The Perfect Heating System for Luxury Hotels

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Hosting guests in a luxury hotel means providing them with inviting luxury amenities so that they feel pampered and relaxed. This is important no matter what season of the year it is, the size of the event, or whether it's a guest's first visit or 50th visit to your hotel. Having the perfect upscale hospitality spaces ready for guests at a comfortable temperature so they can focus on enjoying themselves is beneficial to your bottom line. But how can you maximize your outdoor spaces when temperatures become chilly in the fall or spring temperatures are a little too cold for entertaining? Finding the best heating system for your patio spaces adds additional months that guests can book them throughout the year giving you the opportunity to generate more revenue from already existing hotel patio spaces.

Add Luxury to Your Hospitality Spaces

Providing the best atmosphere for the most upscale environments includes having appropriate heating elements to keep guests happy throughout their stay. These environments can include rooftop lounges, restaurant patios, valet pickup areas, and other outdoor common spaces where guests can be exposed to cooler weather before, during, or after a visit. While you can see the benefits of extending the use of outdoor event spaces, keeping them comfortable adds to the enjoyment of their visit to your luxury hotel. This idea is also good for indoor-outdoor dining in fine restaurants or lounge spaces where guests can go outside while visiting your hotel.

Installing outdoor patio heaters in your outdoor hospitality spaces adds longevity and maximizes the ability to use those spaces throughout the year. While you can't plan for every weather event, adding heating systems with electric infrared heaters, propane heaters, and natural gas heaters makes outdoor spaces inviting even in cooler weather. When guests appreciate and enjoy the extra care taken for their comfort, it is one more reason or them to come back and visit again.

Patio Heaters for Luxury Hotels

If you've determined that adding patio heaters to your outdoor hospitality spaces is something you want to do, how do you find the right heating system for your upscale high-end luxury property? While several models of heating products would be great additions, the first one you should consider is the INFRATECH 61 1/4" Dual Element 6,000 watt Stainless Steel Quartz Heater from AEI Corporation. This unit is multifunctional and has a variety of uses.

Infratech's WD-Series Heaters can double the warmth in your event space. This high-powered heating unit features dual elements for more concentrated heat. This characteristic makes the WD-Series ideal for putting into a recessed installation or any other premium outdoor heating application. This heater can heat spaces with 10-14 foot mounting heights and large-scale coverage areas. Infratech heating technology is 90% energy efficient, UL listed for indoor and outdoor use, and inexpensive to operate. Operating the units is easy, making them perfect for use in fine homes, hotels, restaurants, and bars.

What is Infrared Heat?

Heaters using infrared technology produce heat in a similar way as the sun, without harmful ultraviolet rays. They don't warm the air like some indoor heaters. Instead, they warm people and objects near them. The heat made from infrared heaters warms objects with harmless infrared waves. Infratech uses quartz elements to produce a safe wavelength of light that only affects solid objects. (These light rays cannot be seen by the human eye, so they appear invisible when in use.) Therefore, heat goes from the heater to each person without any waste. Guests warm up immediately due to these fast-acting heat rays.

Another benefit of infrared heat is that it doesn't blow away in the wind. Since it's not heating the air, it can't be blown away. The quartz elements used to produce the heat do not have any odor like some other types of producing heat.

Natural Gas, Propane, and Electric Heaters

Natural gas, liquid propane, and electric heaters all use infrared heat to warm the area around them, and they are all effective, efficient, and quicker to heat than fire pits. Infrared waves heat the things or objects in a space, like floors, furniture, or people. This produces a consistent heat that you can feel on your skin.

An Infratech WD heater features the following:

  • 6,000 watts
  • 25 amps
  • Available in 208v, 277v, 240v, and 480v
  • 61 1/4 inches long
  • 6 inches stainless steel mounting kit
  • UL listed
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Quartz element
  • Has approximately 5,000 hours of use on one quartz element
  • 10 to 14-foot mounting height
  • 0 to 60-degree mounting angle
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • Exterior custom powder coating in white, almond, beige, bronze, gray, copper, and black
  • Flush mount kit available #18-2305
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Using Infrared Heating Systems Outdoors

Although traditional fireplaces can be used to heat outdoor hospitality spaces, they are lower than 50% efficient at producing heat. Infratech infrared heating systems convert more than 90% of the input energy into heat. You also have no need for open ventilation like you need for fireplaces and gas heaters.

An infrared patio heater can be used in a pergola, poolside deck, outdoor kitchen, balcony, outdoor dining space, terrace, or any other patio space safely.

Infratech heaters are designed to warm outdoor spaces without visual impact. You don't need to cover your eyes to escape smoke or fumes. You can choose to install the heaters using a flush mount, ceiling mount, pole mount, or wall mount.

The Outcome of Adding Electric Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters maximize options for guests at your luxury hotel. They can linger outside during cool evenings, or dance for hours on an outdoor balcony. Infrared heaters reduce the danger, cost, and carbon footprint of heating outdoor hospitality areas while keeping guests happy and comfortable for hours.

They eliminate fumes and smoke which can damage surfaces and annoy hotel guests. They heat up quickly. They heat using a lightwave which makes objects warm but doesn't warm the air.

They are safe, efficient, and easy to use and maintain with minimal cost. They can be used in multiple settings.

By installing patio heaters, you extend your hospitality location availabilities for special events or regularly scheduled events and dining. This means guests will enjoy your outdoor spaces more times throughout the year and ultimately will bring you more revenue from already existing hospitality spaces. Depending on your location, you can offer year-round comfort for guests visiting your property.

Learn more about premium outdoor heating applications using Infratech heaters here. Contact AEI Corporation to find out more about specific heaters, Infratech, and how you can use them in your luxury hotel to enhance your guests' experiences in your setting.

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