, we'll answer all of your questions about these advanced, unconventional heaters to help you stay warm and comfortable this winter season.

Stay Warm This Winter

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want to use your patio heater to stay warm while you: eat, enjoy a cup of coffee, host friends and family for a winter BBQ, and utilize your outdoor spaces for holiday gatherings. Our infrared heaters come in a range of sizes, shapes, power sources, and capabilities to make any occasion and any space a warm and comfortable one.

If you own or manage a commercial multi-family property such as an apartment, condo, or duplex you’ll want your residents and their guests to be able to stay warm while they use the outdoor amenities. Make attractive outdoor spaces all the more attractive with the ability to use them comfortably all year long. AEI heaters enable you to expand the curb appeal of your properties by enhancing the size, capabilities, and usability of your outdoor and door-side spaces.

If you own or manage a hospitality business such as a restaurant, club, or bar you’ll want your customers to be warm while eating or enjoying your patio spaces. Keep your outdoor capacity up and running even during the cold seasons with AEI heaters. You can seat more guests and keep guests waiting for tables nice and comfy. Let them enjoy a winter wonderland in full heated comfort in spaces that would ordinarily only be usable during the spring and summer.

Infrared patio heaters make it easier to stay warm during the cold season. During the winter, it can be especially cold at night, obviously. But it can also be cold all throughout the day. Many people are caught off guard by the cold when it's bright and sunny out, but with the sun at a low angle in the afternoon sky, it can be as bright as a summer day, and colder than an autumn night. Infrared patio heaters can keep you amply warm on your patio this winter at any time of day. You'll be able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your heated patio, kept warm by cutting-edge heating technology.

AEI Infrared Patio Heaters: Features & Capabilities

Our infrared patio heaters come in a range of sizes and features to suit your needs. Whether you want to heat a broad open space, a narrow outdoor space, or some mix of patio floor-plan configurations, our advanced heaters have you covered.

Safe Infrared Heat

Our infrared patio heaters come in models that use propane, natural gas, or electricity. They produce infrared heat by heating an infrared emission element or grid, or both in the case of dual-element heaters. The heated element then radiates safe, clean, and affordable infrared heat. Infrared light is part of the invisible spectrum of white light. It delivers warmth just like the Sun and is even safer than exposure to direct sunlight due to the fact that it contains only one band of the spectrum, rather than the entire UV spectrum.

Affordable & Versatile

Whether they are powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity, these heaters are efficient, affordable, and cost approximately the same to run for a given amount of time. Heaters using any of these power sources can be installed or mounted permanently in place either in the ground or suspended overhead, while propane heaters can be portable. Electric patio heaters come only in the box heater form, while propane and natural gas heaters can be box or mushroom heaters.

Fuel Type, Shape, & Portability

Because outdoor natural gas heaters and electric heaters are installed in place, some forethought is required to pick their optimal locations. Be sure to refer to the owner manuals for the best heat distance and range for each heater in order to plan for its placement, and discover whether or not you’ll need more than one heater.

Multiple Heater Layout Options

Because each heater type is comparably affordable to operate, you don't need to worry about cost when choosing your power source. The heater shape and fuel type will affect the type and size of space where it can be installed for the greatest effect. Consider the following scenarios.

Open Space

A wide-open space used for any purpose can be best heated with one or more mushroom-shaped heaters. If there is going to be a lot of activity in the area to be heated (as in the case of a dance floor), then an electric or natural gas box heater permanently and securely suspended overhead would work well or a suspended mushroom heater running on either propane or natural gas would work as well. If the area is to be used as a dining area, where guests will not be moving around much, then a portable propane heater might be a good option. In either case, mushroom-shaped and box-shaped heaters are great for large and open spaces.

Smaller Patios

For smaller patios saving floor space might be your number one goal, luckily there are solutions for you. You could mount a box-shaped natural gas or electric heater overhead or on your outside walls or a mushroom heater suspended overhead. Alternatively, you could utilize a portable propane mushroom heater. Which allows you to place your heater when and where you need it, and move it out of the way when you don’t need it.  

Mixed Spaces

Unless your establishment is a very small and intimate one, chances are that a combination of box and mushroom-shaped heaters running on electricity, NG or LP will serve you best. Placing box-shaped heaters in areas where heat must be projected along a given path and mushroom-shaped heaters where heat needs to cover a broad area, and using overheat mounting where foot traffic is heavy will serve you best. 

No matter what fuel types and heater shapes you choose, you can be sure that AEI heaters are powerful, safe, and affordable in comparison to other more traditional heating appliances. Stay warm all year long, and keep your patio spaces cozy and inviting with AEI Infrared Heaters.

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