Suspended Heaters Are Outdoor Patio Game-Changers

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Iconic mushroom head patio heaters remain the most recognized way to warm outdoor spaces for good reason. These products rank among the most-purchased patio heaters for restaurants and backyard patios and decks. You simply cannot miss that large mushroom head as it distributes warm comfort to people gathered in its throw-range. But there are other types that can extend the day and season that fly under the radar.

Suspended heaters deliver the same leisure enjoyment of fresh air, good food, and great conversation with friends and family members. The significant difference is that these outdoor heaters are fixed in place and tend to fade into the background. With the exception of feeling warm on a cool evening, you might not be as cognizant of suspended heaters as you typically are of mushroom head patio heaters. That being said, home and business owners may want to pause before pulling the trigger on portable patio heaters and consider the benefits of suspended heaters first. By comparing the differences and space you plan to heat, you’ll be better prepared to make an informed decision.

Key Differences Between Suspended Heaters & Floor Mounted Heaters

It’s important to keep in mind that infrared patio heaters for restaurants, service industry businesses, and residential properties can all deliver warmth and comfort. AEI Corporation, for example, is an industry leader in both outdoor portable propane heaters such as the Patio Comfort, Sunglo mushroom heaters, and suspended heaters such as Sunglo, Infratech, and Sunpak models. All of these products use next-generation infrared technology to distribute a heat radius that warms objects rather than air. That delivers consistent comfort that can’t be blown away by a breeze. While those similarities make them both viable options, the answers to these questions may prompt you to further consider why suspended heaters may be the best option in certain circumstances.

Do You Have Floor Space Limitations?

Although portable patio heaters fueled by liquid propane tanks can generally be moved to reconfigure an outdoor space, they do take up square footage. This means you will be tasked with positioning them within the infrared throw radius of guests. By contrast, suspended heaters are fixed in place overhead, helping to maximize your floor space. Home and business owners need only manage the output of the units in the area of people using a control panel. Suspended patio heaters for restaurants maximize seating area effortlessly.

Do You Have An Overhang To Deter Inclement Weather?

Among the best places to mount suspended heaters are in areas that have a sturdy permanent overhang outdoors. In residential properties, verandas and gazebos are perfect places to install one or more. Suspended heaters such as the Sunpak or Infratech heaters can be secured to overhead structures, as long as they meet manufacturer guidelines. Verandas are also excellent areas to suspend stylish models such as the Sunglo, which are essentially mushroom head outdoor heaters secured from a sturdy overhead structure.

What makes the strategy of employing suspended heaters in verandas and gazebos particularly successful is that they further space's purpose. This outdoor space was designed to be used rain or shine. With suspended heaters in place, it becomes an all-season living space even in otherwise frigid temperatures. The same holds for suspended patio heaters for restaurants and other commercial uses. If you have an outdoor space with a viable overhang, it can be outfitted to accommodate customers 365 days per year.

What Fuel Sources Are Available?

The mushroom heaters use convenient liquid propane tanks that are stored in the base or natural gas that is piped in directly. This has been a tried-and-true way of placing portable outdoor heaters in any convenient location. By contrast, suspended heaters do not have a base to house a tank. For that and other reasons, AEI Corp’s suspended heaters can mainly leverage two fuel sources — natural gas, and electricity.

As natural gas becomes increasingly prevalent, home and business owners have the option to install overhead heaters that tap directly into this fuel source. It’s a cost-effective and green-friendly way to deliver warm comfort to outdoor spaces. Properties using designated liquid propane lines have a similar option. For those home and business owners that do not have lines, you can save the installation expense and have an electrician designate a line to power  Infratech heater. The point is that any home or business can take advantage of suspended heaters without having to add a new fuel source.

Proven Benefits of Suspended Heaters

In order to take advantage of suspended patio heaters, it’s essential to have a sturdy structure in place to secure them. Box heaters can also be installed on walls and project infrared heat from the sides if that makes sense for a specific space. These products are usually connected to a control panel, much like light switches. Many owners opt for heat controls and timers to avoid wasting energy. While portable outdoor heaters are wonderful additions that help extend the season and make areas comfortable under the stars, these are proven benefits home, and business owners routinely enjoy after installing suspended heaters.

  • Suspended heaters increased the use of floor space
  • Overhead heaters have models that run on either natural gas or electricity
  • Hung mushroom heaters provide stylish décor
  • Mounted box heaters fade into the background
  • Models can be mounted on structurally sound overhangs and walls
  • Increase the use of gazebos and verandas to include rain, snow, or frigid temperatures

If mounting suspended heaters make the most sense for your home or business, the Sunpak models come in stainless steel and black, to fade into the background. This line generates 25,000 to 34,000 BTUs. The electricity-driven Infratech line has single and dual element models and wide-reaching options in terms of control panels and accessories. The Sunglo mushroom head suspended options generate upwards of 50,000 BTUs and create a stylish ambiance that enhances home or business décor.

While some spaces may be better served with portable patio models, others require suspended heaters to maximize their peaceful enjoyment regardless of the temperature outside. Having high quality infrared outdoor heaters installed helps businesses increase profits and homeowners improve their quality of life experience.

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