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Opening the lid of a barbecue grill is easy – for most people, most of the time. But what about someone who uses a wheelchair? Or someone with a shoulder injury or with their dominant arm in a sling? For them, the tasks of daily living can be a challenge, and a grill lid might be just one more struggle to overcome. The lift-assist makes the PGS grill accessible for many.

That’s why PGS makes lift-assist handles for the grills in their Legacy series. Now the most reliable grills on the market have one more safety feature to recommend them. The lift-assist handle allows for the grill to be more accessible for all who love to grill. A great addition to any already accessible PGS grill located in apartment or multi-family complexes.  These top-rated cooking appliances with their stainless steel burner and grate construction, with their ceramic rocks that distribute heat and prevent flare-ups, can be purchased as an accessible grill for everyone.

According to the CDC, 26% of U.S. adults have some disability that impacts, but does not stop, their ability to perform everyday life activities. This translates into 61 million Americans. (Source:

What’s a Lift-Assist Handle?

The PGS lift-assist handle is an optional lifting device designed specifically for the grills in the Legacy series and the T-series commercial grills. The lift handle terminates in a grip. The grip is within easy reach of just about everyone, and, more important, it remains in easy reach as the lid goes up. The lift-assist allows for the grill lid to be opened easily while keeping you safely away from the flame.

You don’t have to stand in front of the grill and keep extending your arm as the lid goes up. There is less reaching or stretching. You don’t have to be injured or disabled for this to be a convenient feature. At the end of a long day, it’s nice to open your grill with just a turn of the wrist.

The PGS lift-assist handle comes in three models, one for each line within the Legacy grill family. At AEI Corporation we’ve been making grills for nearly 56 years and have been a continuous leader in grill technology. We proudly stand behind our grills with a no-compromise warranty that includes lifetime protection on aluminum castings, stainless steel cooking grids, warming racks, supports, and side shelves.

Lift Assist Handle - PGS Grills


The LAHK27 handle is made for the Legacy Newport Grills. This includes the S27 and the S27R, which are our smallest grills at 30 inches but are big in terms of performance. The S27 cranks out 45,000 total BTUs from its pair of 304-grade stainless steel burners. It’s easy to operate for the casual weekend spatula warrior yet elaborate enough for the veteran chef who wants to show off every facet of grilling, baking, and smoking. The S27R has all the features of the S27 and adds a 12,000 BTU infrared rotisserie burner.

With the LAHK27 attached, opening the lid is one less thing a cookout king or queen has to worry about. Grip and turn the handle, and concentrate on the luscious steaks, chops, and chicken you’re about to serve for guests.

The LAHK27 fits one of our commercial grills as well. That’s the S27T, the small but mighty grill featured in many condos, apartment buildings, and outdoor restaurant kitchens. It’s the sturdy cooker that’s designed for groups. It even has the PGS FuleStop one-hour has flow timer, which automatically shuts itself off if someone wanders away and leaves the gas running.

The handle on all three of these 30-inch grills measures 29 5/8 inches, and the lift-assist handle runs 17 3/8 inches along the side of the lid. Whether you’re cooking in a private backyard for family and friends or laying out a spread for a large, hungry group, it takes just a turn of the wrist to open the lid to get started and close it when the party’s over.


Next up is the LAHK 36, specifically built for the Legacy Pacifica grill series. This includes the 39 inch S36 and S36R. These have not just two but three commercial-grade stainless steel burners. These versatile grills can include flare guard rock grates, side beverage holders, and a side burner, and now they can include an effortless lift-assist handle as well.

The S36 is the standard grill of the pair, and the S36R Pacifica Gourmet grill adds an infrared rotisserie burner. Like all our grills, the S36 and S35R are available in propane and natural gas versions. No matter what kind of gas you’re cooking with, the LAHK36 handle lets you open and close the lid over the three burners and the 720 square inch cooking area with the greatest ease.

Like the LAHK27 series, the LAHK36 series also fits a commercial grill, the S36T. This grill is popular with building managers of apartments and condos because of its study longevity and also the energy-saving PGS one-hour gas shutoff timer. When the S36T is equipped with an LAHK36, there are no worries about whether the gas will get turned off and no complaints about the lid being too difficult to open.

The S36 series lid handle is 38 5/8 inches, so there’s a bigger lid to open than on the 30-inch S27 grills, but it still takes just a 17 3/8 inch lid handle to make the job a snap.


A PGS 51 inch grill hovers over four burners and 960 square inches of cooking surface, so its lid is the bulkiest and the heaviest in the PGS line. Still, with the LAHK48, this task is within the ability of almost everyone. The LAHK48 is designed for the PGS Legacy S48R, also called the Big Sur. With 102,000 BTU of cooking muscle, it’s the grill to use for those large outdoor parties that host a ravenous crowd. It cranks out burgers with steaks with barely a murmur, and it’s ready to take on more substantial challenges such as prime ribs, pork roast, and turkeys.

Opening the lid will never be a challenge, however, when the Big Sur is equipped with the LAHK48 lift-assist handle. You don’t always have to light all four burners, but you do have to open the entire lid. The LAHK48 ensures that will never be an issue.

The LAHK48 also fits S48R’s commercial cousin, the S48T. It shares the S48R’s four-burner grilling prowess and adds the timer that automatically turns off the gas after one hour. Power, sturdiness, dependability, and a lid that’s no problem to open and close – what more could you ask for in a grill built to handle a hungry horde?

Even though the lid handle of these grills is 46 5/8 inches, it still takes just a 17 3/8 lift handle for anybody to move the lid up and down.

PGS Lift Assist Handle

Quality Lift-Assist Handles for Quality Grills

PGS has been around since gas grills first hit the scene. Today our products are found in backyards, apartment common areas, golf clubs, sailing clubs, and restaurants throughout North America. We’ve been an industry leader in performance, flexibility, and innovation, and now we’re leading the way in accessibility for grills.

When you purchase a PGS grill and equip it with a PGS grill lift-assist handle, you’re not only giving yourself years of cooking enjoyment on the finest grills you can buy. You’re also ensuring that those grills and lids will be safe, easy, and convenient to operate for you and for anyone else who uses your durable cooking appliance.

PGS accessible cart is also available (sold separately) and in combination with the lift-assist handle is the perfect configuration to allow all who enjoy grilling to easily partake in the experience.

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