Property, Apartment Managers Benefit From Installing Stainless Steel Community Grills

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Property managers who oversee condos, apartments and gated living complexes are discovering that installing a quality, stainless steel PGS gas grill brings residents closer together. Accentuating common areas with amenities gives people a reason to gather and bond. These spaces also allow residents a place to bring visiting friends and loved ones to enjoy deliciously grilled outdoor meals.

Decision-makers also understand that upgrading a space with a stainless steel gas grill tasks them with defining how and when the community grill used. They will undoubtedly need a one-hour gas flow timer that helps avoid wasting propane or natural gas. But installing this accessory represents a nominal cost considering the tremendous benefits of a high-quality community grill.



Benefits of Installing a Community Gas Grill

Savvy property and apartment managers recognize that residents appreciate highly valued amenities. If they were single-family homeowners, in all likelihood that would have a top-flight PGS gas grill outfitted with premium accessories.

That being said, condos, apartments and even luxury gated communities do not always afford the outdoor space to go all-in on grilling. Common areas accommodate gas grills and large gatherings of family and friends. Gas grill investments are likely to provide the following benefits.

  • Improve community members quality of life
  • Improve socialization within the community
  • Improve property values
  • Improve the ability to rent or sell condos, homes, and apartments

All of these benefits point to property and apartment managers enjoying the benefit of improved relationships. Maximizing this professional benefit will naturally require some oversight and defining community grill policies for residents and visitors.

Proper Community Gas Grill Etiquette

It’s reasonable for property and apartment managers to be concerned that a stainless steel community gas grill will result in friction without a policy in place. Fortunately, living in the technology age allows us to create a user-friendly online scheduling resource complete with community-friendly gas grill use policies. Consider these ground rules to enhance cooperative enjoyment.

  • Block first-come, first served time periods
  • Allow residents to pre-schedule personal use for large parties in advance
  • Schedule community grilling events
  • Outline post-use cleanup protocols
  • Install a one-hour gas flow timer

It goes without saying that maintenance will become part of the grounds crew’s routine responsibilities. The time spent is generally so minor that it won’t impact labor costs. But the one item that can become expensive is failing to outfit the stainless steel gas grill with an adequate fuel shutoff device.

The One-Hour Gas Flow Timer

The commercial PGS T series grills allow managers to include select accessories. However, the essential upgrade remains the gas flow timer.

There’s little doubt that we all forget to shut off the fuel to propane gas grills from time to time. In a community setting, that means the gas grill could continue to run all day, all night or until another resident discovers the oversight. That can get costly.

The other reason is that a hot grill becomes a safety concern for small children who may play in the community space and make contact with the hot surface. Installing a one-hour gas flow timer ensures a designated fuel stoppage, improved safety and is definitely cost-effective.

Invest in a Commercial PGS Community Grill

The importance of investing in a high-quality outdoor gas grill cannot be understated. A community grill is likely to get considerable use, and that means decision-makers would be wise to invest in a stainless steel commercial gas grill such as the PGS line.

Although there are excellent stand-alone products available that will hold up to continued use, it may be in the property manager’s best interest to consider the PGS T series. This model enjoys mounting options that transform the common grilling area into a veritable outdoor kitchen. They also can be easily outfitted with a one-hour gas flow timer.

The PGS T series has been a darling among property managers because it also enjoys perks such as anti-theft knobs, matchless battery-powered ignition, an impressive 720 square inches of cooking space, as well as an industry-leading warranty.

Adding a quality stainless steel community gas grill can make property and apartment managers quite popular. The improved quality of life and inherent benefits make PGS commercial grills a tremendous value.

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