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Replacing Worn Or Broken Parts

There is no denying the fact that a grill or patio heater are excellent investments for any commercial outdoor space or residential patio. However, that no matter how durable a grill or heater is; after extensive wear and tear some parts may need to be replaced, to keep your grill and/or heater working in it’s optimal condition.

This is why we provide all kinds of parts for natural gas and propane grills; as well as replacement parts for infrared heaters that run on propane, natural gas, or electricity.

AEI sells high quality OEM replacement parts for PGS grills, several brands of infrared heaters, and the Ambiance heaters. We also offer various warranties on some products; like the commercial T-Series grills, which come with a 1-year replacement warranty for damaged parts.

Common replacement parts for heaters and grills

Grill Replacement Parts Patio Heater Replacement Parts
  • Replacement cooking grids/grills
  • Warming racks
  • Upper grill castings/grill covers
  • Propane and Natural Gas fuel lines
  • One hour fuel line shut grill timers
  • Grill side shelfs
  • Grill control knobs
  • Portable grill wheels
  • Replacement pilot assemblies
  • Fuel regulators
  • Control valves
  • Emitter grids
  • Reflector shields/paneling
  • Propane tank decorative covers
  • Portable patio heater wheels
  • Assorted nuts, screws, and bolts
See the owner's manual for a full list of parts
Residential Grills | Commercial Grills
See the owner's manual for a full list of parts
Patio Comfort | Infratech | Sunglo | Sunpak

Example of detailed replacement parts for a patio heater

AEI sells OEM replacement parts for commercial and residential heaters and grills. It is also a nationwide supplier for these units and their replacement parts.

PGS Commercial and Residential Grills

AEI Corporation manufactured PGS Grills are being used on several thousand residential patios all over North America. They are also widely used in various businesses such as apartments, condos, golf clubs, bed and breakfasts and gourmet restaurants with outdoor seating.

The range of popular grills from PGS includes: the A-Series, the Legacy Series, and the T-Series commercial grills.

AEI operates as the single source for providing stainless steel gas grills (Legacy Series), aluminum gas grills (A Series) and commercial gas grills (T Series). PGS is known for manufacturing world-class gas grills using exceptional construction. Therefore, if you’re looking to replace your old/damaged outdoor cooking grill, a PGS product is definitely worth considering.

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a PGS grill for your home or commercial space is that you get a detailed warranty for replacement of parts (if and when needed). In fact, several parts of the PGS grill are either have one-year or lifetime warranties. These include critical components such as cooking grids, burners and various other parts.

The PGS grills is comprised of safe and easy-to-use grills that are specially designed for outdoor cooking purposes, both in the residential and commercial space. They are known for their durability and high-quality performance.

Infrared Heaters

When throwing a barbeque outside, there is no reason you should freeze to death in the winter months, or even be mildly uncomfortable in the spring chill. Radiant or infrared heat is one of the simplest ways of warming up outdoor spaces such as terraces, patios and verandas. In fact, they work extremely well for any outdoor or indoor seating where it is difficult to contain and re-circulate heating air.

AEI Corporation supplies these modern, eco-friendly, infrared heaters for both residential and commercial purposes. The heaters are designed to match the décor style of any seating. They are noise-free and much superior to conduction heaters, which require heating the ambient air.

Patio Comfort Heaters

AEI Corporation’s line of Patio Comfort heaters has been specially developed for outdoor heating comfort. These outdoor heaters create a warm, heated circle with its superior design and use of high-quality materials. If you wish to enjoy outdoor entertainment and “alfresco” dining, our patio comfort heaters will surely serve the purpose.

Our Patio Comfort Heaters are available in a wide range of colors as well as mounting styles. While all our heaters use infrared technology, you can choose which fuel source they use, either natural gas or liquid propane.

Sunglo Heaters

Our line of Sunglo infrared heaters are used in hotels, resorts, restaurants, residential patios across North America. The US manufactured Sunglo heaters are available in four distinct models, offering maximum flexibility with regards to patio design. The PSA265 model is the ideal choice for uncovered settings since it provides a solid post mount and options of semi-automatic, fully automatic and manual ignition systems. If you’re looking for a heater for your patio, then the suspended Sunglo heater i.e. model A244 could be an excellent choice.

Sunpak Heaters

Sunpak outdoor patio heaters also utilize infrared technology for outdoor heating comfort. This line of heaters is extremely simple to operate and makes use of draft-free, energy-efficient infrared energy for providing almost natural, sun-like heating solutions. All heaters of our Sunpak heaters have a CSA Design certification and are designed for cost-effectiveness and clean burning. These energy efficient heaters utilize propane or natural gas fuels, to safely create infrared heat.

Ambiance Heaters

Our Ambiance Outdoor Fire Features has managed to revolutionize the heating industry with its hypnotic, visually stunning and alluring controlled flame. This heater is a product of contemporary conceptualization and design and incorporates all kinds of latest safety features as well as high-quality durable parts.

This heater also adds a touch of elegance and charm to your outdoor seating area.

About AEI Corporation

AEI Corporation was established in the year 1966. Ever since its incorporation, AEI has operated with the singular mission of providing the finest and most innovative patio heating and outdoor cooking products to both commercial and residential customers.

AEI is a highly respected and well-recognized name in the heating and cooking appliance industry and was present when the first gas grill saw the light of the day. This was back in 1958! It was also a witness to the fabrication of the foremost production patio heaters and has been a leading innovator in both industries for decades.

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