Installing Grills in Officer Barracks on Military Bases

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The men and women who protect our freedom both at home and abroad deserve the best. As a society, we vote to help ensure that America’s armed forces service members have what they need to live healthy and happy lives at home on their base. 

Fortunately, our nation’s military does see fit to make it the job of some service members to do just that. For this reason, military bases stateside and overseas have all kinds of living accommodations for their officers and enlisted service members. Residences on bases will include houses of all sizes for officers and service members with families, all the way to condos and apartment complexes. Common areas where the men and women of the armed forces can rest, recreate, and interact socially will be widely appreciated. Supposing it was your job to outfit such spaces with the right equipment to serve their intended purpose, what might you include? 

Certainly, you would incorporate billiard tables and other gaming areas. You would include televisions, fitness equipment, a commissary, an eatery or two, and more. Almost certainly, you would include residential grills and a bbq area as well. That being the case, you would want these assets to be durable, high quality, and safe to use.

For common recreation areas, it might be a good idea to use standard outdoor patio barbecue grills such as we find in city parks. Made from thick and durable iron and steel, these would last for many years, resist corrosion, and be easy to maintain. However, for an officer’s outdoor recreation area, you would probably want to install something that’s a cut above the standard public outdoor grill. You would want to install a performance outdoor grilling system by the AEI Corporation.

Here, we will discuss the quality, materials, and features of AEI natural gas and propane-powered grills, and why these residential grills are ideal for your officer’s outdoor patios, and recreation areas for apartments and multi-family sized units.

Installing High-Quality Residential Grills on Patios of Officer Living-Quarters

There is a need for high-quality gas-powered grills in military bases across the US and all over the world. The larger bases are small cities unto themselves. These locations house tens of thousands of active-duty personnel and their families living there full time. Both officers and enlisted service members live in apartments, condos, or houses supplied by the government which should be made into enjoyable living spaces where service members can relax during their off-duty time.

Officer residences are often larger with large enough patio space to accommodate their own personal residential bbq. To compensate them for the greater levels of responsibility, officers have extra privileges and a personal patio barbecue is a great example of a practical and economical way to reward them for their job.

Enlisted personnel usually live in apartments or condos, which may not have large enough individual outdoor patios suitable for a bbq. But enlisted personnel do sometimes live in houses or apartments without roommates. If they are married and their spouse/family lives on the base with them, their living spaces might have a large enough patio to support a grill. What’s more, living quarters for enlisted personnel will often have a shared communal area in the complex which would be ideal for one or more natural gas or propane-powered grills. 

The Advantages of Gas Powered Grills for Military Bases

There are many great reasons why AEI gas-powered grills are perfect for use in common areas and living spaces for our military personnel. Quality, durability, OEM grill replacement parts, and economic reasons are just the start.

One of the most important considerations for military living spaces is the use of space. AEI residential bbq grills come in a wide range of sizes and proportions, making it easy to select the right grill for each space where one is to be installed. For larger single-family residences with patios, such as those for officers, the size of the grill can be ramped up to fit the available patio space nicely. For smaller single-family residences, such as those for enlisted personnel with families, the size of the grill may be smaller to match the available patio space. 

For communal grilling areas in multi-family buildings and complexes, most developers tend to go with multiple smaller grills. This would be a good choice for shared military living spaces as well. In this way, multiple enlisted personnel can use the grills during a single occasion. Larger complexes may even benefit from several grill areas to cover the needs of everyone who will be using them.

Why Choose Natural Gas or Propane Powered Grills?

BBQ grills powered by natural gas or propane, often with an additional infrared rotisserie heating element, are superior to charcoal patio barbecue grills in a number of ways. For a start, they are more durable and easier to clean. Charcoal smoke will coat the surfaces around the grill in time. This can cause smoke damage and lower property values in just a few year’s time. Spilled charcoal can be hard to extinguish when burning embers are present, which can also be a fire hazard and an unexpected expense. But the advantages of gas-powered grills don’t stop there.

Consistent Heat

With propane and natural gas temperature control is as simple as turning the dial. The user can decide how many burners to use, set the flame to suit their cooking style and preference. Those responsible for the property will rest easy knowing that even and consistent heat will do the job safely and reliably.

Greater Safety

With these advanced outdoor grills, the flame is always contained safely inside the cooking chamber. There are never embers that can escape through vents, be spilled or blown away by an unexpected wind. By following simple safety precautions, gas grills are much safer than traditional charcoal grills.

Higher-Quality Accessories

When you install AEI grills, you can choose from a long list of accessories to enhance the grilling experience.

These include;

  • Rotisserie Kit – Infrared rotisserie burners expand the user’s grilling options. 
  • 60 Minute Gas Shut-Off Grill - These gas flow shut-off timers will ensure no grill is accidentally left on after it is done being used. This saves on fuel and adds additional safety.
  • Moon Roks – Give your service personnel greater control with ceramic briquettes. These reusable briquettes provide better consistency and even heat distribution.
  • Chip/Steam Tray – Enhance the flavor with the PGS chip/steam tray. Constructed from 100% high-quality stainless steel, users can add their favorite flavors using maple or mesquite wood chips. It easily sits on top of the cooking grid and works while the chef attends to the primary grill.

With all these amazing advantages, old-fashioned charcoal grills are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Cut the costs of grilling for your officers and enlisted people, enhance the quality of their lives, or even set up fun competitive grilling competitions between bases, between divisions, or between branches. It’s a great way to boost morale, enhance the quality of life for everyone on your base, and give our nation’s military men and women a little taste of the good life. After all, don’t they deserve it?

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