Pedestal Mount Natural Gas Grills for Apartment Living

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One of the best ways to cook food is using your grill at home. Grilling is popular because it brings out the flavor in most foods and is a healthy way to serve great food to your family or entertain your guests. While traditionally grills have been used to cook meat and fish, you can find many other foods on the grill these days. These include vegetables like cauliflower, asparagus, green beans, and fruit, like watermelon. It seems like new grilling techniques and recipes pop up each day.

Most grills are used in the backyard of single-family homes. But, if you own or manage apartment buildings, you know that your residents would love to have a nearby spot to grill their food, too. Even though apartments don't have handy backyards for grills, offering tenants a dedicated outdoor space to grill would be welcomed.

Grilling Challenges in Apartments

Having grills in an apartment complex can be problematic. For instance, grilling on an apartment balcony can be risky and dangerous. Apartment balconies are usually not large enough to install a grill safely. Often having grills on apartment balconies is against the state or local fire codes because they can be fire hazards. If you can't have a grill on your apartment balcony, it makes apartment grilling difficult or impossible for residents.

One of the amenities you may offer your residents is outdoor community space. Perhaps you have picnic tables or an open-air covered patio.

Do you ever find that most tenants never take advantage of outdoor community spaces? Many residents have busy lives or they forget that they have a shared outdoor space they can use. In fact, getting residents to use these outdoor community areas may be a challenge.

A Solution to Apartment Grilling

You can solve both the apartment grilling issue and the community space lack of use issue with the installation of outdoor commercial grills in your outdoor community spaces. Grilling is something a majority of residents like to do if it's convenient enough. By installing grills, you add to your list of apartment amenities and promote the usage of your community spaces at the same time. In good weather, your tenants will jump at the chance to grill dinner for their family and friends. And their families and friends will love visiting for a BBQ party.

Choosing the Right Grills for Your Apartment Complex

One of the best ways to encourage your residents to use your outside space is by creating a natural setting with trees, grass, and picnic tables. All residents would need to bring is their food to start grilling. Another possibility is adding a tent or pavilion for cover from rain or too much hot sun. This way, residents of all ages can relax outside. To put this plan into place, it's important to select the right grills for your tenants to use in this setting.

Pedestal grills are ideal for an apartment complex with limited outdoor community space. Using small BBQ grills for apartments allows you to maximize your space. Pedestal grills have a small footprint allowing you to place several of them in your outdoor patio area. This gives more of your residents the opportunity to grill for themselves or a group of people.

You can encourage usage of these grills by creating some apartment-sponsored events with on-the-spot grilling and lessons on how to use the grills for anyone who's never grilled before.

Which Grills Work Best for Apartment Communities?

PGS has several natural gas grills that can be mounted on pedestals. Pedestal grills are mounted securely to the ground making them safe for your apartment residents to use. You can set the grills up with the natural gas line running through the pedestal, eliminating the need for gas canisters.

This way, they just have to turn the gas on and light the grill. Natural gas grills are clean and easy to use even for beginners. Our T30 and T40 grills are great on pedestal mounts because several can be installed in one or more outdoor grilling areas to service multiple residents at one time. 

Natural Gas Grill - T30NG Patio Grills

The PGS Model T30NG patio grill is one of the outdoor commercial grills that can be pedestal mounted for use in a smaller setting. This model has an all-aluminum housing with PGS FuelStop® one-hour gas flow timer kit. Grill timers make grilling as safe or even safer as cooking in your oven because the grill will automatically shut off the gas if the grill is left on.

The gas flow timer shuts off the gas flow after one hour so grills can't be left on indefinitely. This means that your apartment manager will never have to worry about wasted fuel or a fire hazard from gas lines left on after grilling. Even if your residents are forgetful, no grill can be left on for more than one hour. If some needs more than an hour of grilling time, they simply wind the gas flow dial to give themselves more time.

The T30NG features a stainless steel efficient burner system so the grill heats quickly without wasting fuel. This grill and all of its internal components come with a one-year full parts replacement warranty for use in a commercial setting like an apartment complex. 

Other features include:

  • 30,000 BTU
  • 330 sq. in. of cooking surface
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grids and burners
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Self-Contained Continuous Spark Electronic Ignition System
  • 60-minute gas-flow shut-off timer

Natural Gas Grill - T40NG Patio Grills

The PGS patio grill T40NG has similar features to the T30NG but it is a little larger and provides more cooking space. It can be mounted on a pedestal with a natural gas hook-up and comes with the same one-hour gas flow timer kit. This model has the same materials, safety features, and a one-year warranty. Like all the PGS grills, any part that needs to be replaced outside of warranty can easily be ordered off our grill parts replacement website.

The T40NG differs from the T30NG in size and BTU.

  • 40,000 BTU
  • 434 sq. in. of cooking surface
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grids and burners
  • Heavy-Duty Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Self Contained Continuous Spark Electronic Ignition System
  • 60-minute gas-flow shut-off timer

You can compare the two grills and look at all of their specifications and features for commercial use at apartments and condos to determine which model will fit best in your unique setting. Find out more about these and other PGS grills.

The Outcome of Adding High-Quality Grills

Adding high-quality pedestal grill areas to your apartment development plan creates outdoor areas that residents will enjoy using throughout warm weather months. This forward-thinking approach is a win-win for both the apartment owners and tenants. Not only will you create better outdoor spaces that people can enjoy, but these amenities are also sure to be inviting when future apartment residents are looking for a new apartment to rent.

Having a peaceful outdoor space that appeals to families with kids, couples, or single residents is a great way to add value to your apartments. It gives residents a way to enjoy the outdoors that is convenient and easy. They don't have to travel to a city park to grill outdoors, and they have an outdoor space for birthday parties, family reunions, or a romantic picnic.

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