Sunpak Infrared Patio Heaters Build on a Half-Century’s Reputation for Excellence

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The days of flame-driven patio heaters have become dinosaurs in residential and commercial settings. Home and business owners who invested in these products quickly experienced buyer’s remorse. That’s largely because the first breeze that sweeps over their outdoor patio or open-air dining area brings a chill.

There’s a certain level of frustration that comes with seeing dissatisfied restaurant patrons put sweaters on or leave before dessert. And having to duck inside when a backyard patio suddenly experiences a breeze usually makes homeowners rethink that seemingly popular outdoor patio heater. But the good news is that the Sunpak line of LP and outdoor natural gas heaters use state-of-the-art infrared technology that is not impacted by cool breezes. Infrared heaters warm objects and people in their throw radius, not necessarily the fragile surrounding air.

After more than 50 years of delivering warming comfort to restaurateurs’ outdoor dining customers and homeowners, the Sunpak heaters employ cutting-edge infrared heater technology that delivers consistency. Business leaders who want to garner an improved return on investment increasingly turn to commercial-grade Sunpak models. Homeowners who want to maximize their leisure experience continue to pivot and install residential models. If you are tired of limited outdoor patio usage, these are things worth considering.

Proven Commercial Benefits of Installing an Infrared Heater System

The business strategies surrounding patio heaters have evolved significantly in recent years. Flame-producing patio heaters were generally considered a hit or miss value due to their inconsistency. But the popularity of the infrared heater prompted many to see them as a way to expand outdoor seating and other causal outdoor spaces for after-hours drinks.

No longer a value-added investment, an overhead infrared heater system has emerged as a competitive asset. The use of a fixed LP heater or outdoor natural gas heater delivers the following benefits.

  • Fresh-Air Dining Experiences
  • Comfortable Designated Smoking Areas
  • Attractive Views for Customers
  • Expanded Seating Capacity

In recent years, patio heaters have become something of a survival tool for small businesses. The additional revenue generated from an expanded footprint, hours of use, and increased patronage have proven to be a winning investment.

Proven Benefits of Installing Infrared Patio Heaters

Purchasing a house and grounds ranks among the largest investments of a lifetime. Homeownership provides a sense of security and a place for everyday people to build fond memories.

Being able to maximize the hours spent on patios and decks has a significant bearing on familial bonds. Parents sometimes grow exasperated with youngsters spending too much screen time and not enough real-life family interaction. Installing a Sunpak infrared heating system can change family dynamics in the following ways.

  • Extend the Use of Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Enjoy Outdoor Meals Together Away from Electronics
  • Reduce Grab-and-Go Eating Habits
  • Encourage Extended Family Get-Togethers

While the quality of life enhancement tends to be a primary driver, it’s also important to consider property values. Popular mushroom head outdoor infrared heaters also provide comfort. But installations such as a Sunpak system are generally considered fixed property assets. That means homeowners improve real estate values by investing in fixed-in-place infrared heaters.

What You Need To Know About Sunpak Infrared Heaters

There are wide-ranging benefits to installing Sunpak heaters in residential and commercial settings. This particular line provides the flexibility for property owners to leverage either LP or natural gas fuel. Homeowners who already take advantage of inexpensive natural gas for heating, cooking, and outdoor kitchens can have a designated line run to power a Sunpak patio heater. The same holds true for restaurant and leisure businesses.

Properties that do not necessarily have natural gas readily available can tap into LP gas lines. If not an option in your area, an LP heater can be installed with refillable tanks. The essential point is the Sunpak series is designed to accommodate existing, low-cost fuel opportunities. But perhaps the critical differences that distinguish Sunpak and its 50-year reputation from others involve the unique designs and robust BTUs.

What You Need To Know About Sunpak BTU Outputs

The Sunpak series continues to build on its industry-leading popularity by delivering substantial BTU outputs. Residential and commercial models can be selected that generate 25,000 or 34,000 BTUs. Property owners need only consider the infrared throw-radius to determine whether they require 25,000 or 34,000. While this strategy would seem to suffice in wide-reaching outdoor spaces, the thought leadership behind this series resulted in a dual-BTU option.

Two-Stage Sunpak Patio Heaters Save Money

The Sunpak two-stage heaters provide a unique money-saving opportunity for home and business owners. For example, outdoor dining can be arranged to position patrons close to the overhead or wall-mounted infrared heater first. Setting the Sunpak to 25,000 BTUs provides warming comfort within the lower setting throw radius. Businesses use less fuel in this setting and accomplish the goal of providing a positive experience.

As the dinner rush or late-night crowd grows, the same Sunpak unit can be ramped up o 34,000 BTUs. Again, increased infrared and an expanded throw radius provide a quality customer experience. But the larger savings involves no longer having to purchase multiple heaters to cover a single area.

Sunpak Models Provide Décor Options

One of the issues that sometimes hold residential and commercial business owners back involves appearance. The idea of a clunky heater hovering overhead sometimes causes people to think in terms of balancing comfort against appearance. People who invest in the Sunpak line do not have to choose between good looks and staying warm. These are the decorative options available.

  • Coated Black Galvanized Steel: This aesthetic option allows businesses and homeowners to secure heaters in dark areas where they remain unseen. This is particularly helpful in black-out ceilings.
  • Stainless Steel Casing: Modern décor strategies sometimes accentuate ductwork and structural elements. Stainless steel Sunpak models add to the ambiance.
  • Antique Bronze Fascia Kit: The innovative designers of the Sunpak line understand that appearance matters. That’s why three fascia kits can be selected with any model. These include black, stainless steel, and antique bronze. Property owners now enjoy more choices to maintain or enhance their ambiance.

Sunpak heaters can be mounted under sturdy outdoor overhead coverings such as awnings, gazebos, pergolas, eves, or other structures where minimum clearance from combustibles can be met. Although not developed for indoor use, they have emerged as trustworthy and popular LP or outdoor natural gas heaters.

The benefits of investing in outdoor patio heaters are not a secret. Global patio heater growth is expected to increase by 6.74 percent from 2021 to 2025. But in North America, upwards of 35 percent growth is anticipated as commercial and residential property owners invest in propane and outdoor natural gas heaters such as the Sunpak infrared patio heaters.

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