Outdoor Portable Heaters Expand Patio Use Year-Round

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The cold winter months offer home and business owners two outdoor patio options. Either retreat indoors until spring or implement an outdoor portable heater strategy that delivers year-round comfort. It’s surprising how many people don’t invest in portable patio heaters given their love of being outdoors. And businesses that do not provide a heater for patio customers are, obviously, limiting profitability during the lucrative holiday season. The fact that homeowners are unnecessarily diminishing their quality of life and business decision-makers are losing money begs the question: Why wait any longer to invest in an outdoor patio heater to expand your patio comfort?

Benefits of Portable Patio Heaters for Businesses

For the sake of this discussion, consider businesses such as restaurants, pubs, night clubs, hotels, and others under the umbrella of the “hospitality” industry. Each, in its own way, delivers leisure time and enjoyment to locals and visitors alike. Many such hospitality outfits offer indoor and outdoor elements. Hotel guests often congregate in areas that offer outdoor patios connected to an enclosed area. Managers in the nightlife industry know they must have an outdoor patio for customers who smoke.

But when a non-enclosed portion of a patio becomes chilly, customer satisfaction declines. Professionals in these industries are also well aware that patrons may go elsewhere if your outdoor patio is uncomfortable.

One of the successful strategies that savvy business leaders use is to install an overhead natural gas heater or even an electric heater in patio overhangs. Two of the cutting edge, fixed overhead heaters that are trending are the Infratech and Sunpak from AEI Corp. The Infratech can be connected to existing electrical circuits. The Sunpak models are overhead natural gas heaters that rank among the most cost-efficient on the market today. Both products allow businesses the ability to make spaces that are protected from the elements with an overhang comfortable year-round.

While that strategy helps maintain patio customers close to structures and overhangs if your patio is larger with uncovered areas much of the outdoor patio space will go unused. The iconic mushroom portable patio heaters are generally the best solution to restoring comfort to unusable patio areas.

Portable patio heaters made by Patio Comfort or Sunglo can be easily maneuvered into areas that require improved warmth. These AEI products can run on liquid propane (LP) or can be permanently fixed and connected to natural gas lines, similar to an overhead natural gas heater. When making a decision to expand your space with an outdoor portable heater, it’s essential to consider the business value of each setup.

  • Permanently fixed natural gas mushroom heaters improve safety.
  • Permanently fixed natural gas outdoor heaters are cost-effective.
  • Permanently fixed natural gas outdoor heaters define the space.
  • Portable patio heaters can be moved to accommodate space layout.
  • Portable patio heaters can be stored during hot summer months.
  • Portable patio heaters do not require installation.
  • Portable patio heaters utilize self-contained LP tanks that can be easily swapped out.

It would be easy to say that hospitality industry businesses would be wise to invest in an overhead natural gas heater and portable patio heaters to provide additional comfort to patrons. By implementing an outdoor infrared heating system, you can continue to utilize your outdoor patio space.

Portable Patio Heaters Enhance Backyard Patio Comfort

The idea of homeowners investing in portable patio heaters is not that different from hospitality businesses. A backyard patio is a substantial residential property investment in your quality of life. It certainly helps that outdoor patios offer luxurious use of the grounds and are widely considered an investment that increases property values.

When homeowners think about outdoor patios in terms of investment and quality of life, it makes sense to take the next step and ensure year-round usage. Like the beautiful stonework, quality gas grill, or a full outdoor kitchen, an heater patio heater delivers an excellent return on investment. These are proven benefits of portable outdoor heaters.

  • An outdoor portable heater delivers year-round comfort.
  • An outdoor portable heater allows you to host parties during cold-weather months.
  • An outdoor portable heater allows homeowners to have family dinners in the fresh air.
  • An outdoor portable heater improves your quality of life and leisure experience.

Although utilizing iconic mushroom heaters such as AEI’s Patio Comfort line may not put money in your pocket, it will likely make your home the go-to place for get-togethers when temperatures dip.

Portable Patio Heaters Have Evolved

One of the ideas that tend to hold some homeowners and business leaders back from selecting outdoor heaters to expand patio use is the idea of an open flame. Fortunately, AEI has overcome potential outdoor heater risks.

The Patio Comfort and Sunglo heaters that are used to expand outdoor comfort during cold weather do not rely on an open flame. Whether they are fueled by natural gas or liquid propane, they emit only radiant infrared heat. The infrared heat also far outpaces the old-fashioned use of flame. Rather than warm the air around friends or guests, it warms objects. That means a quick breeze won’t prevent you from feeling the heat. As long as you and your guests remain in the circular infrared heat zone that can reach up to 15 feet, comfort is ensured.

Another facet that has changed is the appearance of outdoor mushroom heaters. AEI brands have moved beyond the standard aluminum finish common among yesteryear models. Today, the Patio Comfort and Sunglo lines enjoy stylish options and finishes. These include bronze, jet-silver, and Vintage, among others. The style options allow homeowners and business decision-makers to select a model that meshes with the layout and ambiance of your unique space. That’s a significant upgrade from the outdoor patio heaters that stuck out like a sore thumb years ago.

There’s no doubt that investing in a heater for patio comfort expands your use of outdoor space year-round. By investigating the wealth of advanced technological options and patio heaters being offered by industry leaders such as AEI, you can make full use of your patio all year.

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