Propane Mushroom Heaters: Where Efficiency Meets Convenience

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When everyday people think about outdoor patio heaters, the first image that comes to mind is generally the mushroom heaters with the wide circular tops and long stems. There’s a good reason why most people picture those classic portable LP heaters. That’s because they rank among the most popular propane heaters for residential and commercial purposes.

Some throw heat directly from safety-secured flame and others now use the latest technology that has led to the infrared patio heater being a hot commodity. These days, mushroom heaters are where efficiency and convenience intersect in outdoor comfort.

Outdoor Patio Heaters Enjoy Improved Efficiency

In terms of extending the enjoyable use of outdoor spaces, propane heaters outpace other types of warming technology based on their top-tier efficiency.

It doesn’t require a mathematician to figure out that home and business owners overwhelmingly purchase portable LP heaters because they are more cost effective. A single tank of liquid propane can warm a deck, restaurant patio or other commercial space for a solid 10 or more hours.

If you consider the price of electric energy when you plug in a mini unit to help warm an interior room on a cold night, there’s a sound reason why homeowners like propane and natural gas heaters. Electrical costs can exceed those of liquid propane heaters and yield less warmth in the process.

The same holds true for those mini fire pits sold in retail outlets. Although the ambiance of the open flame has some appeal, the reality is that they lack the consistent ability to generate the required heat to provide sustained comfort. Fiddling with lighters, fuel and stoking a fire tends to be more of a time-consuming distraction than anything else. Doing tasks to stay warm with traditional fire gets old pretty fast and it’s far less safe.

That’s why people with backyard decks and businesses with outdoor patios prefer to utilize an infrared patio heater that is fueled by propane. The infrared technology isn’t swept away by a gust of wind and doesn’t require any more work than flipping an ignition switch. Radiant infrared technology warms the objects, and people, within its throw range. It’s perhaps the most efficient use of outdoor heating technology available today.

Portable LP Heaters Master Convenience

If you are a restaurant, business or homeowner considering the best options to extend the number of days that you can comfortably utilize an outdoor space, there are certainly a variety of options.

Calling a contractor and installing an elaborate and expensive heating and a wind-blocking system could work. Of course, fixed heating systems and structural changes limit your flexibility, permanently alter the space and are costly. There’s not a lot of convenience in any of those things.

Portable patio heaters are practically the exact opposite of fixed installations. Consider for a moment the variety of setups and gatherings you might have on your deck or commercial space. They may include the following.

infrared mushroom patio heater

  • Formal Dining
  • Mixed Seating and Standing Events
  • Informal BBQs
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Late-Night Drinks

Each of these and other outdoor space usages can call for a different type of seating arrangement or the need to clear the space for mingling. Portable LP heaters provide any setting with the inherent flexibility to reorganize and tailor the area in a convenient fashion. Just shut down your propane heaters, let them cool and safely move them into the spot that provides the best use of infrared radiant heat possible.

Mushroom Heaters Remain A Clear Choice

The flexibility and cost-effectiveness that benefit home and business owners are top reasons why mushroom heaters are the single-most recognizable option on the market today. The inclusion of infrared technology has allowed this class of outdoor patio heaters to remain at the forefront of the industry.

That being said, today’s portable LP heaters have also integrated convenient safety items such as the piezo match-free ignition. Outdoor patio heaters can also be stored during warm-weather months and brought out at your convenience. Home and business owners tend to agree that outdoor spaces are a valuable asset and mushroom heaters allow for their enhanced enjoyment.

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