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https://www.aeicorporation.com/news/upgrade-your-outdoor-rec-areas-with-pedestal-grillsBeing able to provide a great meal for friends and family can be a fun way to entertain. When you are looking to prepare an amazing meal, using an outdoor grill could be a great option. As you are looking for a new grill either for an individual residence or even for an apartment building and other commercial property, getting a natural gas grill could be a great option. When you are looking for an outdoor barbecue, there are several advantages that come when you get a grill that is powered by natural gas. 

Abundant and Clean Source of Fuel

One of the advantages that come when you get an outdoor gas grill that uses natural gas is that it is in abundance and provides a clean form of fuel. Natural gas is found all over North America, which helps to ensure there is always a large supply the fuel costs can be much lower than other options. Further, natural gas is very clean to burn, which means that you will not be harming the environment when using your grill and all of the food you make will be unaffected by the fuel source.

 The convenience of Access to Fuel

Another benefit that you will receive if you use a natural gas outdoor patio grill is that it will provide you with continuous and convenient access to fuel. Natural gas is a very common utility used by people and communities all over the country. Natural gas is frequently used in homes already when using your stove, dryer, and other appliances that need to create heat. With the help of a plumber or your utility company, you can have a natural gas line ran directly to your patio. Once you connect your grill to the natural gas line, you will have access to the fuel source whenever you want to use your grill. This is much more convenient than other fuel source options that will require you to run out to replace tanks.

 Different Size and Output Options

As you are shopping for a natural gas grill, you will find that there is a range of different size and output options available. Picking the right size grill is an important decision and there is bound to be one that is ideal for your space and use. The size and energy output you need will be based on how often you will want to use the grill, the quantity of food that you plan to prepare, and the types of meat that you intend to grill.

 Variety of Mounting Options

When you get a natural gas grill, the grill will always be connected to a natural gas line. While this provides convenience and an abundance of clean fuel, it does mean that you will not have the flexibility to move the grill around. Due to this, you will need to make sure that it is mounted in the position that you live in. Overall, there are four different mounting options that you can choose from, which ensures you will be able to find a style that matches the rest of your outdoor living space and kitchen. 

Install on an Outdoor Countertop

When you are looking to build out an outdoor kitchen, a great place to put your natural gas grill is on an outdoor countertop. An outdoor countertop can be a good installation option as the countertop that you can choose can be personalized to match well with the rest of your outdoor kitchen. Outdoor countertops usually have a dedicated space cut into them specifically for patio grills to be nested in. If your property already has an outdoor countertop you’ll have to fit your grill to the space available for it. A great benefit to this mounting option is it usually has the most countertop space available. 

Install into a Prefab Grill Island

Another alternative for those that would like to have an outdoor kitchen would be to have it installed into a grill island. A grill island can be a very appealing addition to your outdoor kitchen and living space as it offers a lot of styles and can look quite luxurious. They look sharp also offer a lot of storage space in the cabinetry built around the grill.

Place Grill onto a Grill Cart

A grill cart is a good option for someone that is looking to minimize the amount of space that their grill will take up. While the grill cart will not be able to move around, there are still advantages with a grill cart. A primary benefit of a grill cart is that the cart will come with some built-in cabinetry. With this, it will make it much easier for you to store shelf-stable food, grill accessories, and cookware. These tend to be an ideal option if you have a limited amount of space and do not want to create a full outdoor kitchen. 

Pedestal Grill Mount

If you do not intend to build a full outdoor kitchen around your grill, another option to consider is a pedestal grill mount. When you get a pedestal natural gas grill, the grill will be connected to the natural gas line but will be situated on top of a pedestal pole. In most cases, a pedestal natural gas grill will not come with any built-in cabinetry. However, all of our grills come with a stainless steel side shelf and have the option to add a second stainless steel side shelf, which will give you some preparation space. Compared to the other mounting options, a pedestal mount is also the most affordable option.

Adding an outdoor grill to any patio or outdoor kitchen is a great addition to a home. For many people, getting a natural gas grill is a great option and home addition. A natural gas grill will offer a variety of different benefits and amenities that are often unmatched by other outdoor grill options.

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