Tech Advancements, Healthy Food Choices Impact Top Outdoor BBQ Trends

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There are unique outdoor grilling trends that take shape each and every year. The shifting trends are often prompted by two things that converge — technological advancements and food choices. The improvements in natural gas grills tend to influence what food options find there way out of the indoor kitchen and on the built-in outdoor gas grills for backyard chefs to prepare. This year has seen grilling aficionados augment their moveable and permanent grills with convenient accessories that have led to the following trends.

Increased Use of Attached Infrared Rotisserie on a Gas Grill

The rise of infrared technology and its application to the rotisserie burner has been an absolute game-changer. Grilling enthusiasts have been attaching a new rotisserie on a gas grill in order to open up grate space while enhancing their food options.

We all recognize that supermarkets have been attracting customers to their deli sections with rotisserie chickens. Backyard BBQ enthusiasts have taken that idea to the next level. Not only do these infrared rotisserie add-ons allow you to up the ante on those chickens, home chefs now have the ability to prepare thick choice cuts of meat, pineapples, and other menu items. Installing an infrared rotisserie on a gas grill is trending hot.

Grilling Meatless Hamburgers on Stainless Steel Natural Gas Grill

Vegetarians and vegans are embracing natural gas grills at a high rate due to heat management advancements. Outdated grills often suffered issues with uneven heat disbursement and flame ups. That minimized the ability to deliver tasty, healthy vegetarian options such as meatless burgers.

The Moon Rok grill briquettes used in PGS grills now allow for consistent cooking temperatures and reduce flare-ups. This has prompted a plant-based outdoor grilling trend for vegetarians and vegans in particular. Tofu, Seitan, Tempeh, and other plant-associated products are leading the charge. Some products infuse an ingredient called “Soy Leghemoglobin,” that imbues a “bleeding” effect similar to real meat and delivers a beef-like texture. There are definitely advancements in the food sector that affect grilling enthusiasm as well.

Vegetables No Longer Forbidden Fruit for Outdoor Gas Grills

Other than corn on the cob and baked potatoes, veggies have traditionally been prepared indoors. The reasons for that preference were, until recently, quite pragmatic. Indoor cooking heats used to be more consistent, cooks had more burners and greater counter space for preparation. The uptick in accessories for built-in outdoor gas grills has shifted veggie preparation for the following reasons.

  • Outdoor gas grill side burners deliver more cooking space.
  • Gas grill side shelves provide improved preparation space.
  • Permanent gas grills offer cabinet space underneath
  • Permanent gas grills offer improved counter space.
  • An infrared rotisserie on a gas grill opens the door for perfect veggie kabobs

The days of only whipping up burgers and hot dogs on a backyard BBQ are long gone. Grilling enthusiasts now have the technologically-advanced tools to prepare the healthiest foods for the entire family. Recent trends point to them taking full advantage of outdoor veggie preparation.

More People Grilling Mushrooms on Natural Gas Grills

Improper heat consistency had deterred mushroom lovers for many years. The first mushroom to make a widespread appearance on outdoor grills was the thick Portobello. But advancements such as the PGS Moon Roks and others have these delicious complements finding their way to outdoor propane and natural gas grills. These are mushrooms that are currently trending.

  • Cremini
  • Shiitake
  • Oyster
  • Button
  • Chanterelle
  • Enoki
  • Porcini

The combination of health benefits, unique texture, and exquisite taste have more and more outdoor grillers putting mushrooms on the menu.

Significant Uptick in Gas Shut-Off Timers in Commercial Settings

The hot-button trend in commercial setups is the gas grill shut off timer. Whether the mostly built-in outdoor gas grills are part of an eatery’s patio or installed in a community living setting, a 60 min gas shut-off grill timer delivers safety benefits and lowers cost.

It’s not uncommon for people in condo associations to get together to prepare an outdoor meal only to forget to shut off the grill. The same holds true for restaurants that have outdoor patios. Cooks get distracted when business is slow, but owners pay for the wasted propane or natural gas. The 60 min gas shut-off grill timer saves fuel costs and protects against children touching a hot surface. High-quality products such as the PGS T-Series grills come equipped with a 60-minute gas flow shut-off timer.

Technology and the pursuit of great food helped deliver these popular outdoor BBQ trends. The best way to stay current and enjoy expansive outdoor food options is to work with top brands such as PGS, utilize next-generation tech advancements, and achieve your full grill master potential.

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