Is Your Patio Missing A High-Quality Outdoor Gas Grill?

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Please take a moment and think about things that are incomplete without their natural counterpart. Peanut butter needs jelly. A ham sandwich needs cheese. A baseball game isn’t a pastime without a hot dog, and your deck or patio begs for an outdoor gas grill. Frankly, no backyard is complete without a stainless steel BBQ grill.

Let’s say that — for whatever reason — you rank among the small percentage of homeowners that have either procrastinated about buying a quality patio barbecue or are still replacing one cheap knock off every couple of years. You know in your heart that the status quo simply isn’t a reasonable way to live for two reasons. One, that discount grill produces uneven heat, suffers flare-ups, and is a poor investment overall. Two, if you rank among the number of people without a patio grill, you are unnecessarily lowering your quality of life. The two of you would be wise to consider the benefits of owning a high-quality PGS stainless steel BBQ grill.

Benefits of Having an Outdoor Gas Grill

Whether you are a homeowner, enjoy condo life, or luxury apartment living, preparing meals only on indoor stoves and ovens limits your culinary experience. Even the best indoor appliance cannot match the locked-in flavor created by cooking over an open flame. Indoor dining may be a significant part of your menu. But without a patio barbecue, that menu is a couple of pages short. These are the top reasons that residential living remains incomplete without an outdoor gas grill.

  • Expand Your Flavor: There is a wide range of foods that lend themselves to patio grills. Burgers and steak enjoy the superior flavor when prepared over an open flame. Veggies won’t suffer the flavor loss associated with pan-frying or steaming, among other indoor methods. Simply put, grills produce more flavorful meals.
  • Expand Your Menu: People with cheap grills — or no grill at all— are often unaware of the advancements included in industry-leading PGS Grills. Wide-reaching accessories such as rotisserie burners have opened the lid for never-before meals. We all know how popular rotisserie chickens have become. But stainless steel BBQ grill owners can use rotisserie accessories to prepare thick, choice meats, pineapples, or creative kabobs, among others.
  • Expand Your Comfort Zone: Having a top-tier outdoor gas grill is another reason for family members to come together. Organizing your deck or patio with comfortable seating with the wafting smell of grilled foods is like having a people magnet. Once they experience the delicious flavor of grilled foods, you won’t have to shout or text to get the family outside. Press the matchless ignition, and they will come to your outdoor comfort zone.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a patio barbecue experience does not necessarily have to be seasonal. In cold-weather regions, homeowners are adding infrared patio heaters to provide warming comfort and extend outdoor enjoyment. Once families get a taste of what their home chef can conjure up on an outdoor gas grill, they won’t want to hibernate for the winter.

Natural Gas Grill vs. Portable Propane Grill

It’s safe to say that a patio needs a top-quality patio barbecue. The industry-leading PGS Grills by AEI Corporation occupy thousands of decks, patios, and common areas in residential living communities across North America. A PGS stainless steel BBQ grill remains the popular choice because they deliver even heat disbursement, eliminate unnecessary flare-ups, and endure the test of time.

Residential PGS Grills also offer everyday people the choice of using Natural Gas (NG) or Liquid Propane (LP) as a fuel source. There are some important similarities and differences to consider when selecting your PGS outdoor gas grill. The A-Series and Legacy grills are residential models that can be adapted to either NG or LP. These are things to consider when selecting the outdoor gas grill that meets your needs.

  • The A-Series and Legacy grills have both propane and natural gas models.
  • Both fuel types are considered cost-effective, eco-friendly, and are readily available.
  • Both NG and LP burn cleanly, and neither imparts any impurities to your food, unlike charcoal.
  • Both the A-Series and Legacy can be accessorized when using NG or LP.

While PGS Grills enjoy the flexibility to leverage either fuel source, your choice will impact the patio grill’s setup. These are critical differences to consider when using LP or NG.

What You Need To Know About Natural Gas Built-In Grills

Using NG requires a fixed-line. Many homeowners are already taking advantage of low-cost NG. That being said, connecting your natural gas grill typically requires a designated line and a certified technician's help. Homeowners who want to create a robust outdoor kitchen generally use NG while recognizing the following differences with LP.

  • Only fixed or built-in grills can use NG because the model cannot be moved.
  • NG tends to be slightly more convenient than LP because there are no tanks to swap out.
  • Built-in grills that use NG typically include increased storage because they don’t house a fuel tank.

Full outdoor kitchen spaces often go the NG route because they are a natural extension of indoor-style dining. That is, except the food is healthier and tastes better. But LP setups are equally viable.

What You Need To Know About Propane Patio Grills

The leading reason that people decide to purchase a portable propane grill is that they can move it accordingly. The fixed nature of NG doesn’t allow you to reconfigure your deck or patio easily. That being said, these are other common reasons to use LP as a fuel source.

  • Propane grills house the tank in the base and are easy to move.
  • LP grills on mobile carts can be conveniently rolled into the backyard for parties.
  • Propane tanks are easy to swap out and readily available at gas stations, retail outlets, and hardware stores, among others.
  • A portable propane grill can be stored when not using seasonal living spaces.
  • LP grills are just as easy to start with matchless ignition.

Although there are grilling usage differences between NG and LP setups, the good news is that PGS Grills have models for each fuel type.

If you have a deck or patio missing an outdoor gas grill or are stuck in the rut of buying inadequate replacements every few years, it’s time to right the ship. It’s in your best interest to go online and review the PGS A-Series and Legacy line and see what you have been missing. PGS Grills by AEI Corp are industry-leading products that are distributed across North America. If you are ready to enjoy the best grilled foods possible and expand your menu, your peanut butter needs jelly.

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