Liquid Propane Portable Grills Deliver Space-Saving Solutions for Apartments & Condos

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Approximately 20 million outdoor barbecues are sold in the U.S. annually, with liquid propane portable grills accounting for a substantial amount of the 1.53 billion dollar industry in 2022. By the end of 2025, an estimated $1.73 billion will be spent on gas grills for apartments/condos and single-family homes. These numbers point to a rising trend that everyday people want to be able to cook meals on liquid propane grills. And multi-family property owners and managers would be well served to accommodate this need.

How Popular Are Portable BBQ Grills?

A study conducted in 2020 indicates that more than 70% of households in the U.S. owned at least one, if not two, portable grills. Although the numbers have only increased over the last three years, more than 25 percent of families possess multiple outdoor patio grills. It appears Americans, as well as others in North America, have a strong urge to prepare meals over a controlled flame that locks in the natural flavors. If multi-family property owners and management firms are going to compete for top earners, adding liquid propane grills could give them a competitive edge.

Benefits of Liquid Propane Portable Grills

A lack of large communal spaces sometimes inhibits property owners from investing in outdoor BBQ grills. The idea of installing a large patio grill in a limited seating area could make the outdoor space feel cramped and uncomfortable. That’s precisely the opposite living environment property owners are trying to create by investing in gathering spaces in the first place. Fortunately, these rank among the top space and flexible use benefits of adding portable grills to apartment and condominium landscapes.

Strategic Positioning: Portable grills can be repositioned on an as-needed basis. When community members want to cook out, they can roll them into a preferred location and press the matchless ignition button. This allows residents to arrange seating in a way that maximizes social interactions, with the liquid propane grill to the side.

  • Party Service: Because a cart-mounted grill can have a liquid propane tank stored in its base, the unit can be rolled to virtually any location over a reasonably flat terrain. Should condo or tenant association leaders plan a community-wide get-together, one or more portable grills can be established on a green space. Residents can bring a simple lawn chair and a cold beverage to such gatherings and holiday celebrations.
  • Upgrade Individual Patios: It’s entirely practical to invest in liquid propane portable grills and distribute them on individual patios. These cart-mounted grills provide condo and apartment residents with a personal outdoor cooking option, and an accompanying “wow” factor. Property owners typically pass along the cost of BBQ grill investments through rents or HOA fees. Once the initial investment has been covered, the move usually proves profitable.

It's also important to note that providing portable patio grills for each resident tasks them with the cost of liquid propane tank refills. That makes it a one-and-done investment that improves the quality of life and attracts preferred applicants.

What Makes Portable Grills for Apartments/Condos Cost-Effective?

Onboarding a critical amenity, such as an outdoor BBQ, comes with an initial cost. Built-in patio grills typically call for multi-family property owners to hire several contractors. This usually involves bringing in masons and landscape architects to design and build a common area suitable for an outdoor kitchen. The same holds true of the certified natural gas plumbing professionals needed to run designated service lines to the space and connect them with grills.

By contrast, portable liquid propane grills do not require expensive contractors. A suitable employee with modest tool and assembly skills can have a liquid propane grill operational in a few hours. By selecting the best cart-mounted liquid propane patio grills, multi-family rent adjustments are more than reasonable.

Portable PGS Grills A Viable Solution for Apartments and Condos

It’s important for decision-makers to keep in mind that natural gas grills are required to be fixed in place. If you are considering using an existing natural gas fuel line, you won’t also have the flexibility to move a cart-mounted BBQ grill to convenient locations. Although PGS offers excellent natural gas options, only those fueled by liquid propane can be moved around as needed.

There are PGG portable grills that can accommodate large gatherings and others suitable for intimate, single-unit usage. These are two popular liquid propane grill lines that deliver different space and use benefits.

PGS T-Series Aluminum Portable Grills

The T30 and T40 grills have relatively slender profiles that are suitable for small outdoor living spaces, or to have multiple in a single outdoor grilling area. Grill head dimensions range from 23 x 17 inches to 27 x 17 inches. Hovering around two feet, it’s easy to see how these durable patio grills can be used in numerous settings. Generating 30,000 to 40,000 BTUs of evenly distributed heat, the T-Series employs heavy-duty stainless steel cooking grids and a warming rack inside a hard cast-aluminum case.

The mobile cart option for this portable grill line is equally slender and an excellent space saver. It’s not unusual for T-Series grill owners to fold down the one or two stainless steel side shelves when putting the unit off to the side after use. The PGS T-Series liquid propane grills provide wonderful opportunities in terms of individual and common area meal preparation.

PGS T-Series Stainless Steel Propane Grills

The T-Series patio grill line also offers 3 sizes of stainless steel propane grills that deliver excellent BTU ratios and cart-mounting options. The S27T, S36T, and S48T highlight the inherent flexibility of PGS innovation. The S27T model delivers 45,000 BTUs of consistent heat distribution over 540 square inches of direct cooking space. The S36T produces 67,000 BTUs across 720 square inches of grill space. The S48T grill ramps up to 90,000 BTUs over 960 square inches of direct cooking surface, and all three can be cart mounted for flexible positioning.

Along with safety features such as 60-min automatic gas-flow shutoff grill timers, side-mounted heat indicators, matchless ignition, self-cleaning grates, and laser-etched user instructions, they also have a plethora of grill accessories. These PGS liquid propane grills can be installed into a prefabricated island that accommodates a liquid propane tank in its base. Because the BBQ island can be assembled by the average handy DIYer in one day, multi-family property owners and management firms can avoid the cost of hiring contractors.

There’s little doubt that including portable grills enhances the quality of life experience of people who live in apartments and condos. Property owners can either invest in what is fast becoming a standard option or field applications from those looking for inexpensive housing.

PGS Portable Grills Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

These Made in USA liquid propane grills come with extensive warranties and parts replacement programs. Designed to handle harsh weather, PGS A-Series and T-Series models are usually the last liquid propane grill you’ll ever purchase. They are ideal for multi-family living environments with space conservation and portability needs. And at the end of the day, the cost can be passed along through rents and HOA fees.

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