Outdoor Grill Island Attracts Reliable Renters To Apartment Complexes

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More than 75 percent of single-family homes own a propane BBQ or natural gas grill, and that is precisely the amenity apartment renters desire to complete their leisure experience. Multi-family property owners have responded to this need in an effort to attract renters willing to pay for the little extras that 80 million single-family homeowners enjoy on a daily basis.

But investments into outdoor patio grills years ago are already wearing out. Apartment complex and condominium association decision-makers previously dipped their toes into the propane BBQ waters, so to speak. Making a relatively modest investment, patio grills of mid-level quality are already past their prime and require replacement. The average propane of natural gas grill lasts a little over five years in many cases. Some models provide 15 years of use, while a high-quality propane BBQ installed on an outdoor grill island provides decades of enjoyment.

Multi-family property owners generally understand that a propane or natural gas patio grill remains an essential part of the community living lifestyle. It’s vital to reinvest in products rather than leave outdated units with faulty knobs, inconsistent heat, or rust accumulations in place. The most efficient way to deliver this highly sought-after amenity is to install a cost-effective outdoor grill island with a commercial-grade propane BBQ or natural gas grill that will last.

How Does An Outdoor Grill Island Enhance Apartment Lifestyles?

Property owners who selected mid-range portable grills a few years ago often saw the cost of an outdoor kitchen as prohibitive. Construction costs of a basic, no-frills outdoor countertop and infrastructure hovered above $14,000. Add attractive brickwork and an expansive design, and multi-family building owners can expect to pay $50,000 or more. That’s one of the reasons for the development of the Gensun outdoor grill island.

The prefabricated Gensun outdoor grill island was primarily a response to the skyrocketing cost of materials and labor costs of the traditional alternative. Single- and multi-family property owners needed to adhere to a reasonable budget, and contractors generally could not get under many of these financial constraints. Exclusively used for PGS Grills, this outdoor grill island remains reasonably priced and does not necessarily require hiring a contractor. A maintenance professional with basic carpentry skills can assemble a Gensun grill island and secure it to the ground.

This strategy effectively eliminates the sometimes excessive cost associated with hiring a contractor. Selecting a sturdy prefabricated model also fixes the cost of materials, fitting into a capital expenditure budget that delivers a tangible return on investment, such as increased rent. From a leisure experience, these rank among the reasons renters resign leases and people are willing to pay more.

  • Family Time: Working families struggle to enjoy sit-down meals together. An outdoor grill island, with a natural gas grill or propane BBQ, gives people a reason to congregate in a common area. Grilling remains a pastime preferred by 80 million families. Enjoying a meal prepared on an outdoor barbecue grill eliminates distractions and leads to family bonding.
  • Healthier Menu Options: Grilling a meal on a propane BBQ or natural gas grill is inherently more healthy than its stove-cooked counterpart. That’s largely because the commonly used oils and fats needed for frying pans and ovenware are absent in an outdoor gas grill setting. Flame-cooked foods experience reduced fat content and lock in an item's naturally delicious flavor.
  • Reduced Cleanup: The amount of post-meal cleanup associated with indoor kitchens ranks among the top reasons people prefer grilling. An apartment complex with an outdoor grill island in a common area usually has tongs and a spatula onsite. By bringing disposable utensils and food to eat, families won’t be carrying home pots, pans, utensils, plates, forks, spoons, or knives to clean afterward.

Those are just a few of the reasons why the outdoor barbecue grill industry is on track to reach a market share of $2.88 billion in 2022 and is expected to exceed $3.28 billion by 2025 in the U.S. alone. Every day people prefer to be grilling outdoors in the fresh air whenever possible. Multi-family residential communities need such amenities if they are to emulate the homeowner experience.

Gensun Outdoor Grill Island Improves Multi-Family Living Experience

The Gensun outdoor grill island has been nothing short of a game-changer for apartment complexes, condominiums, resorts, and multi-family properties. Compatible with a stainless steel propane BBQ or natural gas grill, the kits are relatively easy to assemble.

A property owner or maintenance worker with a few tools and DIY skills can erect the prefabricated outdoor grill island parts in about one day. That generally means a functional outdoor kitchen can also be up and running very quickly. These are essential details to consider about the Gensun outdoor grill island.

  • PGS Grill Compatible: Designed exclusively for PGS patio grills, it’s crucial to select a Gensun outdoor grill island that supports your current PGS model. Property owners upgrading their propane BBQ can choose a Gensun island in conjunction with an appropriate PGS Grill.
  • Sizes: The outdoor grill island comes in two sizes — 57 inches and 67 inches long. When creating an outdoor grilling station, expansive counter space comes in handy. Ample drawers and cabinets can house additional supplies people won’t need to bring.
  • Accessories: One of the cost drivers of outdoor kitchen construction stems from accessories. Cabinets, drawers, and other options add to materials and labor expenses. By contract, the Gensun island comes with cabinet space and removable drawers that are easy to clean. PGS Grills also offer wide-reaching grill amenities that can be employed with their grills.
  • 60-Minute Automatic Gas Shut-Off Timer: 
  • Counterspace: Having enough countertop space room to manage preparation is necessary for families and gatherings. Outdoor grilling often involves a variety of menu choices to accommodate everyone. The outdoor grill island provides ample fixed space.
  • Durable Construction: The Gensun island reflects the same high-quality manufacturing standards enjoyed by PGS Grills. Stainless steel hardware and cast aluminum countertops deliver cost-effective longevity.
  • Fuel Sources: The Gensun outdoor grill island supports the use of an environmentally sustainable resource that fuels a propane BBQ or natural gas grill. When employing a liquid propane grill, the refillable tanks can be housed inside the island. When tapping into a fixed propane or natural gas line, a certified technician can install a line directly into the PGS Grill. The outdoor grill island supports the flexible use of environmentally conscious resources.

Property owners and those involved in a new multifamily complex have an opportunity to select an outdoor grill island with a suitable PGS model. Current residents will see this upgrade as a reason to remain in the community and appreciate the way ownership gives back. Effectively completing an outdoor kitchen by pairing an island with a PGS Grill is a decisive amenity that can also be marketed to future renters. It’s a significant reason the facility is worth exclusive monthly lease costs and any fees revolving around the leisure experience.

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