Sunpak Overhead Patio Heaters Improve Customer Retention

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Hospitality businesses continue to search for a recipe for the special sauce that will attract more patrons and entice them to stay longer. According to a recent article by the New York Post, the average American spends upwards of $2,700 per year eating out. Nearly half of people polled dine out just after payday. The challenge for restaurateurs and others who own or operate hospitality businesses is getting customers to patronize their establishments more often and stay later.

Groups congregating on an outdoor patio typically order nightcaps. Once the entrée has been digested, it’s not unusual to reconsider desserts or finger food such as chips and salsa or wings while talking with friends. The revenue generated by eateries that employ al fresco spaces for customer attraction and retention epitomizes why patios and decks are essential.

But open-air spaces can only drive profits while the weather cooperates. When fall brings evening chills and winter sends people back indoors, the outdoor patio revenue stream gets shut down. The solution involves installing overhead propane or natural gas horizontal heaters. By strategically placing an infrared patio heater, you can encourage people to join the late-night crowd and spend more money at your establishment.

Benefits of Installing A Sunpak Infrared Patio Heater

It’s no secret that leisure businesses turned to natural gas and propane patio heaters when pandemic restrictions essentially closed indoor dining. Although it is an unfortunate way to learn the value of previously underused outdoor areas, the benefits have not changed. Installing Sunpak horizontal patio heaters overhead on the surrounding buildings can help accomplish retention and attraction goals, such as the following:

  • Comfortable Seating: Everyday people gravitate to the fresh air when the temperature permits. Adding overhead horizontal patio heaters makes sitting outside in the evening or deep into fall feel cozy. Restaurants, pubs, and others can increase their service potential and the revenue that comes with patio heaters.
  • Al Fresco Menu: Hotels and resorts, among others, have an opportunity to design an outdoor seating menu. This option gives vacationers and travelers a chance to enjoy light fare, appetizers, and beverages under the stars. As long as they stand within the throw radius of an infrared patio heater, they will gain greater enjoyment, spend a few extra dollars, and are more likely to post a positive review.
  • Valet Service: One of the sometimes overlooked commercial uses of overhead patio heaters involves parking. Offering valet service attracts customers who may not be inclined to walk during frigid evenings. By installing patio heaters at your valet waiting areas will keep your guests warm as they wait for their car. That sentiment also holds true for the valets who need to stand outside. Installing an infrared heater at the valet station makes it easier to retain staff members.
  • Mingling: Night clubs usually require a comfortable outdoor space where people can smoke, talk without needing to shout over the music, and make new friends. Installing overhead patio heaters is a must to bring in late fall and winter revelers.
  • Craft Beer Tastings: Microbreweries have become a hot-trending industry. Many of these operations are not necessarily allowed to sell food with fine craft beverages. Brewery owners often rely on food trucks for customer retention. Making the outdoor area a warm and comfortable place to drink an IPA and purchase from a gourmet food truck goes together like peanut butter and jelly.
  • New Patrons: The late-night and outdoor crowd may differ from your usual customer base. It’s not uncommon for hospitality operations with outdoor heaters to attract younger people and those who work the second shift. Natural gas, propane, and electric patio heaters have a way of bringing in new business.
  • Private Parties: The warming comfort that infrared patio heaters provide allows leisure enterprises to book networking events and private parties. You no longer need to have a segregated space or tell groups you can only accommodate them on slow nights. Diverting them to the outdoor area cements the additional revenue with enthusiasm.
  • Games: Pools and grilling stations used to be the primary outdoor entertainment amenities. In recent years, people living in condos, apartment complexes, and senior communities desire more. Shuffleboard and bocce courts are just a sampling of the outdoor activities people want. Adding an infrared heater makes them an all-season perk.
  • Gathering Areas: Condominiums, apartment complexes, and other multi-family living environments need comfortable common areas. Whether they involve outdoor grilling areas, hot tubs, swimming pools, or others, reasonable access is expected. That includes evenings and cool-weather months. Again. Infrared patio heaters are the best solution.

It’s also important to keep in mind that outdoor patios are a perfect location for events. For instance, you can host an open mic, music trio, band, or other opportunities that bring in people. What’s genuinely dynamic about using outdoor areas in this fashion is the fact it does not affect normal indoor service. To realize these and other benefits, the Sunpak heater may be exactly what you need.

What You Need to Know About Sunpak Overhead Patio Heaters

Decision-makers need to get a return on investment for every capital improvement. Installing Sunpak overhead horizontal patio heaters also need to pay for themselves and turn a profit. The benefits above all link revenue streams to the comfort derived from an infrared heater. The AEI Corp’s Sunpak line is an industry-leading commercial-grade outdoor patio heater. These products generate between 25,000 and 34,000 BTU. They are built to endure intense weather conditions and remain reliable Made in USA infrared heaters. These are other key attributes of the Sunpak series for hospitality business owners and operators to consider.

  • Mounting Options: Sunpak infrared patio heaters can be mounted to walls and ceilings in semi-enclosed areas. They can also be secured to posts or overhead beams on fully open patios and outdoor venues. The heaters can be installed at angles that range from 0 to 30 degrees to maximize the infrared throw radius.
  • Efficient Infrared Burners: Like other products offered by AEI Corp, the products keep an eye on energy efficiency. Natural gas and liquid propane are widely considered sustainable sources of energy. But the Sunpak heater goes a step further with its highly efficient ceramic infrared burners.
  • Easy to Operate: A Sunpak infrared patio heater can include a simple on-off switch or shutoff timer. These two-stage heaters are managed by a conveniently placed wall control switch that has 3-positions (High/Low/Off), which allows you to save energy by setting it at a lower threshold when advantageous.
  • Décor Options: Business owners and managers do not have to worry that a Sunpak infrared heating system will look awkward or interfere with the existing décor. The Sunpak patio heaters are available with stainless steel, bronze, or black finishes. These attractive exteriors can augment the patio, deck, veranda, and other outdoor spaces. If you want the heaters to blend into the background, black finishes helps hide the units overhead.

In terms of retention and return on investment for resorts, ski lodges, hotels, and restaurants adding a Sunpak heater allows hospitality companies to keep ahead of their competitors all year round.

Sunpak infrared patio heaters provide the warmth and comfort required to keep outdoor seating, mingling, grilling stations, and entertainment options available when cool breezes arrive. The ability of these horizontal overhead heaters to attract and retain patrons makes them an ideal investment. If you have any questions about Sunpak heaters or other products, fill out the online form, and someone will get right back to you.

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