What are "Moon Rok" Ceramic Grill Rocks?

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What are "Moon Rok" Ceramic Grill Rocks? What Do They Do? How Can They Assist Your Grilling?

While you may be used to gas grills providing inconsistent heating, flaring up unexpectedly, or producing an abundance of smoke, there is a simple solution for all of these problems: Moon Roks!

Moon Roks, a type of ceramic grill rock, specifically work to evenly distribute the heat of gas grills, meaning that your ingredients will cook consistently no matter where you place them on the grill. Similar to lava rocks, you simply position Moon Roks in the grate or tray of your gas grill, ignite the barbeque, and watch the magic happen.

Below, we discuss the benefits of Moon Rok ceramic grill rocks, which have even more benefits than lava rocks in terms of fuel consumption, safety, and convenience. 

How will Moon Roks affect my cooking?

Like most grill rocks, Moon Roks work to keep the heat of your grill-top consistent no matter where you place your food. This means that you will have more uniformity in your grilled foods while only needing a single timer! No more hovering over the grill, peaking under your burger every thirty seconds to avoid burning.

Additionally, Moon Rok ceramic grill rocks will actually improve your foods’ flavors, providing a hearty taste to meats, vegetables, and buns alike without any smoke flavor.

How will they save me time?

Unlike their closest relative, the lava rock, Moon Roks are extremely easy to clean. Rather than removing them from your grill and scraping the grease away after every cook out, Moon Roks need only be cleaned once a month. Plus, the cleaning process is incredibly simple: all you do is flip the Moon Roks over and your grill cleans them for you, saving you immeasurable time and elbow grease.

How will they save me money?

Grilling rocks as a whole work to make your grill more efficient, meaning that you can cook a lot more burgers using far less gas. Because Moon Roks absorb the heat from your grill and stay warmer for longer, you can have the same (or even better!) grilling taste with far less heat. While you may not immediately notice the difference, your gas bill at the end of the month will make the savings not only apparent but staggering.

Will Moon Roks make my grill safer?

One of the safety hazards associated with uneven grill temperatures is the occasional flare-up. Because they maintain consistent temperatures across a grill’s surface, Moon Roks are great at minimizing these dangerous flare-ups, plus they significantly decrease the amount of smoke produced.

If you have a gas grill, consider using Moon Rok ceramic grill rocks for a more consistent, precise, healthy, and affordable cooking experience.

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