Pros and Cons of Using Electricity for Outdoor Heaters

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Technological advancements have been put to work in the patio heating industry, and eco-friendly electric heaters rank among the most efficient and effective ways for home and business owners to extend the season.

It wasn’t that long ago that the electric heaters were considered only viable for indoor use. The throw range of yesteryear products was limited to only enclosed spaces. But the advent of the infrared electric heater has been a game-changer. That’s because the next-generation technology used in today’s leading radiant patio heaters warms objects within its warmth radius, not the surrounding air.

Unlike outdated heaters that warm the air, for a state-of-the-art infrared electric heater, wind and weather are not necessarily factors that can deter the enhanced enjoyment of spaces such as patios, decks, and verandas. Home and business owners are wise to do their due diligence on whether to purchase a radiant patio heater powered by electricity or another fuel source. These are the pros and cons of selecting an infrared electric heater.

An Electric Outdoor Patio Heater is Safe

Of the three possible energy resources — propane, natural gas, or electricity — the latter ranks as perhaps the safest way to power up an outdoor heater. While natural gas and propane products take the fuel source and use it to transfer fire into infrared heat, electricity does not. Heaters that run on electricity produce infrared heat by energizing an emitter.

Once the emitter is heated, it throws off infrared rays that warm people and objects. This is precisely the process used by AEI’s high-quality Infratech electric patio. Choosing an electric heater means home, and business owners are not using fire to heat their space.

Technology Helped Produced Eco-Friendly Electric Heaters

Everyday people have an eye toward the environment when buying products. Whether that entails their ability to be recycled or carbon emissions. Although natural gas and propane units are also considered environmentally friendly, electric heaters are a nod to the future. Many people are looking forward to 100 percent renewable energy in their home and business. That will come in the form of electricity. By choosing a product such as AEI’s Infratech electric patio, you won’t need to convert later to do your part for the planet.

Electric Outdoor Patio Heaters Require Installation

Some home and business owners may initially shy away from electric units that require installation. Top-tier products such AEI’s Infratech are not the type of hit-or-miss, plug-in units people use to deliver additional warmth in a bedroom on a cold winter night. These are top-of-the-line patio heating products that provide enhanced benefits regardless of the conditions, and that’s why they are tied directly into a conduit box. That process is widely considered only a small job for an experienced contractor. Although installation entails a little effort, home and business owners will never have to worry about being too cold on your patio.

Top Benefits of Installing an Infrared Electric heater

For home and business owners weighing their decision between liquid propane, natural gas, or an electric radiant patio heater, it should be stated that all three can prove beneficial. But electricity may have the edge on convenient usage. And, an overhead patio heater powered by electricity snugly fits into outdoors spaces with roofs or walls like any fixture. These rank among the many benefits of working with an electric radiant patio heater.

  • Cost-Effective: The cost of using electricity to power an outdoor patio heater generally runs between that of propane and natural gas. Fortunately, all three are relatively inexpensive resources for energy-efficient outdoor patio heaters.
  • Energy Efficient: Electric-powered heaters are more than 90 percent energy-efficient. You get excellent bang for your buck.
  • Mountable Units: An overhead patio heater, such as the Infratech unit, can be strategically mounted to walls or ceilings. This provides maximum use of valuable patio floor space.
  • Look & Feel: Will the heater stand out like a sore thumb? Top products can be flush mounted to deftly blend into existing décor. AEI products also come in multiple finishes, and flush-mounting options include frames.
  • Flexible Enjoyment: Cutting edge electric patio heating units are available in different sizes to meet the needs of any outdoor space.
  • Convenient Accessories: An AEI radiant patio heater can be smartly accessorized with conveniences such as on/off switches, temperature controlsuniversal control panels, and integrated into Smart technologies and home management systems. These are next-gen heaters with advanced conveniences.
  • Heat Efficiency: A radiant patio heater does not heat the surrounding air. It comfortably warms people and objects within its throw radius. They are just as effective on a windy night as a calm one.

Although liquid propane and natural gas remain viable options, electric outdoor patio heaters have significant advantages. The Infratech models have emerged as industry leaders in electric-powered outdoor heaters for these reasons.

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